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Freeman Movement - Credible or a Waste of Time?

Six years ago, I took part in what is known as the Freeman Movement, where I attempted to use Common Law to address Statutory Law and to confront the system head-on by using the methods of the Freeman Movement, which didn’t work for me but taught me a huge amount about the legal framework of today’s society, as well as the double-speak that goes on in the language of Statutory Law, Maritime Law, Civil Law and Common Law.  I was just a beginner at what I was doing, and my experience of attempting to challenge the system taught me alot. I have written my conclusions with regards to the right way to deal with the system at the end of this first part of the article.

I am aware that there are quite a number of people around the world who have stepped onto this path and have had some success with it all.  Those people are probably way more interested in law than I am, and also have minds that can understand the complexities of what it takes to challenge the current systems. After what I experienced while learning about Common Law, Maritime Law, Statute Law and Civil Law, I decided that confronting the system in this particular way was probably not the most effective way to do things…. and yet, I learned a huge amount about the system while going through this process.

From what I did learn about it all though, I now have some understanding of how most countries that are or were part of the Commonwealth of Britain are given legal boundaries under Common Law….. at least, that’s what they were originally organised with  The truth that I was to discover is that Common Law has been overridden by Statutory Law, and is not acknowledged the way it should be within the privately operated Court system here in Australia. Essentially, what that means is, that judges can decide how they want to rule the case, no matter what the law says, and if you don’t have the money, time or energy to challenge that, they can make their own decisions and get away with it. Common Law was originally created using the laws written in the Bible, which recognise certain god-given rights of each and every human.  Statutory Law doesn’t seem to recognise those same rights. Here is a link that explains Common Law, its origins and its history, and what it aims to achieve:  Common Law

What I attempted to do was to challenge the law that says that we must have a driver’s license to drive on the road.  Under Common Law, as long as we harm no-one, then our God-Given right should be to have the freedom to travel anywhere without being financially raped due to disobeying some man-made (reptilian) law. When I traveled in my car with private registration plates* on, I was pulled over by the police and assaulted for trying to talk my way out of them arresting me.  I used the Common Law speak that I had been trained to use, however not only would the male and female officers not listen, but the female police officer stood in a position where the camera that was in the police car behind us couldn’t see what she was doing, and then she pinched my upper left arm to the point where it was black and blue the next day. She was attempting to incite me to hit her, which I didn’t do, but rather I said to her to “stop assaulting me this instant!” which she did eventually do.  She then called for backup and another car arrived with two male police officers in it, whereas they then moved me out of the line of the police camera, over onto the sidewalk and assaulted me.  One officer pushed me to the ground, put his knee into my back while hitting me from behind, and the other two male officers hit or kicked my legs and arms. One kicked me before I got up. The amount of force was totally unnecessary on a woman who had no weapons, nor did she attempt to strike any of the officers.  Australian police are taught to over-ride what is said to them by those of us who are using the methods we have been taught by the people who claim that we have a Common Law right to be able to travel freely without a license or car rego on our roads, and the police don’t seem to care whether they assault people or cause physical harm to them in the process. I’ve also learned that to get into the police force these days, the lower your IQ the better. If you have an IQ of over 120 you’d be capable of questioning what you’re told to do, and that wouldn’t serve the purposes of those paying your wages. Ha! That explains it.  Drones following orders with no ability to think that what they might be doing is wrong.

I’m going to name the two people that I learned from that are part of this movement: Malcolm McClure and Mark Pytellek. With regards to Malcolm McClure, his interest in me was to do with more than being my teacher.  I never reciprocated the interest, however, I have since heard that Malcolm finds his female companions and those who will fund his own non-profit organisation from the seminars that he runs. He has a certain charm about him that he uses to his advantage on those that are vulnerable to the charms of a man who has alot of esoteric knowledge. It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t use that knowledge ethically. Granted, he has alot of knowledge that he does use well and to the benefit of those he teaches, however, there often is approximately 10% of what he says or teaches that is totally untruthful or has a selfish agenda, and leads people the wrong way. This is very typical of all those who are either an extension of or who have co-operated with the Dark Beings that exist in this dimension, who very cleverly hide their lies behind a veil of Light.  One must use discretion when dealing with those around them in all situations they find themselves in.

