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Exclusive: Dr. Mercola Interviews Dane Wigington On The Evidence Of Geoengineering


Article by Dr. Joseph Mercola

You’ve probably heard about “chemtrails,” or more accurately, geoengineering, but is it real or just some far-fetched conspiracy theory? In this interview, Dane Wigington, who is, in my view, probably the top expert on this topic, lays out the evidence for what he believes to be one of the most serious threats to humanity.

“The media will try to always use the chemtrail term, which is not a science-based term. If your listeners were to investigate this issue … it’s imperative to use the science terms “climate engineering”, “solar radiation management” [and] “aerosol geoengineering". "Those are the science terms that lead to a mountain of science data so that they understand that this issue has complete validity,” Wigington explains.

A Most Obscure Yet Well Documented Program

Wigington, who lives completely off the grid on a mountaintop in Northern California, has been interviewed on the topic of geoengineering a numberous times, and I’ve been impressed with his ability to very precisely articulate what this issue entails and the dangers it poses.

But what brought him to become an expert on such an obscure topic as geoengineering?

“I have a background in renewable energy. I was a former Bechtel Power employee. Bechtel is the largest engineering firm on the planet and they are not a reputable firm, in my opinion. I left at an early age because of things that I saw in the company.

They are comparable to, for example, Halliburton. Many of your listeners might be familiar with Halliburton, but being on the renewable energy end, this is what brought me to this issue.

I moved to the Pacific North West, built a large off-grid home. My home was the cover of the largest renewable energy magazine. Then I began to lose massive amounts of my solar photovoltaic (PV) uptake from whatever these aircrafts were emitting, which was blotting out the sun, literally. Clearly this was not condensation… I was losing 70 to 80 percent of my solar PV uptake from what these aircrafts were emitting.

When I began to research, I was astounded that I didn’t already know about this issue because there’s a mountain of data that confirm global solar radiation management programs had been deployed for many decades already.”

Toxic Rain Provides a Clue

First, he began to lab test the rain falling on his property to confirm whether the same materials listed in climate engineering patents were indeed coming down the air column. One initial precipitation test contained 7 parts per billion (ppb) of aluminum. Over the following 18 months, that level skyrocketed by nearly 50,000 percent, to 3,500 ppb of aluminum in a single rain event.

“At that point, I was faced with the fact that these programs were going on in Northern California,” Wigington says.

“The California Air Resources Board has confirmed that these materials were not coming from China. There was simply no other source for these materials, given that they were the primary element in climate engineering patents.

I was faced with the reality that these programs were going on over my head and the toxic materials were raining down on everything that I loved… being inhaled [by myself and my children] with every breath … So I simply had to face this battle.”

The Why Behind the Madness

So what’s the motivation for spraying toxic elements like aluminum into the atmosphere? Who is responsible for initiating this kind of project, seeing how it can have global implications for both human and environmental health?

Clearly, there must be a reason, but what is it? These are questions that many struggle with and that make some dismiss the notion that it’s actually taking place. To many, it just seems too incomprehensible and irresponsible to be true.

“The stated purpose behind solar radiation management is to try to deflect some of the sun’s incoming thermal radiation to slow global warming,” Wigington explains.

“What they’re attempting to do is to mimic what happens when a volcanic eruption goes off. For example, in 1992, Mt. Pinatubo put enough material in the air to reduce global temperatures about half a degree Celsius, about 1 degree Fahrenheit.

This is the state of attempt; to try to mimic that cooling effect by filling the atmosphere with light-scattering particles, again, to try to block some of the sun’s incoming thermal radiation. But just like the pharmaceutical approach on the human body, you have a massive amount of downstream negative effects from filling the atmosphere with particulates.”

Geoengineering Has Many Downstream Effects

According to scientific studies, the particulates dispersed during these geoengineering events “shred” the ozone layer. They also disrupt the hydrological (rain) cycle, which leads to another host of downstream effects, and this is in addition to spreading toxins across the entire planet surface.

“There’s a list that is so long of negative effects that it’s hard to fathom there would be any perceived benevolence in these programs,” he says.

“But also, we have to look at this: weather manipulation is a weapon, period.

We see example after example of weather being used as a weapon, not just going back to conflicts just like Vietnam where we had project Popeye, we also had project Stormfury.” These are weather warfare programs of record, but other events are also suspect. For example, certain sub-Saharan African countries have been exposed to unprecedented dr....

