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Thought Experiment Proves We Control the Matrix! Bye Bye Fake News!

In this very cool experiment, thoughts of Love and Hate are directed at jars of rice for 30 days.   Something amazing happens as you'll see in the video.

Just like in the movie, "The Matrix" we are actually in control of so much of our reality! We can continue to watch the liars of Fox News and the rest of the fake news as they beam negative energy at us and frustrate us or we can simply turn off their lies as I do.   My TV never goes on the news anymore and I feel 10,000 times better!   I can get the news in 5 minutes of scanning headlines on the Mossad DrudgeReport (Alex Jones' buddy) anyway and see what propaganda they're pushing if I want to.

I talk to many patriots who tell me they get so angry as they watch the news but this is their fault!  This is why the evil ones put out all this negativity on their controlled and very fake mainstream media.  It's all about controlling us, dumbing us down and making us feel bad!  It's 99% bad news with a puppy dog feel good story as the other 1% at the end so you'll come back and get blasted tomorrow for more negativity.  Pretty soon you become like the "Hate" rice in the experiment!

Like in the movie, "It 2", where thoughts are used to control reality.   Patriots should be doing the same thing daily.   Why should you watch 1 minute of the liars such as Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson or the others when these are the same people who never told you the truth about the JFK Assassination or 9/11 or chemtrails or the vaccines causing austism, or the Federal Reserve scam! Why support these traitors?   And yes, they are all traitors in my book because none of them tell the truth and they KNOW the truth!  They follow a script to get a paycheck from the Devil!   How can I admire people who dole out rat poison for a living and hide all the important stuff and instead give us nothing but meaningless drama all the time?

I'm sure not going to simply forget the treason and lies hidden by the Fox News hosts just because they're somewhat better than super traitor Rachel Maddow and her demon ilk!    Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper and the other liberal scum fake news personalities are openly traitorous and wannabe communists while Sean Hannity pretends he is a patriot but cheered for every war and protected the Bush crime family at all costs while H.W. Bush was involved in the plot to kill JFK!  H.W Bush was in Dealey Plaza watching it go down with his son, G.W. Bush!   Everybody who two brain cells knows there were multiple shooters who shot at JFK but not one of those scum ever told you that!  That can NEVER be forgiven until they come clean on all their lies and frauds!

I guess the moral of the rice experiment is reality is shaped by our own thoughts so don't let Fox News or anybody else put you in a bad state of mind!   Turn that garbage off if you're getting upset at all.   Don't support those who have been used to enslave us by hiding information and flat out lying us into wars!   Take a walk in the sunshine and listen to the birds!  Pray for Trump to expose the evil and for him to be given the wisdom of Solomon and for the Holy Spirit to come down upon him!    Yes I know he does and says stupid things sometimes but we can't give up on him as some in alternative media have said!   He's the ONLY hope we have and everybody knows it!    Fake news on TV and the royal court messengers (aka newscasters) should not be respected in any way.  In fact you should laugh at the liars as you turn them off or simply walk away from it. 

Keep up the great work out there patriots of spreading the truth to those who will listen and never let the fake news get you down anymore and turn you into the "Hate" rice.  Let's make our own reality with our thoughts!  

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