With regards to Mark Pytellek, I’ve never met a less tolerant, more abusive teacher in all my life.  He explains things once, then expects you to understand what he has said without explaining things further, and gets annoyed at you for asking him to explain what he has said. Not only do his methods not work, but he doesn’t apologise for the trouble he causes in your life when they don’t work. He just takes your money off you at the seminars and then wants more money to fix the situation you find yourself in!! What a wrought! Of course, he will say that I didn’t apply the methods, however, I did do what he told me to because he was kind enough to guide me through the situation on the phone when the cops pulled me over, and still they didn’t listen to what I was saying or what I was presenting to them.  Mark then offered to represent me in court for a fee of $1000, of which I paid $700 but decided not to go down that path. By that stage I was almost certain that his methods didn’t work, and I knew I would go to gaol if I took one step into a courtroom. I haven’t been refunded the full amount yet as he didn’t end up going to court for me. He still owes me $500 as he did return $200 five years later. He wrote a very nasty email about me to someone that we both know when I asked for the rest of my money back, which is very typical of someone trying to point the finger away from his own part in someone else’s losses. Not only did he do that, but I happen to know what kind of man he is because he threatened to rape the woman he was married to under Common Law who was leaving him. Their relationship had been so unhappy for her that she had told him she was leaving, and he said that he would rape her if she didn’t give him sex.  Now, what kind of man does that who isn’t a bully or a coward or a predator?

There is no way that the lawmakers are going to allow any of the slaves to by-pass their laws and move into the land of freedom. No way. Courts are privately owned and operated and the fines that you receive from them are a money-making business to them. That is how they make money – by finding you guilty and fining you. Then, they put non-violent criminals in gaol and make them work on government operations that the slaves aren’t aware that they are involved in. Do you think that they are going to allow the slaves to go free when their livelihood depends on it? Or when they can get them to do their dirty work for them at a fraction of the cost? Not likely.

I didn’t enter the court room when told to appear in court after the incident where I was bashed up. I simply moved State.  It would be three years later that I would finally be pulled over whilst behind the wheel of my car, and on that occasion they did put me in gaol. Fortunately, due to the circumstances surrounding that situation, it turned out to be the biggest blessing in disguise that could have ever happened to me, because I’d been offered a live-in carer’s position with a man that wanted me to care for his father, but who would have become physically abusive had I stayed in that role, so going to gaol was the thing that saved me from being abused.  Life has its irony sometimes!

Now what happened in gaol was that I was offered work in the telemarketing room because of my high level of skills.  What they didn’t anticipate was my ability to recognise what was going on.  Under the guise of Reader’s Digest, we were asked to call random home phone numbers and attempt to get the man or woman who answered the phone to give them their response to certain questions. There were approximately 80 questions that we had to ask, and not one of them was likely to have been the kind of question that Reader’s Digest would want to know.  Questions like “What is your opinion of the Government?” and “How much do you owe the banks?” and “Do you use mostly cash or credit card?” are definitely NOT questions that are anybody’s business but the person being asked.  Also, questions like “Do you feel that there are unjust laws out there?” is a dead giveaway for a government profiling survey.  I told them that I thought it was a government profiling operation, and they couldn’t get me out of that job fast enough, because not only did I tell my supervisors what I thought, but I also told the women I was working with.  Mind you, some were so apathetic towards what I had to say that they didn’t care that they were participating in something that wasn’t to the benefit of the people being asked, plus they were so unaware that they ridiculed me for telling them, however, some did listen and begin to think.

