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Mueller's Nothing Burger Exposed by Wapo! End of Story!

Attention patriots worldwide!  Get this story out everywhere!  If this story goes viral there's no way Robert Mueller's evil plan to get rid of Trump will work!

The deep state filthy fake rag "Washington Post" totally destroyed Robert Mueller's Nothing Burger regarding Trump dealing with Russia!   This was done in an old article from earlier this year.  Make sure you copy this page now because I guarantee, Bezos' demons at the Washington Post will delete the following two lines that totally destroys Robert Mueller's entire investigation of President Trump.  Copy and share and make this story go viral.  When we force them to delete it we will make an even BIGGER story about what they did!

The Washington Post just proved it's all the Trump Russia thing is a total "nothing burger" with this snippet from their article linked below.

Former U.S. officials also said aggressive enforcement would probably discourage appropriate contact. Michael McFaul, who served as U.S. ambassador to Russia during the Obama administration, said that he was in Moscow meeting with officials in the weeks leading up to Obama’s 2008 election win.

“As a former diplomat and U.S. government official, one needs to be able to have contact with foreigners to do one’s job,” McFaul said. McFaul, a Russia scholar, said he was careful never to signal pending policy changes before Obama took office.

From the Washington Post article

"National security adviser Flynn discussed sanctions with Russian ambassador, despite denials, officials say"

So, Michael McFaul who served as the US ambassador to Russia just admitted he was meeting in Moscow with officials BEFORE ObamaFraud was even elected!   The FBI investigation led by Robert Mueller (who committed treason regarding the Uranium One deal) is trying to make a big deal out of Flynn doing his job and opening up a channel to Russia AFTER Trump was elected!  What a total joke!  Thank you Washington Post!  You just blew up this hoax!

All of us who voted for Trump had to endure 8 years of ObamaFraud who wasn't even legal to run!  If the criminals in DC  think they're going to get rid of Donald Trump they're sadly mistaken!  Trump is under God's protection now and they will NOT get rid of him!   All the weapons of satan turned on Donald Trump will not prosper and will in fact backfire!  During the election, every time somebody began attacking Donald Trump they got destroyed quickly!   God protected Trump through all the dirty tricks of the election and he is protecting him now!  There's not a power in this universe that can stop Trump with God's protection over him.  Millions of us are praying for Donald Trump daily.  He is anointed by God to clean up this country and he will do so.  The enemy knows they are going to jail when justice comes knocking so are trying every evil trick they can think of to stop him and lie about him on their fake news but none of it will work.

We're not going to let the demons get rid of Trump when they are the ones who looted this country and  committed treason in many cases!  The white hats in the intelligence agencies will now begin to step up and release everything they've done!  Just as these white hats released the information on Hollywood and on the Fake News court jesters!  

Some people say Mueller is actually playing some kind of game here and is actually going after the Swamp to save his own skin.  I don't believe this personally.  I think Mueller is so evil and corrupted he will do anything to bring Trump down.  I can promise you all one thing.  No matter how bad things look, God will save Donald Trump in the end.  God told me his hand was on him and that while it will be "close" and look like all is lost, Trump will emerge victorious!   God is not a liar!  Watch and see Donald Trump emerge victorious in the end!  In the meantime I urge everybody to keep praying for Donald Trump's wisdom and protection!  


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