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200 Mpg Using Gas Vapor! Tell Everybody!

250 Miles Per Gallon On Gasoline Vapor! Tell Everybody! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

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I have great news!  Backyard inventors are already modifying their vehicles to get over 200 miles per gallon by burning gasoline vapor!   In the above video, you'll see Josh Linebury demonstrate how he modified his pickup truck to run on gasoline vapor instead of being fuel injected which only sprays the fuel into the engine as a liquid.  Using gasoline vapor is how people are getting more than 200 miles per gallon in their vehicles!   For safety reasons I can't recommend the average person modify their vehicle since it can be dangerous, void your warranty or destroy the vehicle.   You need to have a back flash arrestor in case of a backfire or it might explode!   In other words you need to fully research this and know what you're doing!  But I want the information out there so mechanics who research it fully can begin to learn about it and spread the word.  The technology can't be hidden anymore once too many people know about it!

Josh tried to do this gasoline vapor experiment because he had seen youtube videos of lawn mowers running for a week on one tank of gasoline.  He's heard of others modifying their vehicles to get over 200mpg so he did it too!   He proves it in the second part by driving around the truck running only on vapor!   You simply can't fake this!

I want everybody to share this article with Trump and all your social networks and friends and family.  This is GREAT news because once the genie is out of the bottle it can't be put back in!  They've known about this for about 100 years now.  In the second video of this article you'll see shell oil scientists admit they broke 1000 mpg gallon in the late 70s!  The elite pretend to care about our environment but that's a lie.  This technology results in so much fewer nasty things being ejected from the tailpipes it would be much better for the environment!

It's time for the truth to be told about how all cars can get over 200 miles per gallon!   You'll see it proven by a backyard inventor!

Tweet this article to Donald Trump @potus and @realdonaldtrump so he knows the lies we've been told about gas mileage by the deep state controlling the tops of all the big companies.  If Trump gets involved by tweeting proof of this or picking up the phone, he could shame Ford and GM to announce this technology within a month for America!  How much more prosperous would America be if so much of our money wasn't wasted on gasoline!  We finally have a President who isn't a whore for the deep state!   He must know about this right now!

Help Make America Great again by sharing this information to Trump and everybody you know so more inventors do this and word spreads so fast the evil ones can't stop it again!   Share the good news through twitter and through these two web pages.  If even 100 of you do this, it is sure to reach Donald Trump because they always go by the numbers.  

Send a message to Trump through these pages too since it can't be blocked!

Here's an amazing video that proves the car companies and the oil companies have been hiding this technology since at least the 50s for sure and probably far longer!  Let's make America great again by sharing the good news!   Let's get Donald Trump to shame the car companies to do better than a backyard inventor with no money just proved!

1,000 Miles Per Gallon in the 70s! Huge Scam! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Shell Oil scientists working at a lab in Modesto California figured out how to get over 1,000 miles per gallon (mpg) in the late 1970s!  The son of one of the members of this team was excited about telling the story of his father but suddenly stopped returning phone calls from the producer!  I'm sure he was threatened!

These Shell Oil scientists in California started by modifying the engine on a 1947 Studebaker.  They were able to get 149.95 miles per gallon on their first test!   With todays advancements in reducing friction, aerodynamics, tires and engines this would mean a standard Honda Accord would easily get over 300 miles per gallon!    Are you starting to realize just how badly we've been conned yet?   We are kept as slaves to milk for as much money as possible!  The evil people in our own deep state and embedded around the world have kept these high mileage secrets from us for over 50 years now!  They dole out a measly  1 or 2 more miles per gallon every year on the new cars and meanwhile they've been able to get hundreds of miles per gallon in regular cars for decades!   We got conned and scammed and all this was aided by fake news traitors who won't report the truth so WE have to do their job!

1959 Opel broke the record in 1973 by getting 376 MPG!  

1959 Opel won the world record for mpg in October 1973 and got 376 miles on a single gallon of gasoline.  It's currently on display at the LeMay Family Collection Foundation in Tacoma Washington.   Clearly we've been lied to and ripped off for many many decades by the deep state swamp creatures who hate President Trump!  If you want this scam to stop then tell everybody you know the truth about it and show them the evidence!  If all of you do this we reach millions and President Trump!

I want everybody to Tweet this article and videos to Trump @realdonaldtrump and @potus to break down the wall of censorship around this high mileage technology and to get more people doing it in their backyards so word spreads.  Let everybody know how we've been conned for over 50 years by the swamp and let's tell Trump to begin shaming big auto now!

Thank you truth warriors!  It's an honor to serve with you!

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