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Moon Base Proven by Chinese Orbiter Video (5,500 Reads)

Bundy Ranch Fiasco: A Convention of FBI/DHS Informants!  (900 Reads)

"The Purge" Begins August 31st in America Says Government Psyop!  (121,000 Reads)

Protest Marshals Sent to Ferguson To Teach People How to Protest!  (100 Reads)

Pacific Ocean All Dead Report Canadians After Survey! (26,000 Reads)

Mini Nukes Used on 9/11: Our Weapons are all 80's Junk Say Nuke Wea... (1100 Reads)

Newspaper Reported on Captured Aliens in 1954!  (2,400 Reads)

Breaking: Russian Trucks Going to Ukraine to Bring Aid! (100 Reads)

Chemtrails Being Added to Old Movies!  (2,600 Reads) 

Controlled Demolition of Sean Hannity and the Fake News! (4,000 Reads)

Breaking: 9/11 Probe Closing In On Israel! (1,000 Reads)

Fukushima Fuel Rod Material All Over Tokyo!  (2,800 Reads)

Lady Freaks Out When UFO Fleet Flies Over Her House!(16,200 Reads)

The Spy Whistleblower That Stopped WW3 That You Don't Know! (1,800 Reads)

Leak: US Death Ray To Be Used on Russian Tanks!  (2,900 Reads)

How Illuminati Agent Scofield Brainwashed All Christians (2,900 Reads)

Doctor Confirms 30 Cases of Ebola in US! (7,600 Reads)

Leaked: Israel Using Stolen Star Wars Laser Weapon in Gaza!(7,300 Reads)

US Intel Reprots Imminent Terror Attack on US!  (27,600 Reads)

Barack Obama: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? (500 Reads)

Ebola Airborne!  Confirmed! (35,200 Reads)

Bible's Red Sea Crossing Proven!  Egyptian Chariots Located!  (5,400 Reads)

New Spy Tech Records Voice Imprints From Any Object! (200 Reads)

Angel of the Gap Saved 400 People by Talking to Them! (100 Reads)

Ebola in China?  (1,400 Reads)

Will Hannity Kill a Child in Gaza?  (300 Reads)

Russia Confirms US Intel - Nukes Took Down the Towers on 9/11! (1,100 Reads)

Breaking: Lady Di Murdered to Be Replaced by Kate "Rothschild" Midd... (12,200 Reads)

Man Videos Missile Hitting His Car!  (400 Reads)

CDC Goes to Red Alert Level 1 on Ebola - Out of Control  (9,000 Reads)

MH17: What We now Know - US Intel (400 Reads)

Hollywood Stars That Told the Truth Most Don't Know!  (1,000 Reads)

Nun Exposes Shocking Catholic Secrets!  She Died Over This!  (28,800 Reads)

Pentagon Promoting Virus to Eat Brains of God Believers! (300 Reads)

Brain Eating Nanobots Being Put in Vaccines Says Whistleblower (18,600 Reads)

400 Man Ukraine Armored Unit Surrenders in Russia!  (1,000 Reads)

Why is Richard Gage Censoring Proof on Nuclear 9/11?  (200 Reads)

Retired Soldier Says He Spent 17 Years Battling Aliens on Mars!  (25,100 Reads)

Breaking: ISIL Leader is Mossad Agent (Photo Proof)  (10,400 Reads)

US Border Agent Admits Citizenship Means Nothing Anymore!  (200 Reads)

Ebola Cured in 2010!  Mainstream News Censored!  (3,100 Reads)

25 Nukes Buried in America - VeteransToday  (9,100 Reads) 

Oklahoma City Bombing Blown Wide Open by Whistleblower!  (300 Reads)

No Water for 100 Miles Around Toledo Ohio!  (14,800 Reads)

Christians in Middle East Have a Message for the World Ignoring The... (1,000 Reads)

Proof the NWO is Changing the Bible to Send People to Hell!  (400 Reads)

Demon Aliens Show Their Craft in Daylight Over Milan Italy!  (600 Reads)

US, Israel and UN Illegally Aiding Ukraine Air Force in Killing Civ...  (700 Reads)

Wolfgang Halbig Releases Sandy Hook Script!  Nobody Died!  (3,200 Reads)

New JFK Assassination Video Has Evidence of at Least 5 Gunshots!  (2,500 Reads)

Vitamin C Cures Ebola Says Doctor  (20,700 Reads)  

