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US French Intel Swear Revenge on Illuminati over Paris!

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Stew Webb has been blowing the whistle on the crimes of the Illuminati for over 30 years now.   He unknowingly married into an Illuminati family worth over $70 Trillion!  During this time he's built up an incredible amount of contacts in US and French Intelligence.  They respect what he's done and give him good information on what's really going on behind the scene!  He puts the information on and on his radio network there.  Stew Radio Network is 24 hours a day with hardcore whistleblowers!   You can listen to his network on your phone at 712-775-8269 so be sure to program it into your cell phone to hear truth without any censorship, gatekeeping or commercials every 10 minutes!  

Stew Webb reports France and the United States have had a secret pact of cooperation since the Revolutionary War.  They cooperate on many levels behind the scenes and this cooperation goes far beyond what is reported.   Stew's sources report this attack was real.  People did die.  It's not a fake event like Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing.  Yes, it was aided by people who turned off the cameras for the attack and all of this is being investigated. French Intel is so angry about it they are conducting hundreds of raids.  The French military is going nuts on ISIS right now in Syria along with patriotic elements of the US military now cooperating with Russia on destroying the ISIS proxy army run by those named by Stew Webb in this interview!  ISIS is going to be ground into dust in Syria and there's nothing Obama can do about it!

The big news Stew reports is France and Russia have sworn to take vengeance on the people at the top of the Illuminati responsible for the Paris attack and the Russian airliner bombing.  There won't be a trial, people in the Illuminati will just start dying when they find out who did this.  Word is they are getting very close to figuring it out!  Russia has put out a $50 million reward and the spies around the world know Putin will pay it!  Information is coming fast and furious - people want to get the reward!  The Russian airliner bombing and the Paris attack are intertwined and ordered by the Illuminati.  They really messed up with these actions!

Prayer is the Answer!  It's working!

Let's pray the guilty are discovered in these horrific crimes.  As Stew discusses, everybody MUST be praying against the evil every day!  Pray all of Hillary Clinton's evil is exposed and she is brought to justice!  Pray the Illuminati make mistakes and their entire plot is uncovered!  Pray God exposes all the crimes of the Illuminati and brings them to justice!   Pray especially on the New Moons and Full Moons as this is when they do their satanic sacrifices!  Pray the blood of Jesus covers their Ley lines and pray God sends angels to stop them!  Set an alarm on your phone right now for the same time every day to pray then you'll remember!  It only takes a minute to say a quick prayer to expose and bring the Illuminati to justice!  They pray to satan so you pray to the creator of everything and watch thing change!  God wants to hear from all of us every day!

This is getting very serious!  Stew also discusses the mind blowing information he has collected over the years on the Illuminati censored by the gatekeepers in alternative media such as Alex Jones who honey potted Stew Webb and promoted Ted Gunderson who put patriots in prison and threatened Stew!  Stew names the Illuminati kingpin who lives in Denver and is worth about $100 Trillion but Alex Jones won't mention his name!  

The Illuminati is killing all of us whether you spread truth or not!  Are you going to suck your thumb in the corner while your families are killed slowly or are you going to be a patriot, stand against evil and spread truth?  Let's see if you can make this important interview go viral!  Share everywhere!  Fire all social network and email torpedoes!  

Stew Webb - Latest Intel



Hot Stew Webb Interview with Anthony Lavey concerning the Bushes attending satanic sacrifices in Denver!



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