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The Syrian Crisis Escalates

April 30, 2018 |

Paul Craig Roberts

As I wrote two weeks ago, the Syrian crisis is only in its beginning stages. The assault on Syrian…


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These lawyers, bankers, academics, journalists, bureaucrats and self-styled elitists sponge off the actual wealth-creation of hard working Americans via SES, OPIC, Lockheed Martin, Crown Agents, Serco, USAID in pursuit of the seven deadly sins



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Nature's Most Powerful Antibiotics!


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Natural Super Antibiotic Destroys All Bladder and Kidney Infections After The First Use!

April 4, 2015

If you want to get rid of urinary tract infections naturally, we present you one of the most popular natural antibiotics that eliminates this unpleasant occurrence after the first treatment.

Anyone who had a urinary tract infection knows how painful and persistent it can be. The constant need to urinate, even though you fail to urinate, and you feel pain and pressure. Even if you do urinate, it is very painful. However, some…


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Recipe For Sharp Vision And Rejuvenation


Recipe For Sharp Vision And Rejuvenation

f you have eye problems, we offer a highly effective mixture that will improve your eyesight. This mixture can even help you get rid of glasses or at least reduce diopter. Besides the fact that this mixture will sharpen your vision, its…


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How to Make Healthy, Homemade Toothpaste

healthy homemade toothpaste This morning, without even knowing it, you might’ve left another deposit of potentially dangerous chemical compounds and plastics in the delicate ecosystem that is your mouth.

Like millions of Americans going about their morning routine, you did not wake up this morning determined to increase your daily intake of toxic materials (you might already have enough, depending on your city’s pollution level). No, all you did was a basic necessity.

You simply…


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How to Treat a Fungal Infection of The Nails Naturally

“Nail fungus”, i.e. the fungal nail infections are the nail changes (also known as onychomycosis), damage to the inner plate of the nails on the hands and feet. This damage causes pathogenic fungi, is infectious, and can be spread from person to person through household items, shoes and clothing …


The risk of getting a…


Added by Anna Janek on February 12, 2015 at 7:05pm — No Comments

Natural Neosporin: A Homemade Anti-inflammatory, Anti-fungal, And Antibiotic Mixture


By Cooper

Posted Friday, January 30, 2015 at 03:59pm EST

Keywords: anti fungalAntibiotic MixtureNatural…


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The Ultimate Anti-inflammatory Smoothie

The Ultimate Anti-inflammatory Smoothie

August 14, 2014

While inflammation is a natural protective mechanism and repair of the body to overcome tissue injury, allergy or ongoing stress, in chronic conditions the body keeps trying unsuccessfully to turn off the inflammation. Chronic inflammation is nowadays linked to many diseases and is known for worsening their symptoms. One explanation is that inflammation causes the process and accelerated aging, as well as…


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8 Herbs That Kill Internal Parasites Naturally

Parasites are more common than most people realize. There are many different kinds. Internally, there's a pretty good chance that you and a third of the people you know have them.…


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Recipe To Make Cannabis Oil For Chemo Alternative

NOVEMBER 17, 2014



“Once the public becomes aware of the fact that properly made hemp medicine can cure or control practically any medical condition, who is going to stand up against the use of hemp?”

Rick Simpson has dedicated his life to …


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Oregano Oil Clears up Toenail Fungus

Oregano Oil For Toes

By Nature Hacks

Toenail fungus is a fungus that builds under the toe nails, like the name suggests. It is common among the older generation.  It usually lifts the nail and then distorts the shape of the toe nail. With time, the condition becomes so severe that it becomes difficult to wear shoes. The usual way that people…


Added by Anna Janek on October 24, 2014 at 9:18am — No Comments

Learn about these 4 important reasons why dental problems can cause serious health complications in your body

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 by: Derek Henry

(NaturalNews) Teeth have been treated as tools rather than a living part of our physiology. They have been pulled, drilled, and filled, and as a result, significant damage has been inflicted to the rest of the body. This is why it's vitally important to understand the…


Added by Anna Janek on June 24, 2014 at 1:00pm — No Comments

Physical Activity Is Tied to Strong Bones

June 20, 2014 

Story at-a-glance

  • Boys and girls who were the most active…

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Foods to Avoid If You Have Acne

June 16, 2014 

Story at-a-glance

  • Grains (both gluten-containing and non-gluten) and sugar should be avoided if you struggle with acne
  • Gluten may make your gut…

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15 Healthiest Foods to Stock in Your Kitchen Year-Round

June 16, 2014 

Story at-a-glance

  • One key aspect of eating healthy is eating non-adulterated…

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8 Natural Mosquito Repellents To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes



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Healing Cavities (A True “We’ve-Done-It!” Story!)

Oh, people. I”m about to reveal something to you that has taken me months to work up the nerve to confess.

Are you ready for this? {I’m not sure…


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