LA to Move Homeless to FEMA Camps and Chip Them!  (100 Reads)

Epic 5 Minute Rant on PressTV!  (1,900 Reads)

The 161 Bankers Who Run the World - How They Do it!  (200 Reads)

Scientist Proves Dinosaurs Only Thousands of Years Old!  Fired Imme...  (3,800 Reads)

The Coming Return of the Real US Dollar  (1,900 Reads)

Documents Prove Bush, Clinton and Israel Involved in OKC Bombing!  (200 Reads) 

Government Gave Explosives to Real OKC Bombers Says Whistleblower!  (100 Reads)

Shock: Jesse Ventura Lied About Being a SEAL Says Navy SEAL Commander!  (1,000 Reads)

Miracle: Two Women Survive Being Run Over by Train (Video)  (800 Reads)

US Army Base Goes Rogue: Directly Aiding Mexican Drug Cartel, Openi... (2,000 Reads)

Man Says Bible Prophecy Tells Exact Day of Economic Collapse!  (20,700 Reads)

CIA Whistleblower Exposes Huge Secrets You Don't Know!  (1,000 Reads)  

Denver Airport Underground Secrets!  (900 Reads)

US Intel: US Media Lying About Russia Shooting Into Ukraine!  (600 Reads)

Sandia Labs Reports Same Nuke Weapons Used on 9/11 Can Take Out Grid!  (1,000 Reads)

Court Ruling: All Water To Be Controlled By Government!  (1,400 Reads)

MH-17 - Russian Satellite Video Shows Kiev Forces Launched Missile!  (3,200 Reads) 

US Intel Cowboys and Military Fighting the NWO Right Now!  Will You...  (2,700 Reads)

Chemical Weapons Being Used by Israel in Gaza!  War Crime!  (200 Reads)

Gordon Duff: ISiS Works for Israel and the CIA!  (200 Reads)

Does this Video Prove Illuminati Message on New $100 Bill?  (600 Reads)

Obama's End Game Revealed by KGB Agent!  (1,800 Reads)

MH17: Evidence Points to Israeli Company Planting Bomb in Amsterdam  (3,700 Reads)

Miracle Tree Produces 40 Different Types of Fruit!  (1,900 Reads)

Over 9,000 Dead, 70,000 Dying from Radiation by Nukes Used on 9/11!  (8,500 Reads)

9/11 Truthers Base Jump Freedom Tower for Cause!  (100 Reads)

Insider Reveals Entire New World Order Plan!  (70,700 Reads)

Hank Williams' Granddaughter Visits Heaven (100 Reads)

Blood of Jesus Found!  Genetic Lab Proved God Was His Father!  (12,100 Reads)

Genome Study Says Most "Jews" Are Not Descendants of Abraham  (160 Reads)

MH-17 Satellite Photo Shows 30 Miles of Debris Field of Bodies (160 Reads)

WW3 - US and Israel Providing Bases and Bombs for Ukrainian Air Force!  (5,000 Reads)

TWA 800 Shot Down Say Anderson Cooper & US General! (1,400 Reads)

The Sandy Hook "Smoking Gun": Game Set Match!  (2,100 Reads)

The Video Proving 9/11 Was Nuclear Censored by Facebook!  (80 Reads)

Bomb Likely Took Down MH-17 (Video)  (93,500 Reads)

Newly Discovered Agreements by Muhammad Command Muslims to Protect ... (500 Reads)

Area 51 Scientist Drives His Corvette for Free!  US Government Supp... (10,000 Reads)

Crickets Slowed Down Sound Just Like Angels Singing!  (1,000 Reads)

Atheist Dies From Poison and Meets Jesus!  (Video)  (2,700 Reads)

Russia Destroys US Lies & Spin About MH17 in Latest Press Confe... (3,100 Reads)

Satellites Have Proof of What Happened to Malaysia MH17 (Video)  (900 Reads)

US General Admitted TWA 800 Was Shot Down Live in 97!  (500 Reads)

Wrong Aircraft Identified as Malaysia Flt MH-17 Fuels Doubts (12,100 Reads)

Russia Confirms Ukraine SA-17 Battery Turned On Radar Prior to Shoo...  (1,000 Reads)

Proof: Sandy Hoax Main Photo Was Faked! (3,700 Reads)

Cop Sees UFO Chased by F-15 Cloak to Escape!  (350 Reads)

Man Captures Sleep Paralyzing Demon on Video!  (2,000 Reads)

