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German Secret Space Program Kept Secret By All Governments To Enslave Us!

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Good information in the video above regarding the German secret space program and their advanced technology.  All the information discussed in the video has been hidden from us!  Why would they do this?  Simple - to enslave us.  If they told us about free energy they wouldn't be able to keep us paying huge electricity and gasoline bills every month.  Instead they look at us like cows to be milked.  They take all the money they make by keeping us on the plantation of federal reserve, killing us with a scam medical system and selling us all their legal and illegal drugs and use it buy spaceships, space stations and underground cities we don't even get to know about!   

Our current reality is very similar to the movie Elysium starring Matt Damon.  Elites get all the good stuff while they keep everybody else at poverty levels if they're lucky!  Patriots worldwide are not standing still for this anymore!  Sites like and Project Camelot among many others are spreading the truth about the secret space program more than ever before.  We've been hit with massive censorship but we're still standing!   Keep spreading the truth out there patriots!   Your continued work at spreading seeds of truth to all you can is critical to reach a turning point.  I won't be happy with Trump until he releases the free energy like at the end of the movie, "The Saint"!   

Here are some highlights from an expert on German capabilities during WWII!  

They Germans powered an unmanned spacecraft with light and hit the moon with it decades before the US got there!

The German flying saucers in the 1940s used regular engines to generate the antigravity effect.   They put regular guns on them until after WWII was over.   Later they went to free energy to power them and used beam weapons.  That's why they completely destroyed Admiral Byrd and his Navy task force sent down to Antarctica to defeat them in 1947.  

Foo fighters were unmanned spherical drones created by the Germans.  They were guided from the ground with TV cameras and had heat seeking, acoustic and magnetic targeting.  They were powered by turbo jets.  

The Germans created a master race at the south pole which still exists there today.  They have cured diseases and they live longer.  Other whistleblowers you'll hear below go much further and talk about Germans and other governments populating many other planets and moons in our solar system and throughout the galaxy!  Much more is covered!


Jeff Rense posted two amazing short clips of German flying saucers restored from old film.  You'll see this footage in the video above.  Also included are many photographs of German flying saucers from the 30s and 40s!   This isn't fake and it isn't a Hollywood movie - it's REAL!   The first clip at the beginning shows a German flying saucer flying over a field while the second clip starts at the 5:30 mark in the video and is labeled "Haunebu Test Flight - Nazi Germany 1939!    This ties in with all the whistleblowers who claim Germany did have antigravity working in the 30s and went on to have bases on the Moon and Mars in the 30s and 40s!  They created a breakaway civilization and were aided by the demonic draco reptilian (fallen angel) "aliens".  


From other sources we've been told there are now between 500,000 and a million Germans on Mars and I don't doubt this at all.  Sources now say the Germans were the ones who flew over the Whitehouse in the 50s in a show of force and forced governments of the World into a treaty where they were given access to all the governments and companies on the planet to help them build out their bases and ships in our Solar System and beyond.  


The Germans consider the Earth a captured planet and depict it with chains around it on their ships and bases according to Tony Rodrigues.  Tony says they bring down starships from orbit onto Diego Garcia at 3:00 am and load up with supplies and then go back into space before the sun comes up.

Why listen to Fox News when it's all lies - all the time!  Boycott everything that keeps you a slave!

Here on Earth we're  constantly fed lies that we need rockets to get into space!   We are still kept as slaves burning oil when we haven't needed to since the 1930s!    The US Navy is said to have control of the very highest technology in our secret space program.  The US Navy Secret Space Program is far more advanced than the ships in the US Air Force Secret Space Program according to the whistleblowers out there right now.  William Tompkins confirms the US Navy dominance in the videos below.  He helped design some of their first starships.  Have you noticed how they are starting to leak more information now that sites such as BeforeItsNews are spreading the truth?    In fact, just this year the US Navy was granted a patent for antigravity!   This is the funny part - they say this doesn't mean it's been built!  Yeah Right!  They have fleets of starships up there that put the Enterprise to shame!  They go to the Moon in 1969 and didn't go back since the early 70s!   They told us because it was "too expensive!"   It's too expensive but it's okay we've spent $7 trillion on wars in the Mideast at least in the last couple of decades!  What a sick joke!



Read more:

The US Navy secretly designed a super-fast futuristic aircraft resembling a UFO, documents reveal


William Tompkins - Discusses Our Secret Space Program and the German E.T Alliance.  Lots of good information in this one!  EVERYTHING we've been told about science and history has been a lie to keep us enslaved and paying a monthly bill for something that should be free!  Nothing will change until we wake up to reality and throw wrenches in the gears of everything!   Don't watch Fox News anymore!  Spread more truth and tell everybody about the scam of the Federal Reserve slave system and how all governments have hidden the fact the Germans had flying saucers in the 1940s at least!   All government have suppressed free energy and our true history!


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