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Germans Control Ceres Space Base! Consider Earth Captured!

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Tony Rodriguez is either telling the most amazing story of all time or is an incredible liar.  He doesn't make any money with the story so money is not his motivation.   I tend to think many of what he talks about is correct.   There's simply no telling how advanced the technology they've hidden from us is.  In these two interviews he talks about how he was kidnapped by an Illuminati kingpin and put into a 20 year slave program.  It all started at the age of 9 when Tony made fun of a very smart kid who said his dad was in the Illuminati.  Tony humiliated the boy and his father took revenge by having him kidnapped by aliens the Illuminati worked with.  These aliens did something to him and gave him tests and put on a 20 year slavery sentence.   What I find interesting is that at the very beginning when he was first abducted by the aliens, they asked for his permission to borrow his "consciousness".  They told him they would bring him back to his bed and he wouldn't be gone more than a few minutes.   All aliens are in fact demonic and because Tony had a fascination with aliens as a boy I believe this is what allowed them to do this to him.  Believing in "good" aliens opens the door for them to affect your life.  Asking for help in the name of Jesus stops all alien abductions!  Jesus stopping alien abductions is the biggest secret in UFOs and is always censored according to Joe Jordan, a leading researcher.

Tony tells a very wild story about the secret space program and the various ships Tony worked on during his slavery.  I'm sure we have ships and bases on other planets already since Tesla already knew how to build a working flying saucer more than 100 years ago.  In fact, if we don't already have starships and bases on other planets and moons after over 100 years of antigravitic craft being designed by Tesla, we would be a very foolish species!   This is why I don't doubt the technology he describes.

Thank about it.  What if the Germans really did escape Earth and go into space right at the end of World War II.  They had the flying saucer technology at the time it is believed by many researchers.   If you have the ability to fly to our moon or to the dwarf planet Ceres which is outside the orbit of Mars, then it's really only an Engineering problem from there.  First you bring materials, you build a very simple base and then you expand it constantly over the years.   You mine  the moon or planet to build your base bigger and you find water and use the water to support life there.  You kidnap people to use as slaves!   

If the Germans really did leave Earth in 1945 or so then they've almost 75 years to build a massive civilization in space.  It's very easy to see how this would be possible.    One of the things Tony said was that they weren't allowed to listen to music or videos from Earth.  He said the music was not allowed because it all contained hidden messages!   Personally I don't even enjoy listening to any music anymore unless it's Christian.   

Here's some of the interesting highlights from the interview.  I think you'll find these two interviews very interesting.  Open up your mind and just imagine if it's all true.  Wouldn't they keep shooting rockets into space to make it seem like we still needed them to get there!    Once you reveal starships you can't exactly keep asking people to pay for gasoline anymore.   Everything is a scam to milk us for as much money as possible while the evil top of the pyramid travel the stars.  I would not doubt this story for a minute!   

Tony says the Germans control everything on their Ceres base which they began building after World War II.    They have electronic translators that lets anybody who doesn't know German hear them.  Tony said they had a symbol for Earth and on this symbol there were chains on it signifying they already captured it!  They didn't care anything about the Earth!

Tony says they went back to Earth sometimes and took on cargo at the Navy base at Diego Garcia.  He said they would come straight down on the base at 3 or 4 in the morning right into a certain parking lot.  Nobody was allowed to go wandering the base at night so they could do it easily without being detected.   They would pick up supplies they would use to trade with other civilizations.  It could be anything from coffee to chemicals to weapons.  If Tony is correct then this is where trillions of dollars goes missing I guess since they never paid for anything!  Not paying for any of the supplies was a big joke actually as you'll hear.   Again, I can't tell you this story is 100% fact but frankly I wouldn't doubt it's completely true!

Diego Garcia - the place where Tony says his starship would come down for supplies i the early morning hours.

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