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The Edwin Smith Papyrus describes medical knowledge from over 3600 years ago!

The papyrus shown above is called the Edwin Smith papyrus for the man who purchased it from an Egyptian dealer in 1862. This is a medical text on surgical trauma dating back to 1600 B.C. and is the only medical papyrus of its time to reflect a scientific approach to medicine. 

Ancient Egyptian medicine dates back at least to the days of Imhotep, during the 27th century B.C.   Although they believed an angry god or evil spirit caused disease, the ancient Egyptians formulated a number of valid treatments and remedies many of which are only now being rediscovered!  

The Egyptians Used the Healing Properties of Copper I!

The Egyptians pioneered the use of copper I for many ailments and as a way to purify wounds.  They knew the healing properties of this special form of copper and this knowledge was passed down to other cultures over thousands of years.  The Egyptians also pioneered the use of copper pipes for drinking water. They didn't know it at the time but using copper killed deadly bacteria in the water!   Copper and Silver are the very best materials for killing harmful bacteria.   Copper was very important to the ancients for healing.  

In 400 BC  Hippocrates wrote of copper as a treatment for leg ulcers associated from varicose veins. The Greeks knew sprinkling a powder of copper oxide and copper sulfate on open wounds would sterilize and make them heal faster!   They treated wounds with a mixture of honey and red copper oxide.

The Romans between 23 and 79 A.D. used a number of remedies involving copper. Black copper oxide with honey was used to kill intestinal worms and purge the stomach.  Nose drops using these formula were used to clear the head and eardrums relieved ear infections.  Taken by mouth this mixture relieved mouth sores and ulcers.

Copper was also used by the Aztecs for medical purposes too.  They gargled with a copper mixture for sore throats.

In ancient India and Persia, copper was used to treat lung diseases.   They also used copper compounds on boils and other skin conditions. Nomadic Mongolian tribes used copper sulfate, taken by mouth, to treat venereal ulcers.

Throughout history, healers have understood the value of copper in obtaining and maintaining optimum health.  Copper based algaecides have long been used by water treatment biologists to safely control algae problems.  

Copper I Secrets Rediscovered!

The Egyptians knew about the health benefits of Copper I and this knowledge is only now being rediscovered!  Copper I is a special form of copper with 28 electrons instead of 29.  This copper is bioavailable and red in color versus the blue color of all the vitamins on the market which contain Copper II which is oxidized copper!  

By the way, hospitals have now begun using copper for railings, doorknobs and operating tables!   Trials have proven that copper used where doctors, health workers, patients, and visitors commonly touch reduces bacteria up to 97%!  Clearly all hospitals should be using more copper on all surfaces!

Man Stumbles Upon Egyptian Copper I Miracle by Accident!

I recently met a man who I will call Mr. X because he likes to keep a low profile!   This man is a self taught scientist who learned thet Egyptian secret about the bioavailable form of Copper called Copper I.   He met some actual Egyptians who had rediscovered it partially!   These Egyptian researchers had created a bioavailable copper I formula red in color that worked great at reducing bacteria within the body and energizing the cells and immune system!  The only problem was they could not figure out how to keep their formula stable for more than a month!  All the chemists told Mr. X he simply couldn't make the copper formula stable long term!  They said it couldn't be done!

After many years of trial and error, Mr. X finally figured out how to make the Egyptian formula for Copper I completely stable so it could be sold to the public!  He got it approved by the government also.   What he and others saw it do under the microscope in the video below is rather astonishing!  Watch the video below to see the effects the Copper I formula has on the spirochete bacteria now being found in all the blood they test.  See what happens to these bacteria when exposed to this ancient Egyptian invention called Copper I!

Shocking Video - What's Hiding In Our Blood! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Mr.  X was recently recently offered millions of dollars to sell out his company and walk away from the product!   It's my belief the people trying to buy him out would simply shelve the product so nobody could get it anymore!   He doesn't want the product to disappear because it's even being used by some people as a Lyme disease treatment by killing the bacteria present in the disease and so many others!  

I believe most of us have this bacteria in our blood and when it gets bad enough it becomes known as Lyme disease.  Some researchers are saying ticks are not the only way you get Lyme disease.   Some say you can get Lyme disease from mosquitoes and other things!   Some researchers say we all have Lyme disease!   The good news is Copper I seems to be able to kill this Lyme spirochete bacteria by tagging it so the white blood cells can gobble it up.  I don't understand it all but you can see what happens in the video.

This bioavailable Copper I Mr. X created can be found at if you are interested in more information.

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