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The second amendment may soon be shown to the world

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

There are some out there who believe that the right to bear arms is for hunting and self defense. It has little to do with that. If you actually bother to look at history, the entire principle is founded in the right of the people to rebel against an oppressive government or one that is imposed on the people against their choice.

While I am not a proponent of such, if the democrats succeed in what they are attempting to do, they will not only unjustifiably impeach Donald Trump, but also Vice President Pence, leaving Nancy Pelosi as next in line for the presidency. This is exactly what they want and intend to do.

The sad thing is that it will result in a complete collapse of the country. The stock markets will spiral down and the economy will quickly follow. The people will arise in waves of anger and this is why the democrats have been trying their best to impose gun restrictions. If the people are not well armed then they can be controlled. This is the rule of thumb of every socialist or communist government and one of the first things that they do, take the guns away. This happened in Nazi Germany which is one reason that Hitler was not able to be over thrown. The same in the Soviet Union and China. As a result, those who opposed the government were taken out and disposed of. I have been reading that the US military now has Guillotines. All three of those nations above put to death millions of people in their purges. This is not just true in those countries, but in practically every country in the world where socialism has taken over. There are a couple of partially socialist countries that have not followed this, but they are new, young converts that hold on to partial capitalism.

The net result of this overthrow of the chosen leaders is that if the government changes unreasonable to the wishes of the people, a significant number of those who have the ability will form ranks and bear arms against the US capitol. Much depends on the numbers but regardless, the democrats will fall back into their nuclear hardened bunkers and likely take some unconscionable action, likely destroying many of those bearing arms and likely innocent others along with them. Their drive for power is at least in appearance, overbearing.

If the democrats survive, they will pass laws stripping the remainder of the people of their arms and forcing their restrictions on them. There will become two classes of people in the country, the ruling class and the workers who literally become slaves to the state with little or no voice. The nation will become a feudal state, basically the plans of the New World Order. As a citizen, you will be TOLD what kind of work to do.

What this means for the future? Universities will in general wither because they will be forced to take those that the government demands. There will be schools for the children of the ruling class and a select few. It will not be college for everyone that the democrats have promised. Everyone will have health care, but it will likely be no better than some second world countries or possibly even third world. Innovation and invention will grind to a standstill. Farms will not have incentive to produce and food will become short as it has in many socialist countries.

Only those of the ruling class will prosper. The people will suffer.

This is the reason that we have the second amendment to the US Constitution, to prevent these things from happening. The Right to Bear Arms is the same as the Right to overthrow an oppressive government or an imposed government. This should never be forgotten.

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