Israeli General's Son Shatters the Myths!  (2,800 Reads)

Russia to Prove Kiev Shot Down MH17!  (4,700 Reads)

Secret Group Battling Alien Agenda to Kill 90% of Population!  (10,600 Reads)

Exposed: The Secrets Used to Brainwash us!  (800 Reads)

Facebook Censors Proof 9/11 Was a Nuclear Event! (2,400 Reads)

Breaking: Air Traffic Controller: Ukraine Shot Down Malaysian Jet! (2,000 Reads)

US Violates Agreement Over Ukraine Risking WW3!  (1700 Reads)

New Documents Released Prove 9/11 Was Nuclear Event! (700 Reads)

New Evidence That ISIS Leader Was Mind Controlled by US! (350 Reads)

Malaysian 777 Shot Down - Mistaken For Putin's Plane? (2800 Reads)

Leaked: Script Used for Sandy Hoax (Interview) (2,300 Reads)

Cameron Diaz Sees UFO - Says We All Will See Them (2,500 Reads)

Cheney Confronted With Handcuffs Live!   Feed Cut!  (1,300 Reads)

Sandy Hoax Script Leaked by Police Officers!  (17,500 Reads)

Yoga Yokes You to Demons!  (6,700 Reads)

Man Dead for 3 Days Returns with Incredible Story!  (15,700 Reads)

Plan to Overthrow US Government Exposed by US Intel!  (11,600 Reads)

Angel Singing Caught on Tape!  Best Evidence  (33,800 Reads)

Has the Federal Reserve Just Been Sunk?  (400 Reads)

Massive Jump in Pilot Heart Attacks Due to Fukushima (370 Reads)

Worldwide Financial Criminal Network Revealed!  (500 Reads)

NWO Recruiting Members Door to Door!  (10,200 Reads)

Proof!  No Planes Used on 9/11!  (27,700 Reads)

How I Healed My Child's Cavity!  (8,000 Reads)

US Soldiers Using Invisibility Suit! (15,700 Reads)

Cops Mind Controlled to Kill Using Black Tech!  (160 Reads)

Proof: Neocons & Israel Constructing New 9/11! (800 Reads)

Israel's First Defeat in Gaza - Broken Arrow (7,500 Reads)

US Navy Sank Two Subs Over 9/11 and USS Liberty!  (6,400 Reads)

Russians Have Blown 9/11 Wide Open! (42,900 Reads)

US Puppet Ahmad Chalabi a Criminal Wanted by Interpol!  (200 Reads)

Israel Misleads World Over Rocket Accuracy Intel Says (100 Reads)

Vet Dies While Table of Doctors Ignores Him! (300 Reads)

New 9/11 Probe to Show Proof Mini Nukes Used?  (700 Reads)

US Has Ultimate Weapon From Alien Technology  (27,500 Reads)

Planned Nuke Attack on USA to Blame Iran!  (12,000 Reads)

Border Breach - The Real Story Will Shock You!  (1,200 Reads) 

ISIL Seizes Chemical Weapons Complex - Psyop Ahead!  (300 Reads)

9/11 Was a Nuclear Event!  (10,200 Reads) 

2000 Foot Tower Found Under the Sea?  (17,300 Reads)

Gov Officials Say Thermo Nuke Used on 9/11 (370 Reads)

DHS Plan to Mass Murder Americans Exposed!  (500 Reads)

US Marine Goes to Hell & Returns to Warn Others!  (27,400 Reads)

Best Fireworks Show Ever From a Drone!  (100 Reads)

WiFi to Kill Millions Whistleblower Says (57,400 Reads)

US Super Bomb Too Classified for Obama (5,465 Reads)

Free Energy Device Tests Over 1,000 Times Over Unity!  (9,300 Reads)

Aliens Run NSA Base Say Whistleblowers (9,000 Reads)

N.E.S.T. Recovered Nuke in London During Olympics! (2,000 Reads)

Bushes Attended Denver Illuminati Sacrifice Witness Says (8,400 Reads)

Hidden Nuclear Bombs in US Created DHS!  (2,900 Reads)

Insider Leaks Entire New World Order Agenda!  (53,400 Reads)

Taliban Five Tagged with Nano Technology (47 Reads) 

Making Water from Air  (75 Reads)

Possible Ukrainian Nuke Terror Cell Arrested in Texas! (500 Reads)

Illuminati Human Sacrifice Denver - Friday Night June 20th-21st (13,000 Reads)