Moreover, while global cooling is the stated aim of most of these geoengineering programs, as the planet warms, the laws of physics state you get MORE precipitation to cool it, not less, because the atmosphere carries more moisture as the temperature rises — 7 percent more moisture for each degree of Fahrenheit, to be exact.

To cool the planet, you need to create more rain, but these programs have resulted in less rain, and the reason for the reduction in rain fall is due to the particulate.... In addition to deflecting heat from the outside, these particles also TRAP heat down below, making the overall heating of the planet significantly worse. With this in mind, is combating global warming really the endgame, or is that just a convenient cover story for a far more reckless goal?

Weather Wars

A number of countries that have U.S. troops on the ground, including countries that are part of Africom 1 (the U.S. entity that controls the military occupation), Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq have all been exposed to once in a thousand-year drought.

“Is it just a coincidence that all those countries were countries that the U.S. government is actively or passively trying to destabilize?” Wigington asks. “We had the leaders of some of those countries, like the leaders of Iran, on the floor of the United Nations (UN), stating that North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) weather modification programs were cutting off the precipitation to their country. So there’s a great many agendas being carried out …

If we get to the core of these programs, I think it’s inarguable that it’s about power and control, as we know all such programs are. Because to manipulate the weather is to literally be able to win a war without ever even firing a shot.”

According to Wigington, there appears to be a number of reasons for these geoengineering projects, none of which are benevolent or for the common good:

1. To try to hide the severity of global warming while simultaneously ....

2. To control populations and governments, using weather as a weapon.

3. For communications enhancement purposes (as the atmosphere is being made more electrically conductive by these particles).

Weather Modification Then and Now

Weather modification actually has a rather long history, dating back to the mid 1940s. After World War II, weather modification definitely became an area of focus for the U.S. military complex. Since most technology increases exponentially, it would be reasonable to suspect we have far more sophisticated weather modification technologies at our disposal today than we did back then.

“We have historical documents … on our website,, which is a data repository … like a 750-page senate document that outlines the full scope and scale of these global programs (historically) … So we know these [programs] were fully deployed in the mid 1940s …

We have original issues of Popular Science magazine, Collier’s magazine… from the ‘50s that admitted … that this technology was fully functional. But as time has progressed and as the military and industrial complexes realized the public would not accept this type of manipulation, they’ve gone further and further underground. So we can only guess at the technology they have now.”

That said, patents dating back to 1950 offer clues to their capabilities to manipulate the weather. One NASA patent is for something called Chemical Ice Nucleation for Weather Modification. It describes a process by which rain storms can be chemically nucleated and conv.... According to Wigington, there’s also clear evidence that the U.S. and other governments are actively engaging in these kinds of weather wars.

“The Chinese government openly announced in 2009 that they were che... he says. “They did a billion dollars’ worth of damage to Beijing, at which time they went underground … So at this point, can we really consider any weather natural when we have such massive scales of weather modification programs going on from multiple sources of power? The entire climate system is completely disrupted at this point.”

Unintended Consequences Are Par for the Course

So with what level of precision can weather actually be controlled? Like most science gone awry, are weather modification programs implemented and then end up having far more severe consequences than predicted?

“Very, very key question,” Wigington says. “The term “engineering,” in regard to what is happening to the climate system, is far too dignified a term. We need to use those terms because that’s what leads to the science, but your question is exactly on target. Now they’re trying to alter the term for addressing these programs to “climate intervention” because, ultimately, it’s simply a climate disruption, and there’s no precision to what they are doing at all.

This should be expected. It’s a form of weather whack-a-mole, if you will, where everything they do causes a host of reactions, negative effects, which they then try to react to. Again, not unlike taking [a] pharmaceutical that causes a certain set of side effects, which then need other pharmaceuticals to counteract [them].

It’s the same sort of scenario going on, but in this case, the consequences will be total [devastation] if we stay on the current trajectory. This is something I know many people don’t hear well. They don’t hear that the intervention with Earth’s life support systems will lead to consequ...

Why Public Disclosure Is Not Imminent

According to Wigington, the military and industrial complex is so heavily invested in these programs that any form of disclosure will be extremely difficult to obtain. Just imagine the ramifications if everyone suddenly knew they’ve been subjected to a lethal experiment without their knowledge or consent; that their bodies have been irreparably harmed by inhaling toxic heavy metals and chemicals dispersed in the air, including: Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Manganese, Lead, Copper.

