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The Ben Swan Video - Proof, it's all Fake News from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

After this PizzaGate broadcast went mega viral, Ben Swann disappeared only to resurface saying he was going "dark" on February 1st, 2017. Next his Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and website all were taken down! He reappeared later without his own show doing the teleprompter news at CBS 46 Atlanta. He never discussed PizzaGate again and has no social media accounts!   It's like the pizzagate broadcast never even happened!

Ben was obviously threatened he'd lose his job if he told any more truth! He was forced so shut down all his social media accounts because he got close to the truth!  This is what happens when you report the REAL NEWS and not what they tell you to say on the CIA teleprompters! What a sick joke the United States is now. We have a Fake FBI a Fake DOJ and our news is FAKE! You can only get the truth on the Internet. If you watch TV, you're being brainwashed and you're dumb for believing anything they say.  They're telling you to get your vaccines so they can dumb you down further!  Don't do it!  Resist and tell everybody the vaccines are a total scam and all the news is fake!  When anybody tells any hardcore truth they're either fired or lose their shows!  We can prove it!

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