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 Basic topic of our requirement.

I ve Bsc degree. My brother is working in nuclear power plant of Pakistan, Really genius man one day he surprise me on my challenge of free energy is noting but fraud as many sites on

eBook by PJkelly on this site have some ideas which are not practicable but in search of truth about these experiments he found many things. Because experiments in this e book are not according to LAWs of physics so just waste of time. My brother attention toward this book was due to he already had many more about this topic and really practical experiments of free energy.

He said me to bring almuniam rod aprox 1 hand span and cooper insulated wire ~24 swg 1 ½ hand span. He cut Alm 10 mm wire in 5 pieces and wrapped ordinary old cotton cloth on these 5 pieces. He winded cooper wire on these 5 rods. Then he connected a big LED on cooper wire ends. This LED continues flashed approx 6 months even I disconnected from wires.

I placed this system every where in dark on metal trunk in side metal casing. In water with water proof casing but LED was still flashing.

Later he showed some other big projects which was really astonishing according to him no one was bending LAWs of physics.

CONTI>>>> more topics real practical experiments>>>>>>>>


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so how do we follow up on this ? where is the rest of the info, please...?


becaz i don't know personally about hi-fi tech so as soon as i get technical info from my brother i will share with you at this site

I maybe wrong but this sounds a lot like the carbon rod experiment,

in that one you use a carbon rod put a copper wire in one end of it then wrap it in a cotton cloth then wrap it all in a aluminum strand and it creates an earth battery which can be run dry or in water..

low voltage but last for ages..

however I would love to see the technical sheet for this,

very interesting...


he said some type of radiant energy .



Dear I think you don't know much about Pakistan. you know we are living in half of area of Pakistan upper Punjab, where is less fear of  killers, bombers, but you cant understand how a person is killed in market with bomb blast.

We want to shift in any Europe, Canada, country, but no country give citizenship to Pakistanis, of course not our fault about image of country. But what could we do. We are educated person and have disbelief of some ignorant things so it much scared us may some one target us.

We applied for Canada, UK point base but 5 marks are less to achieve full points bcoz there is no our relative in these countries.


thanks. later i will talk.

and my brother tell me that energy is some kind of , radiant energy .


He has revealed inner working principle of above said people's works. But he is not agreeing with their working tech. info, which they are telling to people.

He said that S.E.G is not any type of hi-fi tech it is just method to keep the running magnates unbalanced pushing force. Etc

Radiant energy by tesla was not hi-fi understanding thing, it was just method to enhance small electric power (wattage) by ionizing air, extracting some portion for use, some for keeping cycle maintained FOR LONG TIME NOT FOR EVER.

He promised me to give some technical information about what is basic working principle of tesla radiant energy.

This is horny of destiny we can’t  give free electricity, even our country people. but brother has 17 different practical (tested) way to get electricity free of cost NOT FREE ENERGY.

People always believe in, upper class, persons''s talks like Phd. managers of projects which just have degree from foreign.

We ve only way one way to be successful if keep another country nationality like Canada, America, Europe. developed country etc . brother has requirement of good environment to do experiments.

May I upload file (photo technical) for you later.

Hi, sound excellent.  Can I get more info either from you or if u have a web site.  If ur brother have and prove some of his experiments I can invite him to visit Australia

You must remember that anything to do with energy generation especially if it is over unity or free energy would be too dangerous but can only be shared free for humanity

I don't see anything related to the video's "free energy machine"?

I'd be glad to spread the news about it...but FIRST *I HAVE TO HAVE THE WHOLE STORY*.

I don't see it.


I was in BitCoin. Too many pumpers and dumpers.

The free energy machine is a scam. I believe they all are.

What about Troy Reed and his Magnetic Motor?

Is he still alive and working on this?

Or his son?

What about Troy Reed and his Magnetic Motor?

Is he still alive and working on this?

Or his son?


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