On top of that, there are severe environmental effects, such as protracted droughts and raging forest fires. In other areas, severe flooding is taking its toll. “I spoke to one of the insiders from these programs, from Oak Ridge National Laboratory … It was supposed to be confidential initially, but I have since published it. He stated on the record that they will try to hide these programs as long as possible because the liability is incomprehensible,” Wigington says.

The Climate Situation Is FAR More Severe Than You Imagine

There’s another aspect to it as well. If people really understood the totality of the situation — not just that the climate is being manipulated, but that as a result, the global climate systems have deteriorated to the point that the entire biosphere is in serious trouble; in short, that these programs may have created a (potential) runaway extinction event — the emotional impact might be too great to bear for many.

“Our situation is far more severe than most people have any understanding of,” he says. “Al Gore’s data in the film, “An Inconvenient Truth,” was not accurate, but in the opposite direction of what most people choose to believe, the climate scenario is far, far worse, and far more advanced than what people understand. Our situation is far more immediate and far more critical.

Climate engineering is making the situation worse, not better. So for all those reasons, they are trying to keep the population from panicking because of the severity and immediacy of the climate implosion, and keep the population in the dark because the climate intervention programs have helped to accelerate this process and toxified every single one of us in the process.

Every single human test subject we test is packed full of aluminum, barium — all the heavy metals we know are associated with these programs. It doesn’t matter where they live. And we know it’s coming down in the precipitation in unimaginable quantities — quantities enough to change soil pH values in the Pacific Northwest 10 to 12 times total alkaline — that’s an unimaginable amount of metal coming down in the rain.

If populations understood, truly, what’s been done to them, what’s been done to the planet … they’d be taking to the streets with pitchforks and torches all over the globe. The power structure knows that and they’ll try to hide these programs to the last possible moment, but I would argue that that moment is getting close.”

The Climate Unraveling Is a Non-Linear Equation

Part of the problem is we’ve been led to believe that climate changes are linear in nature and take centuries, if not millennia to unfold. But that’s not the case when you have an unnatural factor in the equation, such as climate engineering. “I can’t stress enough that the climate unraveling is a non-linear equation, more than what most people can imagine,” he says.

The fact of the matter is that geoengineering has been going on for some 70 years already. That’s a significant amount of human intervention into a system that, when left alone, has built-in checks and balances that ensure some level of global homeostasis. The mentality that has guided these programs has also magnified the risks. For example, during Project Starfish, the U.S. military detonated hydrogen bombs in the..., just to see what would happen.

“This is the sort of mentality [they] have. They treat the atmosphere like a physics lab, [and] no one knows what they’re doing up there. There’s no regulation. They can do whatever they want. And they are. They have been,” Wigington says.

The particles dispersed in the air column are not just released and left alone. They’re further manipulated via radio frequency transmissions. The Alaskan installation known as HAARP 2 is but one facility involved. There are dozens of other large, ground-based facilities just like it around the globe. Smaller networks and NEXRAD radar stations located in urban areas around the world are also employed. All of these networks are used to manipulate the particles dispersed via “chemtrails” (geoengineering) in the atmosphere.

Aerosol Geoengineering Is Creating Uncontrolled Climate Havoc

These particulates can be likened to the chemical Corexit, a chemical so toxic it’s been banned by many countries. After the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Corexit was used to disperse the oil, even though the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) stated the chemical made the situation 52 times more toxic. The chemical was used because it helped HIDE the problem, even though it worsened the situation.

“It’s the same mentality with climate engineering. If we can go back to what I stated at the beginning of the show, the chemical ice nucleation — this helps to confuse the population as to the severity of the climate scenario. If we look at Boston in the winter of 2014 and 2015, you remember all of the snow that happened in Boston and how much media coverage there was?

What the media didn’t say was that, at the same time, we had 80-degree weather 14,000 feet up at the Sierras. They focused on where they’re engineering a cool-down, and create a lot of headlines that are confusing to the population, so the population doesn’t realize the severity of what’s unfolding in the world, including the Arctic.”

On Christmas Eve (2015), it was 40 degrees F. and raining at the No.... Meanwhile, the lower 48 states had 20 degrees below zero weather.

“The population would be astounded at that kind of contrast, but that’s what is being covered up,” he says. “Climate engineering is fueling the climate disintegration from countless fronts. That’s why I’ve focused on this issue so completely, because if the planet stops supporting life, whatever else we’re focused on won’t matter at that point.”

Geoengineering Programs Are Bound by Confidentiality With Lethal

Enforcement Clauses

Many dismiss the notion of geoengineering and weather wars based on refutations from people like pilots and military personnel. But what needs to be understood is that being part of these programs involve signing confidentiality agreements and, according to Wigington, “We have been told by one Air Force personnel, who is part of these programs, that confidentiality [agreement] contains provisions for lethal enforcement.”

