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A Bullet to the Head, The Vaccination Movement


By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, AOBNMM, ABIHM

It seems people must observe someone taking a bullet to the head before they believe bullets can be deadly…and then they rue the day they ignored warnings about playing with loaded guns.


Vaccination seems to hold a similar place. People hear stories of side effects and bad reactions from a vaccine, but then proceed to roll up their sleeve and get the shot anyway. They believe vaccines are good for them, like taking a multivitamin, and equally as benign. But when serious adverse events occur, such as Guillain-Barre paralysis, an autoimmune disease, a seizure disorder or even death, a jolt of reality lays bare just how damaging a vaccination can be.


The stranglehold of fear, perpetrated by those in white coats, by the media, by bureaucrats in Washington DC and now, by state legislators, who all take their marching orders from pharma, is working overtime to choke rationally thinking adults into submission. We live in turbulent and aggressive times around the topic of vaccines. Soft language and politely hand holding until people “get it” has become increasingly difficult.


The business of waking people up to the hazards of vaccines certainly has its ups and downs. The recent fiasco with my trip to Australia is a case in point.


Starting out as a planned holiday to the Land Down Under, I was invited by Ms. Stephanie Messenger to speak at a series Holistic Living seminars she was setting up along the east coast of the Continent. The host cities were to include Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Adelaide and Brisbane. I anticipated most attendees to be open to non-vaccinating, rather like speaking to the choir. Nonetheless, I looked forward to meeting like-minded Australians, and making some new friends. In November, I got my visa, my plane ticket, and started to plan the three-week trip, a combination of sightseeing, speaking and a very long plane ride.


Much to my surprise, pandemonium erupted on January 4, 2015 as an outraged pro-vaccine lobby and the Australian Skeptics got wind of the planned speaking events.

The first article, released in the Daily Telegraph, set the tone for the next several weeks as the Australian press chased me down for interviews. A quick Google search for “Tenpenny, speaking, Australia” will return more than 75,000 hits. Here is a short list of what transpired over the ensuing six weeks:

  • I was twice beamed in by satellite to the Today Show, Australia (NBC has removed the original segments).
  • I was labeled an “International public health menace.” Stories were reported day after day in theGuardianGlobal ResearchThe Sydney Morning Herald and others. The media twisted and stretched the story with increasingly incorrect information. It was rather like the game, Telephone, when the last person tells a very different story than what the first person said.
  • A Skype interview with independent journalist, Toby McCasker, about my position on vaccines was published in Vice Magazine Online.
  • An online petition, asking the Minister of Health to revoke my travel visa, gained nearly 7,500 signatures.
  • #StopTenpenny twitter campaign was rolled out by pro-vaccination campaigners.
  • The New Zealand press got involved, supporting Australian uproar.
  • The controversy traveled around the world and I was invited by David Icke to be a guest on Richie Allen Show, broadcasting from the UK and across Europe to thousands of listeners.
  • American independent press picked up the story, including The Activist Post and  Other shows, including WHDT TV with Gary Franchi, The Robert Scott Bell Show, The Power Hour with Joyce Riley, CoastToCoastAM with George Noory, InfoWars with Alex Jones, TrueNews with Rick Wiles, Lou Rockwell, and many others, invited me to be their guest.


Personal slurs, including half-baked, liar, quack, dangerous, extremist, and cult leader, were hurled at me and all types of slanderous comments were launched through social media and blogs, targeting anyone who had a similar understanding about problems associated with vaccines.


Many late night, off-line conversations occurred, discussing the threats being levied against local Australian business owners, the seminar hosts and myself. Because I was not the only speaker at these events, and many participants were bringing small children, the remaining venues were cancelled, out of concerns of safety for all.


The Results: More Awareness than Ever

A common question consistently arose through the flurry of interviews: Why are Australia’s public health representatives so opposed to its citizens being exposed to information that clearly demonstrates vaccines are causing harm – information from peer-reviewed journals? If the material is found to be deceptive and untrue, would it be a threat? Wouldn’t the presentation be tossed off as drivel? Does the rabidly pro-vaccine lobby really believe that Australian parents are so naïve, so vulnerable and so unable to critically think for themselves that an American could mesmerize them into blindly and unconditionally stop vaccinating?


Advocates of pro-vaccine dogma have become extremely brazen because they are afraid of a differing opinion. Warnings of potential bomb threats, campaigns to revoke my visa instead of welcoming a debate? How cowardly. Industry sponsored, corrupted research being passed off at science is being challenged every day. But why work to improve communication, develop safer products or address the vaccination schedule in light of family history, when you can stifle opposing opinions by being a bully?


The actions of a handful of militant, pro-vaccine activists shut down free speech in a country that claims to have such a right. The nanny state never voiced an opinion, but instead, allowed the rampage to not only block a verbal debate, but block the freedom to hear information not lockstep with a pro-vaccine message. Oh, public health officials and physicians – here and abroad – claim people have a right to refuse. But as a practical matter, when it comes to challenging vaccine safety and efficacy? It’s ok to ask questions, as long as you don’t disagree – and you continue to vaccinate.


Hand-selected physicians, paraded out by the media as “experts,” do nothing more than regurgitate sound bites crafted by PR firms for WHO and CDC. But their pro-vaccine rhetoric is taking a beating. The public is waking up to the reality that vaccines can – and do – cause harm. The public is beginning to understand that the “pseudo-science” is really coming from the co-opted medical profession, not from those who seek to expose their pompousness for what it is.


The outcome of this hullabaloo resulted in unintended consequences for the pro-vaccine message, a blowback no one envisioned from a quiet tour/holiday up the eastern coast of Australia. The fanatics defeated themselves. They made so much noise that everybody heard, everybody.

No amount of marketing, advertising, public relations or money could have created this much awareness. Millions all over the world who never gave the vaccine debate a thought have now awakened. They are rubbing the sand from their indoctrinated eyes, shaking their cobwebs from their foggy brain, starting to do their own research.

Consciousness begins after even a cursory examination of the mounds of readily available evidence: Something is radically wrong with the vaccine schedule, the ingredients, the safety claims, the irrational fear of fever, the overwhelming number of injured children – and adults.


In fact, let me thank the pro-vaccine zealots for drawing so much attention to problems associated with vaccines. At the end of the day, all your commotion resulted in a substantial win for those you disparage as “anti-vaccine.”

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