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Trump Blackmailed! Impeach Bonesman Cavanaugh - Heneghan

Intel Briefing - Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb (7-10-18) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

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Rosenstein Thugs Killed Seth Rich Says Witness! Boom!

Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb unloaded on Trump's pick for the Supreme Court - Brett Kavanaugh!  This guy should be in prison!  Here's just a few tidbits of knowledge Tom Heneghan knows about this guy!  Tom knows now President Trump is being blackmailed to make this choice!  

Trump was told by swamp creature Mitch McConnell he MUST do this and Trump obeyed like a little puppy dog I guess.  I really thought Trump had more guts than this.  If he would have simply picked up the phone and talked to Tom Heneghan about all the dirt on Cavanaugh as many patriots urged him to do he wouldn't have had to go through the firestorm this will cause.  The democrats are going to tie Cavanaugh crimes to the criminal Bushes as they should!   They will use this association to hurt Trump further.  This was a deep state trap and Trump fell for it hook, line and sinker!  I could tell by watching Trump he didn't look good - he didn't look happy about it to me.

Tom knows why Trump has been cucked by the deep state and discusses in the program.  It's my personal opinion that America will never get justice now unless there is some type of intervention by the military.  Rudy Giuliani who is guilty of 9/11 crimes is blackmailing Mueller and Mueller is blackmailing Giuliani and Trump!  It's a mexican blackmail standoff and the American people lose while the guilty get away with all their crimes as usual. 

We didn't elect Trump to bring in Bush stooge John Bolton, Neocon war monger whack job Nikki Haley and Bush deep state scumbag Brett Cavanaugh.  I'm very disappointed in Trump right now.  Very disappointed he is being forced to do the bidding of the deep state and nothing is changing.  He's refusing to pay Lee Wanta even though it's been ordered.  He put in a Goldman Sach's scumbag for Treasury who thinks he can steal the Wanta money for the banks I guess.  I don't even know if Trump knows about Lee Wanta and the court order since Trump has been isolated from knowing anything about Wanta in my opinion by the deep staters around him.  Trump actually listens to the traitor Sean Hannity every night so what do you expect.  Hannity is a Bush stooge who lied us into war that killed millions but Trump must have a short memory on who supported the evil Bushes and still does to this day!

Heneghan reports Cavanaugh is Yale Skull and Bones!  Is there any surprise since he worked for Skull and Bones GW Bush!   You can't be in any secret society and be a Christian so Cavanaugh serves satan whether he realizes or not.  God forbids Christians from joining secret societies of any type.   Good deeds are done in the light of day, evil is done in the dark.

Tom says Cavanaugh worked with Kenneth Star to coverup the Vince Foster murder and subsequent raid of his office by Hillary Clinton of all the documents!   Roger Stone agrees with this information.

He also worked with Bush stooge Larry Nichols the deep state operative who made sure Clinton wasn't forced out of office.  Nichols is still ripping off patriots for money and has been pushed by Alex Jones who still censors SES and refuses to put on patriots like American Intelligence Media.

Cavanaugh covered up the Bush Clinton Mena Arkansas operation.

Cavanaugh loved one of the most evil men on this planet who supports the Nazi Bushes - Karl Rove - head swamp monster and Never Trumper!  You KNOW Trump has to be blackmailed to be putting in all these Bush scum!

Deep state traitors John McCain, Rod Rosenstein, Mitch McConnel and Sean Hannity LOVE him!  

“In selecting Judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill the vacancy left by Justice Kennedy, President Trump has chosen a nominee with impeccable credentials and a strong record of upholding the Constitution," McCain said in a statement."

Sorry but when swamp dweller and Never Trumper John McCain says you did GOOD, you know you just screwed up BIG TIME!

Giuliani, Trump, Mueller and Rosenstein are all now blackmailing each other and the end result of it all will be nobody from the deep state will go to jail!

Roger Stone correctly stated some of the facts about this terrible choice in his recent article.  Jones tried to spin this as maybe it's not so bad but let's face it, it's obvious Trump was forced to make this pick by the deep state!  He's blackmailed!  Here's a snippet from Stone's article.

"I have grave reservations that Judge Brett Kavanagh is another David Souter or John Roberts- both of whom were appointed by Bush presidents and both of whom joined the liberal block on the court on key issues where their decisions hurt America.

Put aside the question of whether Clinton lawyer Vince Foster was murdered or died by his own hand; there is substantial credible evidence that Foster’s body was moved and that prosecutor Brett Kavanaugh ran a veritable terror campaign against an inconvenient witness who’s honest testimony would contradict the findings of the Special Counsel for home Kavanaugh worked.

The tactics Kavanaugh used on this witness, Patrick Knowlton, include bullying, intimidation, witness tampering, and surveillance. Does a man who engages in these types of abuse of power have the temperament for the US Supreme Court?

Mr. Knowlton’s extensively detailed and documented lawsuit over his treatment at the hands of Brett Kavanaugh can be found online."

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