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Flat Earthers - Your Parents Are So Ashamed!

I feel sorry for the Flat Earthers who aren't on the government payroll for the Flat Earth psyop.   These are the innocent sheep who just got conned in a disgusting government psyop geared to discredit the entire truth movement!  Many Flat Earthers are on payroll but many are not, they just got fooled which is sad.    We all got fooled at one time or another so if you're a Flat Earther, there is hope for you yet.  I used to think the Bushes were Christians but now I know they are satanic psychopaths who kill babies in satanic sacrifices according to Anthony Lavey.

Some of these Flat Earthers are absolutely mentally ill and won't look at any scientific evidence but just scream - "NASA lies" as their main evidence!  They tell me they did their "research" on Flat Earth by watching youtube videos and they are convinced!  They will not listen to ANY scientific evidence!  In fact this video in this article absolutely destroys the Flat Earth fantasy but I didn't even have ONE Flat Earther mention any of the evidence or say it was interesting.  Instead they said it was all lies when the guy who made it absolutely shredded their best evidence with science.  One thing I've noticed is many of these flat Earthers are the same people who say we live in simulation, (tell that to God when you meet him!), same people who say Space isn't real, same people who say nukes are fake!    Nukes aren't fake and most of us will see how real they are in the final days at some point unfortunately.  

First of all does NASA lie?  Yes, NASA is a bunch of lying scumbags but NASA wasn't the one that discovered the Earth was a sphere!  That came a little before their time!  They also don't lie about everything.  Mostly they lie about us needing rockets to go into space.  Nikola Tesla patented a flying saucer craft that used electrogravitic technology to go up and down with out propellors or jets.  This was done about 100 years ago!  Our government has had this technology since the 50s and went to Mars with it in the 60s as best as I can figure from whistleblowers.  We have bases on Mars for sure!   So did we fake the moon landing?  I don't know for sure.  I've seen some things that look like they could be faked.  But I'm not quite ready to say we never went to the moon.  I need more evidence before I can say it for sure.  Some things do look sketchy is all I will say at this point. 

I would bet everything I own that we have starships up there now so in the end even if we did fake the moon landing, I'll bet they put up some lunar landers up there with their flying saucers anyway to cover up their crimes.   In the end the moon landings have nothing to do with flat earth so let's put that aside.

Flat Earthers truly believe they have discovered the ultimate secret!  They think you're a stupid Glober!  They lurk on Youtube channels and scream, "Yes Chemtrails are REAL but the BIG secret is Flat Earth!   You need to take the red pill!"    I don't tolerate people who put out disinformation on my Youtube channel and Flat Earthers get the BLOCK same as people who say Chemtrails are just normal contrails.  I won't have known disinformation put out to infect others because that's what trolls get paid to do.   They are paid to put out lies so people begin believing their lies.  There's probably a hundred people in some building somewhere still putting out lies about the JFK Assassination with books and videos to muddy the waters and make sure the truth is never known.  I know there are hundreds of trolls putting out garbage on Flat Earth to ensnare the sheep.

Flat Earth is a disgusting virus and I will do my best to stomp it out.  If you're a Flat Earther then don't even go to my Youtube channel and try to talk flat Earth garbage because I don't need you infecting others with the Flat Earth sickness.  Come back when you wake up from Flat Earth and get away from government sponsored youtube channels specializing in flat Earth.

Flat Earthers are sometimes quite funny because they all say the same stuff.  They tell me "Why does the UN have the symbol of a flat Earth as their logo?"  It's called a map!   It's a two dimensional representation of a globe!  Then they say, "Oh yeah well where is the curve?".  Very simply,  you are too close to the Earth to see the curve with your eye but it has been measured many times scientifically.  When they build long bridges the top of the support members are farther away than the centerlines of the bottom of these support members!  That's because the Earth is curved!   But don't tell that to a brainwashed Flat Earther.  They will say, "The bridge Engineers are lying!".  

Flat Earthers will sit there and tell you every person who ever circumnavigated the Earth either by sea or air and never fell off the flat earth edge or ran into the "ice wall" is lying!  They will tell you all the airlines are involved with covering up the Flat Earth secret!  It's common knowledge that rockets take less fuel to reach orbit from the equator because the equator gives the rocket more speed from the rotation of a spherical Earth when launched.  It's why they build Kennedy Space Center in Florida instead of New York.  If Flat Earth was real then it wouldn't matter where you launched a rocket!  But it does matter and every country knows this and builds their launch pads as close to the equator as possible or they put them on barges and float them to the equator for launch.

This video proves the Earth is a globe using the Flat Earthers own "evidence" where they say their evidence is that you can still see the Chicago skyline from so many miles away.  But even their own pictures of the Chicago skyline shows the bottoms of the buildings are obstructed by the curve of the Earth EXACTLY as the scientific formula predicts!  The Flat Earthers scream "yeah but you still see the buildings."   If the flat earth theory was right not one inch of the skyline would be obstructed but it clearly is obstructed by the curve of the Earth!  That alone closes the case and is easily observable but flat earthers are too lazy to go do it themselves.

In closing my message to flat earthers is very simple.  Get out of this psyop!  You're parents are absolutely ashamed of you believing in a flat Earth if you even had the guts to try to tell them!  And finally God himself laughs at Flat Earthers.   He made the Earth a sphere just like ALL the other planets in this solar system!  He told you it was a globe in his word.

I know I will get heat from the Flat Earth trolls and their sheep on Youtube who already put out the word on their Troll network to down vote this video.  So if you truly think Flat Earth is a psyop and you absolutely believe we live on a spherical globe Earth please up vote my video so the trolls can't lie and say more people believe in Flat Earth than a Globe Earth!  Yes I'm a Glober and always will be!  Wake up Flat Earthers or I dare you to go tell your parents you believe in Flat Earth!  Your parents will at first laugh at your nonsense because they think you're kidding.  But when they find out you're serious they will be utterly ashamed of you as they should be!


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