He also notes that the Obama administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all of previous administrations combined. We also know that surveillance is just about everywhere, so in the case of geoengineering, there’s no lineup of people trying to blow the whistle.

Condensation Trails Versus Particulate Trails

There’s also debate on whether the lines criss-crossing the sky aren’t just regular condensation trails. A key difference between condensation trails and particulate trails is that condensation trails evaporate very quickly. They will not block 80 to 90 percent of solar uptake and create global dimming — an important scientific term used in geoengineering research. The persistent lines you see in the sky that very slowly disperse, creating a muddy, hazy “film” across the entire sky are NOT condensation trails. They are particulate trails.

Research shows 20 to 30 percent of the sun’s direct rays no longer reach the surface of the planet. They’re being deflected by the light-scattering particles in these aerosols, and that’s the specific stated purpose of solar radiation management. The stated goal by well-recognized geoengineers such as David Keith and Ken Caldeira is to put 20 million tons of aluminum ... — a staggering amount of toxic material.

Now, the smaller the particle, the more harmful it is for your body, as it can penetrate deeply into your system. The particulates being dispersed into the atmosphere are about 50 nanometers (nm) — so small that once you breathe them in, they cross through the lung lining into your bloodstream and through your blood-brain barrier into your brain. To learn how to identify the difference between condensation trails and particulate trails, take a look at Wigington’s tutorial above.

“It’s important to understand the mechanics and the physics of what’s going on in our skies. All commercial carriers and all military aircraft are fitted with high bypass turbo fan jet engines. It’s a jet-powered fan, by design nearly incapable of creating any condensation trail except under the most extreme circumstances because it’s designed for fuel efficiency. It’s unlike military fighter jets. It’s a completely different engine. So the animated tutorial [shows] this engine is not designed in a way that allows it to create a condensation trail, except under rare circumstances.

On top of that, we have film footage of military tankers spraying at altitude, turn.... That’s the end of the argument. We have film of the crimes taking place up close. We have photographs of the nozzles mounted on the pylons directed into the engine exhaust stream to make this look like condensation …

A person also needs to activate their sense of reason. You can’t turn a condensation trail on and off. We see the on and off (spraying) frequently. We have film footage of it. When we add patents to what we have — we have about 160 patents that describe exactly what we’re seeing in the sky — all these dots connect. Every single one. [And we have the] same materials coming down the precipitation.”

Project Cloverleaf

Military jets are not the only ones carrying out these programs. Commercial carriers are also used, although commercial personnel, such as the pilots, are likely never informed of their role. Instead, automated and/or remote control systems appear to be used. This is called Project Cloverleaf, and Wigington has copies of letters in which Union Mechanics personnel were reprimanded or fired for asking why they were not permitted to work on the unknown aerosol systems installed on certain commercial carriers.

“It makes sense that this would be a form of plausible denial for those in the military and those behind these programs, because they can say, ‘Look, the commercial carriers are also emitting this trail on and off.’ But again, you can’t turn a condensation trail on and off. You don’t need nozzles unless you’re spraying something. We have photographs of the nozzles. We have a mountain of data to confirm that commercial carriers are in fact also being utilized …

We do have two commercial pilots and two military pilots that have spoken on the record about these programs — that these trails are absolutely not condensation. Period. We have a former Air Force industrial hygienist — their job is to check for environmental toxins — and she has spoken on the record … She’s seen the canisters being loaded, she’s tested for the materials … Her name is Kristen Meghan, and she was getting tremendous pressure from her former superiors about speaking out and she has since gone off the record.”

Dane financed and held a recent screening event for the film “Vaxxed” in Northern California, Wigington had a former CIA officer, Kevin Shipp, speak about what t.... Their careers are ruined, their lives are ruined, and if they continue to speak out, the consequences are worse still. He knows this first hand, and has detailed his travails in the book, “From the Company of Shadows.” He and his family were physically harmed by government goons as a repercussion for breaking his oath of confidentiality. “So again, for those who think that people would line up to speak out about this issue, that’s just simply not a reality,” Wigington says.

Moreover: “We have top U.S. military brass stating, on the record in multiple reports, multiple articles, that the disintegrating climate is the greatest national security threat of all, by far. I would ask you to consider this: do we really think that they would ask our permission to do this if they perceive this to be the greatest national security threat of all? … Why would we think they would ask our permission to engage in these programs? That’s a very naive notion,” he says.

