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100% Proof 9/11 Used Holograms and DEW!

This video shows 100% proof they used holograms and Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) on 9/11.  Seminal work on this has been done by Doctor James Fetzer, Doctor Judy Woods and Richard D. Hall proving they used holograms and directed energy to do the 9/11 false flag.  Stew Webb was also told by his best source they used the Area 51 "Death Ray" to bring down the towers.  John Lear says they used holographic planes!

This is the only thing that fits all the evidence of the planes melting into the building, wings disappearing, huge chunks of steel beams turning to dust in mid-air and so much more!  

This case closed evidence is never shown by the controlled opposition in alternative media who always must control how people think.  Why would they censor certain topics and guests who had spent years on the subject and instead keep saying  19 Saudia Arabians with box cutters did it all!  I've noticed  the controlled opposition in alternative media won't stand firm on Sandy Hoax either and show Jim Fetzer's FEMA drill photos proving it was a drill and nobody died!

If you want to see who is FAKE in alternative media find out who has never had James Fetzer, Judy Woods or Richard D. Hall on their programs to talk about 9/11 or ever covered their material on their websites!  I double dog dare you to ask your favorite "tip of the spear" in alternative media to bring these very intelligent people on their programs and let them show their evidence on 9/11 using holograms and directed energy weapons and watch the excuses and changing of the subject begin!  Real people with honor would not censor these great people!

Those who censor the proof in this video are not your friends and they are not going to win the fight against the globalists.  They work for them!  Never accept censorship from people who say they are your "leaders".  Demand all the evidence is shown from them.  If they have no agenda and aren't on payroll why would they not have this evidence on their programs?

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