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Vaccines Turning People Into Delta Zombies!

A "Delta" (worker drone) in the movie, "Brave New World" working in the factory high on SOMA!

Don't Delta Me Dude!

Glenn Canady (Friend me!) 

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Doctor Rima has an important video to share with you.  She's been studying these vaccines for years and has come to the shocking conclusion it's all being done to create a Zombie worker class so dumbed down they are happy to be abused in the menial jobs left after robots take most of the jobs!  In fact, this was already predicted in the book, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.   In the movie, these zombie drones were called "Deltas" and they worked in the factories and did the boring repetitive jobs.  They had been genetically engineered to not question authority and to be happy with their job.  They also were jacked up on a drug called SOMA which helped too!

Well guess what?  They are making Deltas right now with the vaccines and engineering massive Autism in all degrees!  Companies are now DEMANDING autistic people for some of their jobs!  They WANT autistic people because they won't question things!   This is incredible!  We already know they are putting things in the vaccines that turn off the immune system so you die of cancer early but until you die early, they want you to be a Zombie Delta to work in their factories and cleaning their toilets!  

Dr. Rima has a new project called "Don't Delta Me Dude!" which she discuses in this video.   It's all about educating others about the total scam of vaccines!  Spread this information everywhere!  You're an absolute fool if you take any of their shots!  You don't trust satanists who drink the blood of children and sacrifice chickens to Molech in the backyard (see Hillary's emails).  They want you dead ultimately but dumbed down in the meantime.  The sooner you realize this the better!   Once you wake up from their matrix of lies you will never believe your Tel-Lie-Visions for anything again!

At the 2:20 mark you will see the Deltas in Brave New World wearing the Blue Uniforms.  They are lining up for their SOMA!  

Here's the full version of Brave New World!  It's a must see in order to see the twisted plans of the Bush Clinton Crime Syndicate running this country!  In one scene the girls are gushing about having sex with a Rockefeller and a Rothschild!  Hilarious stuff here!  Grab the popcorn and know your enemy!  This is their dream and part of it's being done with the vaccines right now!

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