Thousands of Airliners Dump Particulates Into the Air Each Day

How many air carriers are dispersing nanoparticulates? Based on the stated goal, which is to disperse 20 million tons of aluminum nanoparticulates into the atmosphere each year to deflect incoming thermal energy, you’d need as many as 700 military tankers per day, dispersing 60 to 70 tons per flight. To break that down into smaller payloads suitable for a commercial airline carrier, you’re looking at thousands of flight daily. 

California Aquatic and Terrestrial Insect Life Has Declined 90 Percent in Last Decade lists a number of lab tests that have been performed on rain water, air sample and more, and their results. You can find them under the Tests section. They now also have former government scientists, former forest service scientists and former fish and game scientists that have joined their legal efforts to put an end to geoengineering. Wigington’s group has already filed legal papers in Canada and are working on filing suit in the U.S. You can learn more about their legal action on the website.

“In regard to the effect in the environment, in Northern California alone … what we’ve seen in the last decade … is a 90 percent decline in aquatic and terrestrial insect life. Ninety percent. A virtual crash. There’s so much aluminum coming down the precipitation, affecting the soil pH … and — this is very important — the UV radiation level is off the charts, and that we can link dire...

We’re seeing UVB levels about 1,000 percent higher than we’re being told. It’s burning the bark off of trees. It’s killing plankton. It’s affecting insect life … [It increases UVB radiation] because it shreds the natural protection for the planet. When you put a particle in the atmosphere, it doesn’t matter whether it’s from a back of a jet or a volcano; it causes a chemical reaction in the atmosphere that destroys ozone. Period. So the more of these particles you put in the atmosphere, the more rapid the ozone destruction is,” Wigington explains.

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are typically blamed for the destruction of the ozone layer, but according to Wigington’s findings, CFCs cause a fraction of the damage compared to the damage done by climate engineering programs, given the massive scale of these programs.

The Earth Is in Dire Straits

According to Wigington’s research, global plankton populations are down by 50 to 60 percent. Plankton supplies the majority of oxygen on the planet, followed by boreal forests. The rapid elimination of these critical suppliers of oxygen pose a massive danger to all life on Earth.

“Mathematically speaking, climate engineering has stopped the planet from being able to respond to the damage done (anthropogenic). It’s destroying the planet’s natural life support systems … I would argue that, short of nuclear cataclysm, the greatest and most immediate threat we face right now is climate engineering and all the effects that come with it …

We have species extinction rates today that are nearing 15,000 times the background rate. We’re nearing 300 species a day of plant, animal and insect going extinct. You can verify those statistics. That’s 1.5 million percent of background rates, there is nothing normal about that. There are countless anthropogenic causes, I’m not denying that. The human race has been very poor stewards of the planet. But mathematically speaking, we can say that the greatest assault we’ve faced at this moment in time, short of nuclear cataclysm, is climate engineering. Our situation is beyond dire right now.”

How You Can Help is a terrific and informative website where you can independently validate the things Wigington has brought forth in this interview. It’s a large repository of research papers, government documents, articles and videos related to geoengineering. Statements in articles on the site are also backed up with hyperlinks to the original data, allowing you to dig deep.

“As far as what you can do, and that’s the most important question of all, we must reach a critical massive awareness,” he says. “I would argue this: If we can reach that critical mass [in] awareness, we’ll have academicians pouring from every corner. If they have enough public cover, [they will] come out of the shadows and admit that these programs are going on because they certainly absolutely know.

By the way, we have an illegal federal gag order right now on all national weather serv..., the weathermen. An illegal federal gag order. Common sense should state that if there wasn’t something very big they’re hiding; they would not put this gag order onto the weathermen — on top of the fact that the government scientists have no first amendment protection to begin with.

So if your listeners truly want to help, all they have to do from thei... … I’ve spoken to a NOAA scientist myself, face to face, who told me off the record ‘We all know this is going on. We don’t know what to do. We don’t have first amendment protection’…

I’ve been in high-level Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) locked-door meetings arranged by congressional rep. I was told by five EPA officials in this meeting that the system is rigged, ‘We’re told what to test for and what not to test for.’ I mean, this is truly an issue of unimaginable magnitude and gravity. We need the population to help us bring it to the light of day.”

The full 1 hour Dr. Mercola interview of Dane Wigington is below.

For those who want a condensed version of the interview, a 28 minute highlight compilation is below.

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