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We all Experience Low Energy, Have You Checked Out Your Liver Lately

We all experience some degree of low energy. Sometimes they are accompanied with chronic fatigue, problems sleeping, high blood pressure, unstable blood sugar, digestive problems, muscle and joint pain, headaches and weight gain are symptoms of an overworked and possibly toxic overload in your liver and kidneys.

These symptoms are your body’s way of talking to you and I encourage you to listen to what it has to say.

Prescription drug and alcohol use, pesticides and chemicals in your air and water and a high-fat, junk food diet all wreak havoc on your liver and kidneys and cause serious health problems. To make matters even worse, most doctors don’t even think of checking your liver and kidney health when they treat you. So the damage continues until one day you’re facing a fate almost worse than death—non-functioning liver or kidneys.

Your liver is that “often-forgotten” four-pound organ located on the right side of your body that performs more than 500 bodily functions and chemical reactions every single day to keep you alive. In fact, your liver is so important, medical experts agree that if your body was a corporation, your liver would be the president.

Your liver is under constant abuse from over-the-counter and prescription medications, air and water pollution, alcohol use, chemical food additives, stress hormones and a host of other toxic weapons that are out to destroy it.

And the fact is that if your liver breaks down, then your body breaks down and you could die.

Your liver removes toxins and impurities from your body before they can cause you harm. But there’s a very good chance your liver is not performing at its maximum ability. And if you’re over age 40, you may already have the beginnings of a sluggish liver that can lead to an exhausted body.

In fact, by the time you reach age 40, the tubes and ducts leading to and from your liver can start to get clogged with undigested fats, environmental toxins, gallstones, scar tissue and metabolic wastes. And by age 50 you may only be producing a quarter of the bile your body needs to break down the fats from all the foods in your diet.

When your liver can’t make enough bile to remove the toxins, it encapsulates and stores the toxic materials, which will affect and harm your body for years to come. Some of these toxins become hard mineralized stones stored in your gall bladder—commonly known as gallstones.

As time goes by these stones accumulate and can block normal bile flow from your gallbladder to your liver. So if you have gallstones, you have a clear warning of a possibly serious liver problem.

But you can improve the condition of your liver with simple and natural ways that safely help remove dangerous toxins from your liver, unclog your liver cells and boost your liver function.

There are herbs, antioxidants, super-nutrients and amino acids that can help you detoxify and promote proper liver function. Some of these are milk thistle, soy lecithin and artichoke leaf. Other nutrients such as n-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC), alpha lipoic acid (ALA) and trimethylglycine can also help contribute to a well-functioning liver and a healthy body. I also strongly recommend being tested for hepatitis C for anyone that has had surgery where you needed blood, used or shared needles, sex with untested partners. Hepatitis C is more widespread than most people would imagine.

Hepatitis C Is a Deadly Disease

According to Dr. Eugene Schiff (University of Miami), the Hepatitis C virus (HCV) emerged in the U.S. population beginning in the 1960s, related to blood transfusion and injection drug use. The extent of the problem was only apparent after 1990 when reliable HCV blood tests first became available. Studies indicate that over the first 20 years of chronic HCV infection, 20% of chronically infected patients will develop cirrhosis, and many of those will progress to liver cancer. HCV-associated end-stage liver disease is a leading indication for liver transplantation in the USA and the developed western world.

Millions of Patients Are Affected by Hepatitis C

Currently, it is estimated there are about 180 million people worldwide who are infected with HCV, 4 million of those are in the United States. The prevalence seems to be higher in Eastern Europe than in Western Europe. In industrialized countries, HCV accounts for 20% of cases of acute hepatitis, 70% of cases of chronic hepatitis, 40% of cases of end-stage cirrhosis, 60% of cases of hepatocellular carcinoma and 30-40% of liver transplants. The incidence of new symptomatic infections of HCV has been estimated to be 13 cases/100,000 persons annually. For every one person that is infected with the AIDS virus, there are more than four infected with HCV. The CDC (Center For Disease Control) estimates that there are up to 26,000 new HCV infections in the U.S. every year and that Hepatitis C causes 10,000 to 12,000 deaths each year.

The Public Effects Are Going to Get Worse, Fast

Over the next 10-20 years chronic HCV is predicted to become a major burden on the health care system as patients who are currently asymptomatic with relatively mild disease progress to end-stage liver disease and develop hepatocellular carcinoma. Predictions in the USA indicate that there will be a 60% increase in the incidence of cirrhosis, a 68% increase in hepatoma incidence, a 279% increment in incidence of hepatic decompensation, a 528% increase in the need for transplantation, and a 223% increase in liver death rate.

Current Medical HCV Treatment Is Limited

Current medical treatment for HCV is limited to pegylated interferon combination therapy. This therapy is effective in less than 50% of cases of HCV genotype 1 (the most common genotype in North America). Two companies, Roche and Schering, have their own FDA approved versions. Each claims their formulation is superior for treating Hepatitis C. Your doctor will likely recommend one or the other (doctors have no other medicine to offer to treat this disease). You can find more information about each of these drug protocols at this website and elsewhere on the internet.

Some Natural Therapies Have Real Value

There are also natural approaches for dealing with HCV. The credible ones focus on protecting and supporting the liver and keeping the immune system healthy. There is some proof that you can use natural means to help you live a long and relatively healthy life with this virus and die of some other cause (preferably old age). There is no natural cure for HCV, and if anyone claims they have one, they are lying. It is as simple as that.

Dubious treatments and supposed cures for HCV are being sold by charlatans and rip off artists. You need to be discerning when considering alternative therapies to help you deal with HCV. Look for scientific clinical validation. Objective third-party proof of effectiveness and safety is essential. We are involved with one product we think very highly of called Maximum Milk Thistl. It is a high quality medical milk thistle with scientific validation and a very reasonable price.

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