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Everything You've Been Told about the Moon is a Lie! John Lear from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

John Lear goes over the information he's discovered concerning structures on our moon. You'll see some incredible photographs clearly showing artificial structures.  John has a lot of friends with high levels of clearance who have told him things about the moon.  John claims over 250 million people are living on the moon already.  I don't doubt this. 

Marvel has a new TV show called "Inhumans" that is a pretty cool show.  In the show, the inhuman are living on the moon and their city Attilan (picture above) is hidden under a dome with a holographic image projected on it.  Did you know amateur astronomers have captured what appears to be a holographic type image being projected over the moon?  You'll see it in the second video below.  Is this holographic technology being used to cover up structures on the moon just like in the TV show "Inhumans"?  There is no other reason you'd see a holographic type image roll across the moon and actually displace craters!   It's amazing video few have seen before.  

I believe it's very possible the structures on the moon are being hidden by a hologram or some other technology.  The secret space program has most likely had Tesla antigravity craft since probably the 40s or 50s.  I think they went to the moon using these craft probably in the 50s and to Mars no later than the 60s.  I can't prove this of course or I'd be dead already.  I can't show you a picture of the USS Enterprise up there now.  It's just what makes sense knowing the technology gained after the US government pumped billions or trillions into all of Tesla's research.  

We would have to be very stupid to not already be exploring the stars when Tesla patented free energy and a flying saucer using antigravity tech over 100 years ago!  He even figured out how to create a portal that could take you anywhere from what I've heard.   You don't have access to all this information on antigravity and free energy and just ignore it!  You don't go back to the stone age of chemical rockets unless you are doing it to fool the masses while you have your own breakaway civilizations exploring the stars.  Nobody would want to pay for gasoline if they knew we had moon bases where they didn't burn the stuff!   It's all about keeping us slaves.  I think most of you know we did take all of Tesla's research and we already have starships up there now.  I hope someday we get to see these amazing craft we all paid for with our taxes when we defeat the evil ones.  I pray Donald Trump exposes all the secret technology in his first term.  It would absolutely guarantee him a second term and make him go down in history as the greatest President who set us free.

Lunar Wave or Pulse - Hologram covering up cities?  Interesting videos

This guy's Youtube account was terminated right after my story!  Here's the backup!


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Comment by Glenn Canady on November 20, 2017 at 2:20pm

Yes, within hours of my article, Google banned the youtube account!  I found a couple more videos though so you can see the holographic wave

Comment by Sandi Cooke on November 20, 2017 at 2:09pm

Video NOT AVAILABLE it says

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