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The new season for X-files which started last week has been pretty amazing so far in my opinion.  In the first episode they start talking about the secret space program one of my favorite subjects!

But I've never seen more truth spit out than in this EPIC clip from last season!  Listen as he talks about the topics which are taboo on the fake news!  Some of the topics mentioned are weather wars,  chemtrails, hoarding of alien technology, spying, FEMA camps, mind control and much more!  You won't hear more truth in a brief clip anywhere!  

The creator of X-files, Chris Carter admitted he gets some of the ideas for the show from Intel agencies.  I'm sure this was the case when he made a "Lone Gunman" episode about an airliner being flown into the World Trade Towers 8 months before it happened on 9/11!

X-files was always one of my favorite shows.  The unawakened have no idea just how much truth is put out on this show.  It's one of the few things on TV worth watching for this reason.  They are telling you a lot of truth while passing it off as just a TV show.  This is actually one of their strategies.  To pass off reality as just a nutty plot from a  fantasy TV show or movie.  But WE KNOW much of what they talk about is 100% accurate!  We study and live this stuff every day and try to wake up as many people as we can!

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