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Muslim Extremist Attacks Christian Preacher...Guess What Happened Next!

Muslim Extremist Attacks Christian Street Preacher… Guess What Happened Next!


In this older video, watch as a radical Muslim extremists attacks a street preacher. Not only is he controversial and violent, but thanks to political correctness… the police are hesitant do to anything about it! As far as we can tell, the Christians were acting in a peaceful manner, while the Muslim was extraordinarily aggressive. Skip to the 4:40 to see the situation escalate into a physical confrontation.

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Muslims are taught hatred from birth.  They are forbidden to be open minded as far as religion is concerned.  To lie, cheat, and steal is approved by their so called religion as long as it profits their belief system.  allah is NOT God, does not rape, cheat, lie, or steal, does not permit child marriages, child trafficing, as they are taught to do.  Their belief is NOT a religion but a belief system to be rulers of the earth.  This hate and love of murder is set up to destroy anyone who does not believe their ways.  Since the children grow up with hatred, what would come of them if all who didn't believe in their ways?  I have never seen any photos or films of muslim parents who kiss, hug, and love on their children.  The boys are taught from youth to hate women and they are only for taking care of their every whim and to make babies to grow up to be bombs.

First off allah is NOT God.  Muslims believe in nothing but allah and not the word of God.  Everything in the quran is mixed with good and bad and so is "christian" religions.  I am not a christian.  I am not a Jew.  I read the Bible several times as well as studied it.  I have read a lot of the quran so not ignorant to much of it's teachings.  I keep God's Holy Days, Passover, Day of Atonement, etc.  I don't go to church since Christ called the people His church, not a building.  Jesus died because of sin.  When Jesus cried out before His death, Father why have You forsaken Me,  it was the sin of mankind.  Because God's love is so deep which no human can understand the depth of His love, he sent us Jesus to redeem us.  God gave us free moral agency to choose what path we decide to walk.  You choose the quran, I chose the Kingdom of God.  I was born and raise catholic, in a catholic orphanage, catholic schools, etc.  I idols were a mystery to me is how I got started on the path of truth finding.  I will say not all muslims are "extremists" but if push came to shove guess what?  I've worked with muslims and watched and compared.  All of them keep their distance, nice but aloof.   Where does that set a good example of winning people over besides allah not being God of creation.  All other religions are evil to the quran and so in the Bible, BUT, we all have to answer to God at judgement.  The Bible  states "vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.  It is his job to judge and reward according to their life, that is also state in the Bible.  If a christian wants to keep xmas that is his business.  My salvation depends on me, myself, and I am not responsible for anyone else even my grown sons.  If those raised by the quran went over to the extremist side, why?  Something wrong when it's in huge numbers.  That  speaks volumes.  I read ancient religion history books, religions of all sorts, studied the Bible for countless number of years, read books by different authors/ministers.  I keep an open mind!!!  Have your read anything but the quran?

Muslims don't believe everything "prophet" teaches.  If this is the case it makes everything in the koran false.  Good and evil when mixed in makes a bad receipt.  If one thing can be proven false then its teaching come from a false teacher making the whole thing a lie.  I believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  I believe in the God of David, Jesse and the true prophets.


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