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Hollywood burns. The force-feeding of cultural Marxism down the throats of the American public via "popular" entertainment has failed spectacularly. The truth about the Satanism and pedophilia that occupies the down time of a lot of Hollywood insiders has achieved escape velocity and now has become Common Currency among the rubes, the Despicables of fly over country. No amount of back pedaling or spin can fix the credibility of anything blabbering West of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Trying to morph into last-minute Americana won't save these supercilious scabs, either.

The love affair of the "arts" with the Libtard agenda has ended. Lefty-inspired "art" will now die off quickly. Nobody has a stomach for their social justice bilge anymore. Into this void will step the New Breed of Creatives. This new breed needs to be supported by this community just as much as the citizen journalist wing is being supported. I represent the New Novelist wing of the creative backlash against Hollywood and New York publishing. I might not be exposing these people like the journalists but I'm turning these revelations into fiction that will leave your jaw on the floor being stepped on.

Please find a new breed artist you like and buy their products. I don't want you to buy my pulp novel; I just want you to read the first four chapters.

You might be a future GREEN MAJIK fan if you think that this logline sounds promising: Rainbow Six meets The X-Files.

Buy the ticket.

Take the ride.

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Tags: Cthulhu Mythos, Djinn Romance, X-Files, action, horror, pulp fiction


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