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I am living a witness that sometimes you have to run not knowing when or why. For real this happened to me and I praise God for having given me an opportunity to experience this moment.

One time a friend and I were walking home after playing basketball. We where walking talking as we walked on the left side of the street on the side walk. In one split second I grabbed him and rushed to cross the street to the right side of the side walk. Then as soon as we landed on the right side of the side walk a pickup truck doing about 60 miles an hr came dashing trough the left side of the side walk running over everything in its path. We both froze and were in shock seeing the pick up truck pass by us. If I did not run that early evening we both would have been ran over.

Then after it was all done my friend wanted to know how I knew that the truck was coming. I told him that I did not know how I knew. My instinct just took over me and with out thinking I just grabbed him and ran to the other side of the street Not knowing why. For real this really happened.

Be ready to listen to the voice of GOD at all times. You life depends on it.

Be blessed in all that you do.


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Thank you.

A year ago I was driving on a highway in Slovenia - their highways have only 2 lines in each direction and one stopping line, when you enter in the tunnel it narrows to only 2 lines - and I was overpassing a line of trucks (trucks who have a "tractor"-part for a driver and engine - and a trailer). Trucks drive 90 km/h and I was overpassing with about 130 km/h. 

We were approaching one of the tunnels (in the Alps there are a lot of tunnels) when one of a sudden in my mind, as if in front of my eyes, appeared images of old newspapers with the headlines about the accident in the tunnel.

It happened 6 or 7, maybe 10 years ago, in Croatia: one tired truck driver fell asleep while driving in the tunnel, and he hit a car, killing the whole family in it. 

I was surprised that I got so vivid pictures of this old headlines, I even felt the smell of the newspapers, I remembered my thoughts and comments on that event. I read it once and never again, and a billion news in between, much more memorable than that one. And I drove through a thousands of tunnels after that, never thinking about it.

Immediately I slowed down, I even breaked to stay behind this truck, and yes: when he entered in the narrow tunnel he drove on my side of the road. He would have crushed and squashed me in the rock wall if I would be on the spot where I was supposed to be.

I hooted and it was obvious that the truck driver dozed and I woke him, I can tell by the way he turned back in his line. 

At the earliest opportunity I've stopped to thank God and my Guardian Angel for my salvation.


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