I used my time in gaol to educate the people around me as to what was going on in the world.  Gaol wardens became educated as well, because I made such a mark with what I was saying that they began to watch the things I was saying and doing. Some who didn’t like what I had to say to them though tried to have me labelled insane, however, I passed the psych test with flying colours.  I think I had human angel helpers that were in certain positions of power that ensured that I wasn’t labeled insane.

I have since spoken very outrightly on particular videos on youtube where it’s very obvious that those making comments are government agents who are paid to discredit the video as well as those other men and women making comments on the video. For example, I made several comments under the video about Schapelle Corby (called Expendable) that confronted those government agents making comments designed to ridicule the truth presented in the video, and also to ridicule the truth presented by those members of the public who made comments about the video. I openly confronted the ones who were obviously being paid to do what they were doing, and made other readers aware that this commenter was likely a paid government operative.  What happened next was that the facility that allowed me to make my comments public or not was completely removed from my accounts. From ALL of them. So now, when I do comment, nobody can see my comments.  Ha!! I must have been spot on with what I had to say if they felt that they needed to shut me up like that.

So…. to be a truther, to attempt to rattle the system a little, well it’s not an easy path to walk. However, it does eventually add to the trickle of truth being exposed by those of us who are all doing our bit.  We need to remember that even if what we expose of what they are doing is only seen by a small few, it is enough to help with the big picture.  Soldier on brothers and sisters, soldier on.


* private registration plates are those that are not registered with the department of roads and transport. They are plates you make yourself, and according to Mark Pytellek they are supposed to allow you to travel on the road without having your car registered.

Below is a list of what I now realise is a far more practical way to deal with what is becoming a very restrictive and controlling society to live in:

The way to best tackle the current system is to withdraw our energy from it. That means:

  • get into a position where you are self-sufficient, with fruit and vegetable gardens in your own backyard.

  • if there’s a chance of getting fined for that, grow the garden on your enclosed verandah or out in the forest somewhere where nobody will find your garden.

  • buy seeds from companies that still sell seeds that will grow crops that produce seeding fruit and vegetables.

  • get a generator or use solar panels to power your home.

  • investigate free energy devices and how to build them.

  • stockpile foods that will help you survive if there is a financial crash ie. Rice, beans, pasta and canned and pickled foods (don’t forget to store food for your pets and animals).

  • learn about herbs and herbal remedies, and how to administer home made remedies for health and healing.

  • stop taking pharmaceutical drugs – they lower your immune system, which is what the powers-that-be want so that when the superbugs are released into society people die more quickly.

  • don’t vaccinate – ever.

  • don’t allow the dentist to put mercury fillings in your teeth.

  • learn about the healing power of such things as garlic, honey, tumeric etc.

  • switch to gas to drive your cars, or diesel.

  • create bartering systems amongst ourselves that aren’t recorded electronically if possible.

  • buy books and almanacs with instructions on all kinds of things in preparation for when the internet goes down (and it will at some stage).

  • keep a dehumidifier so that you can get water out of the atmosphere for the time when the water supply won’t be either available or clean enough to drink.

  • move out of cities where you can be rounded up and collected and put into FEMA camps, and if I were living in the US, I’d be moving to Ireland, or New Zealand, or Australia, or anywhere to get away from what is likely to happen there in the next couple of years. I would definitely not like to be there when the financial system collapses.

  • home school your kids, and if you’d really want to go to extremes on this topic, don’t register your kid’s births until they are well past the age of 12, if you can get away with it. Once your kids births are registered, they are no longer yours – they belong to the State.

  • join your home-schooled kids in sporting teams where they can learn to socialise and work as a team. Take them to learn to do ballroom dancing where they can learn to co-operate with one another in a partnership of two.
  • get back to making the family unit the most important thing in your life.  Lose your attachment to owning stuff, and make the living beings in your life your primary focus.

  • bring whatever Deity it is that you worship into your life and look to their teachings of love and kindness for guidance on how to live.

  • live and let live, and create community around you for when things really do get difficult. We will need each other at that time.

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