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Why Colloidal Silver Should Be In Your Medicine Chest!

Silver has very important germicidal properties and kills many bacteria and viruses. The smaller the silver particle, the more effective it is at killing pathogens.  This is not a theory, this is a fact. You can search on any search engine for “silver nanoparticles antiviral” or “silver nanoparticles antibacterial” and find thousands of documents that clearly show this is true.

Modern medicine has started using silver nanoparticles in bandages, sterilizing solutions and many other items in hospitals around the world. Silver is being used in socks to prevent foot odor, in air conditioning ducts to prevent mold and bacteria from growing and hundreds of other products. If you do a search in Google for “silver nanoparticles inhibit virus” you will find over 10,000 results documenting how silver nanoparticles stop different viruses dead in their tracks! So why have most of you never heard of a silver nanoparticles solution known as Colloidal Silver? The short answer is – Money!

Unfortunately, our present medical system is not about what is best for the patients but it's about makes the most money for the system. I know this is hard to believe for most people but here's an example. Did you know that a inexpensive medicine called Hemp Oil made from the marijuana plant cures cancer in over 80% of the cases? Most of you have not heard of this but if you Google “Rick Simpson Run from the Cure” you will see a video that details this amazing cure.  Doctors are not allowed to learn any alternative cures in medical school and they never appear in the journals they read, so they are ignorant of all the cures available. If it's not patented and made by a Big Pharmaceutical company, 99% of all doctors do not know about it!

Colloidal Silver is the same way, it's very cheap and can't be patented so the medical industry is not interested in it just like they aren't interested in curing people with hemp oil. They'd rather use very expensive chemotherapy that causes cell, organ and brain damage to the patient. In the future, Chemotherapy will be looked down upon as truly barbaric and not at all effective but if you go to a Cancer doctor today that's all they will talk about!

Personally, I make my own colloidal silver using a very unique machine I have listed at the bottom of this article that can make a colloidal silver or an ionic silver
solution.  Ionic silver solutions are sometimes even more effective with certain bacteria and viruses because the particles are much smaller and seem to destroy the pathogens more effectively.

I bought a colloidal silver machine because I don't want to be dependent on a health care system that won't even tell me about natural cures like hemp oil or colloidal silver that are cheap and cure many types of infection. Also, do you really trust your health when the government is going tell the doctor whether to treat your or not? The government couldn't run a lemonade stand without screwing it up and you're going to trutst them with your health? Of course, I will go to the doctor if I break my arm or require surgery because they are the best at the world at that but they are worthless when it comes to natural cures because the entire system is designed to only use un-natural cures that are expensive and patented.

The machine that I will list below is the best on the market. I recommend that you get the nebulizer also as that will get the solution into your bloodstream and destroy an infections in your lungs also which is where a lot of colds start.  Since I've been using colloidal silver, I haven't gotten one cold or flu even though I felt several coming on. I would just breath 30 breaths from the nebulizer filled with Ionic Silver solution and the cold would vanish. I've never had that happen from ANYTHING given to me by a traditional doctor. Will Colloidal Silver cure everything?  No, of course not, nothing does, but it kills most viruses and bacteria and many of these are the ones that modern medicine says can't be cured! A good quality machine to make colloidal silver isn't cheap but once you buy it, you're prepared for life for most emergencies. How much is it worth to have something that you can make that can kill most bacteria and viruses on the planet? How much does it cost for just one doctor visit? How much would it be worth to never really get the flu again? How much would it be worth to protect your family from the next global outbreak of deadly disease? Clearly, everybody on the planet needs access to colloidal silver at the very least and the machine to make it if they can afford it.

Click Here for Colloidal Silver and Machine to Make it!

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I've researched all the machines and used others actually. This is the only one on the market that uses high grade silver wires that are very thick and circuits to change the polarity constantly so that you don't get contamination from the electrodes as all the other units. This unit also is the only unit I have found that produces both colloidal and ionic particle size. Ionic particle size is much smaller and effective than colloidal size. While your way might be okay in a survival situation, it's not going to make the quality colloidal silver that this laboratory grade machine makes. Also, you need a good quality nebulizer and this company has the best one I've seen also. I would only want to put something in my body that is made with the very highest standards unless it was an emergency and I had no other choice. Just the silver electrodes they use would cost you FAR more than $15 because they are .9999 and very heavy. The machine slowly stirs the solution using a magnetic stirrer. As I said in my article, it's the best I've seen and I use it myself all the time and love it! Take care.


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