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Stop the Slaughter! Demand a 5 Year Childhood Vaccine Moratorium NOW!

Stop the Slaughter! Demand a 5 Year Childhood Vaccine Moratorium now.  Visit ;

What if vaccines spread and created disease instead of reducing and eliminating it?  What if nano-chips and viruses, toxic heavy metals, foreign proteins and a witches brew of other toxins were being injected into our precious children, our parents, ourselves, with each syringe of "protection"?  What if what we were being "protected" from were health, longevity, fertility and genetic integrity?

You don't have to imagine it. Tragically, that is, in fact, the reality since no vaccine prevents or reduced the incidence of disease and every vaccine causes harm.  Every single dose of every single one.

Not only that, every single dose of vaccines in the US is illegal since, by law, every single vaccine licensed for sale since 1986 MUST be proven by accepted scientific methods to be BOTH safe AND effective.  The number so proven? Zero.

Our children, and we, ourselves, are being sacrificed on the alter of the false god of vaccination and we are supposed to like it. 

Well, I don't and I do not believe that you do, either.  The time has come, I believe, to demand a 5 year moratorium on all childhood vaccines.

I am a physician trained to believe that vaccines are a huge boon to public health and world wellness. Actually, they are, if you like your world docile, diseased and depopulated.  

When you visit you will see two petitions: the first, a White House Petition, asks President Trump to intervene and declare the 5 year moratorium that the second petitions the FDA to ban for 5 years.  The first is designed to generate enough public pressure to compel the White House to act. The second is a formal legal Petition for Redress of Grievances, as permitted under the First Amendment and, if either ignored or not granted, gives us legal standing to bring the matter to Federal Court.  It is important to remember that the FDA loses more than 50% of  cases in Federal Court!

After you sign both petitions, the next step is to share this link,, with as many people on as many social media and email forums as you can. And, finally, you will want to protect yourself and your loved ones with the vitally important exercise of your legally protected right of Informed Consent.  

No matter what your local state, school board or employer says, you actually have a right to refuse any medical treatment, including vaccination, without retribution or pressure IF, and ONLY IF, you assert that right correctly.  Visit to find out exactly how to do that. That's a link that you'll want to share, as well.  
Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

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