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Alex Jones a Gatekeeper - Christopher Bollyn from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

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Two great videos that will open up most eyes.   In the first, a great interview with 9/11 truther Christopher Bollyn and what he discovered about Alex Jones.  

Alex Jones is not here to win.  I've known this for many years now.  He's a gatekeeper and many people are now waking up to this.    Alex Jones must be pressured by patriots to either come to the good side of the force like Darth Vader did at end or go retire and let somebody else win the fight using his army.  I don't know if Alex was just a CIA plant from the very beginning or got compromised somewhere along the way but it's time for patriots to call him out for it.  

I had thousands of people contact Alex Jones at and beg him to simply win the info war by having Alex's 30 million man army going door to door and dropping InfoWars flyers on their doorstep.  I told them to ask Alex to do weekly flyer contests for one year!   It can't be just a one week thing.  It must be each week for a year so we can cover the entire country and even other countries!   The concept is very simple and that's why I know it will work!  Whoever distributes the most Infowars information flyers for the week gets a brief mention on the show and gets some of his products as a prize!  It wouldn't cost him anything - in fact it would make him millions due to product sales!   If 30 million people just dropped 10 flyers each you would cover most of the country.  But if even one million did 500 flyers each at sometime during the year, you would still easily cover most of the country!   Think of the publicity he would get for this "Operation 1776" flyer campaign against the New World Order!   Alex ignored thousands of patriots who emailed him and even some how asked him on his show!  That's how I know Alex is acting as an enemy agent!

I'm so sure Alex is a gatekeeper put here by the enemy to control things that I'll still pay any patriot $1,000  who gets Alex to simply win the fight by having his 30 million man army go door to door with weekly flyer contests for one year.  The entire United States could be pretty much covered within one year and Alex Jones would make probably at least $50 million on product sales!  

Nobody can stop patriots from going door to door with his flyers with truth on vaccines, the Federal Reserve, Israeli dual citizens in our Congress, 9/11 truth, GMO, 5G and so much more!   I mean call me crazy but I thought we were in this thing to WIN and not to just make money while the NWO savages us with their fake news and censored social media!   Alex brags again and again and says he has 30 million listeners on a weekly basis in the US alone.   But if you email him at and simply tell him to get this army to drop 500-1000 flyers each in their cities every week for a year he will RUN from you!   I've had people call into his show with the idea and he hangs up on them!   Who but a deep cover enemy of the Republic would run from this idea?  

If a real patriot not on anybody's payroll ran InfoWars we could easily wake up 300 million people in the US by going door to door with weekly flyer contests using 30 million people!   I believe Alex Jones was put there by the Zionists to make sure that a REAL patriot who wanted to WIN would never have the power!   

I will continue to grow and do everything I can in the fight!   I never give up!  I will do more and more each year and never trust Alex Jones to win the fight because I know in my heart he's as fake as Obama's birth certificate.  If everybody holds his feet to the fire then we might have a chance if God changes his heart to quit running from the fight he already can win.

To whom much is given, much is expected and frankly Alex is committing treason by not employing his 30 million man army!  What would George Washington think of a General who kept his 30 million man from winning the infowar?   Is this okay with you?  Is it okay with you that Alex Jones lies, censors and runs from solutions?  Is it okay that he runs from your emails to him and his staff?  If so, then you're the reason he's gotten away with it for over 20 years!  I believed in Alex for several years and even promoted him before I woke up.  I bought over $1,000 from the man.  Believe me, I WISH he was real and wanted to win because if so we would already have woken up the country! 

No reason to lie about Lee Wanta unless you serve the evil ones who put him in prison!

Alex Jones Lies About Ambassador Lee Wanta! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

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