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US Gov Suppresses Solar Hydride Free Energy System!

Glenn Canady




Bob Lazar, former Area 51 Engineer has a proven method that could let everybody run their cars and home completely for free by using solar energy to create hydrogen that stored safely in a hydride material and released on demand.  Once the hydrogen is stored in the hydride, it is 100% safe.  You could shoot the tank with an incendiary bullet or a cut the tank with a chain saw and it will not blow up!


To release the hydrogen as it's needed you simply supply heat the tanks and hydrogen is released as needed.  Bob Lazar has converted a Corvette to run on this solar hydrogen hydride system.  The Corvette, converted to run on hydrogen has a 400 mile range with 4 small tanks in the back of the car.  Bob can then fully recharge the system overnight with his home hydrogen unit that is powered by solar energy.  So he drives the Corvette for free every day!


So why can't we all start doing this?   Well, Bob says the US Government has banned anybody from selling this hydride material!  The reason they give is that one of the materials used in the hydride is used in nuclear weapons!   This material is not radioactive or dangerous in any way but they still won't let you buy it because it's been restricted by the US Government!  It's just one big scam to keep you from being able to become energy independent and this time we have caught them red handed suppressing a technology that is proven and has been built and is far safer than gasoline!  


This material for the hydride could be mass produced right now to free the world from the greedy oil corporations that are taking more and more of the wealth of the planet but the US Government is in bed with these oil corporations and politicians get lots of money to keep the status quo going!  Bob Lazar had to make the material because it's legal to make it yourself but few people have the skill to do it!   The catch is that you have to build a particle accelerator to make it!   Bob Lazar made his own miniature particle accelerator to make his own hydride!   He and others could begin selling the material tomorrow but the US Government prevents anybody from selling it!  The government is supposed to serve the people so unless the US government wants to admit being a tyranny and that we are all in fact their slaves then I think it's time that we demand to be served some Hydride!   It's time to  let America lead the way in mass producing clean energy systems for vehicles and homes right now!  

Please spread truth about the technology that could get the world off fossil fuels tomorrow.  Join if you want to be informed of the very latest free energy devices, natural cures and much more!  


In the video below, you'll hear and see all the details about Bob Lazar's incredible hydrogen powered Corvette that the US  Government doesn't want you to have in your garage!

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Comment by Glenn Canady 13 hours ago

Lear said that he made his hydride with the use of a small particle accelerator that he created on his property.  He's a genius of course.  I don't know the details but I'm sure you can locate him on the internet and maybe ask more questions about it.  What I do know is that the US Govt is a fraud and won't let anybody sell this material - they classify it top secret even though it's not dangerous and is not radioactive.  Just a way to control us as always.  Thanks for you information and for joining us Mosan!

Comment by mosan javaid 20 hours ago

what is inside mechanism? for your kind consideration.
Palladium absorbs up to 900 times its own volume of hydrogen at room temperatures, forming palladium hydride. This material has been discussed as a means to carry hydrogen for vehicular fuel cells. Interstitial hydrides show certain promise as a way for safe hydrogen storage. During last 25 years many interstitial hydrides were developed that readily absorb and discharge hydrogen at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. They are usually based on inter metallic compounds and solid-solution alloys. However, their application is still limited, as they are capable of storing only about 2 weight percent of hydrogen, insufficient for automotive applications.

Comment by Glenn Canady on January 5, 2014 at 1:17pm

Over 1500 LIKES on this article.   Please share this article so people see a nice big post on your Facebook walls.  We have a proven way to drive for FREE right now!  This truth needs to go worldwide right now!   Thank you to all that are helping to spread the truth about this outrageous suppression of the hydride technology that is already proven!

Comment by Glenn Canady on January 4, 2014 at 11:18am

Thank you everybody that has shared this article on Facebook!   Keep up the GREAT work!  Let's see if we can get over 1000 LIKEs today.  Make sure that this article gets put on your own Facebook page for maximum exposure and send to everybody you know and tell them to do the same!  God bless you!

Comment by Glenn Canady on January 3, 2014 at 7:53pm

Thank you for your support Alexander!  Project Nsearch is about all kinds of solutions and helping to spread the truth about everything!  Please share our posts with as many people as you can so we can break through the information blockade!  :)  Everything you do helps us do more!

Comment by Alexander Skobeleff on January 3, 2014 at 7:34pm

My God! This is the best I've seen! I've3 seen and read many free energy devices and I have desired them, but acknowledges my limitations to build them. This would solve all the problems in one go. Fantastic work, fella! We'll fight to get this, with or without the Government lackey's help! Eh. No worries. Praise Jesus, the truth wills out! Amen.

Comment by Glenn Canady on January 3, 2014 at 5:41pm

Just wanted to remind everybody to SHARE this on your Facebook walls and all other social media - let everybody know what is going on!   Thanks!  Make sure you join the site so I can reach you on other free energy news, natural cures and more.  It's the ONLY way I can reach you! 

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