100% Proof Sandy Hook was a Hoax!  Case Closed!  (24,600 Reads)

Denver Courts Stealing Paid Off Houses - Shocking Story! (3,000 Reads)  

Twitter Goes Evil and Blocks Veterans Today Over Story!  (4,600 Reads)

US Navy Sank Two Submarines in 2013 to Prevent Syrian War!  (16,600 Reads)

Alternative Media Wolves in Sheep's Clothing!  (30 Reads)

Aerospace Worker - "I Installed Chemtrail Devices!"  (19,000 Reads)

Twin Towers Taken Down By Our Own Nukes on 9/11 (1,100 Reads)

US Secretly Selling Nukes Worldwide Via Israel (40 Reads)

New Intel Shows Micro Nukes Took Down Towers on 9/11  (1,800 Reads)

Sandy Hoax Actor That Played Robbie Parker Exposed!  (25,500 Reads)

Bundy Ranch Psyop Underway - Nuke Alert!  (1,000 Reads)

Dark Secrets of the Getty Museum Exposed!  (13,200 Reads)

Open Letter to the Alternative Media!  Read and Share to Win!  (400 Reads)

Sandy Hook - Game Over!  (1,000 Reads)

Steven Seagal Hints Mass Shootings Are Engineered by Gov!  (100 Reads)

Open Letter to the Alternative Media  (6,700 Reads)

Fake Snow That Burns Like Plastic  (200 Reads)

Amazing Bible Prophecies Fulfilled!  (900 Reads)

Chemical Weapon on San Diego?  (70 Reads)

Over 100 Prophecies Explained - Proof of God!  (500 Reads)

Is Russell Brand Helping the Truth Movement? (1,300 Reads)

Secrets of the New World Order & the Cure! (1,700 Reads)

Man Solves World's Energy Problems Using Solar and Hydrogen!  (100 Reads)

US Gov Suppresses Solar Hydride Free Energy System!  (100 Reads)

Social Media Caught Suppressing Truth About Demonic Aliens!  (300 Reads)

Truth About Demon Aliens Suppressed by Social Media Companies!  (1,600 Reads)

Google and Facebook Exposed Suppressing Truth About Demon Aliens!  (200 Reads)

Secret to Opting Out of ObmaaCare Legally!  (200 Reads)

Opt Out of Obamacare Legally!  (100 Reads)

The Satanic Theory of Evolution - Were You Fooled?  (40 Reads)

Troy Reed's Amazing Free Energy Motor!  (3,000 Reads)

Brazilian Firm Brings Free Energy Device to Market!  (1,500 Reads)

Jesus Says Stop Advertising Satan's NWO!  (70 Reads)

Inventor Runs Vehicles on 100% Water!(600 Reads)

Yoga Is Satanic - Instructor Speaks Out!  (21,500 Reads)

White Dragon Society Now Pay for Youtuber's Souls to Push NWO!  (400 Reads)

Do Alien Parasites Control the White House? (60 Reads)

The Illuminati Wizard of Oz Revealed!  (2,500 Reads)

Colorado Recalls - Can You Hear us now? (40 Reads)

Two Gun Grabbers Recalled in Colorado(50 Reads)

Area 52 - Exclusive Image - 20,000 Year Old Structures!(15,300 Reads)

Has a Wing of B-2 Bombers Gone Missing?  (12,500 Reads)

Operation Overload - Help Stop WW III Over Syria (600 Reads)

US Intel Proves Rebels Launched Nerve Gas! (100 Reads)

Jesus Stops Alien Abductions! (300 Reads)  

McCain's Wife Hiding War Profits?(90 Reads)

Insider Leaks Entire New World Order Agenda!  (1,000 Reads)

US Intel Tells America the Truth!  (1,400 Reads)

Missouri Government Servers Tied to Child Porn Hackers Says Federal...(200 Reads)

Duvamis - Satan's Latest Scam (170 Reads)

Media Coverup of Asiana 214 - Pilot Contacted Tower to Report Trouble!  (100 Reads)

Censorship of Important Information by Alternative Media Leaders!(100 Reads)

Marine Tells Truth About US Wars, 9/11, the Federal Reserve and More!(30 Reads)

Why Is Facebook Covering For the Illuminati? (2,900 Reads)

Secret NASA Document Says All Humans Must Die! (1,200 Reads)

VT was Right: Illuminati Sacrifice Busted! (1,100 Reads)

Obama Declared War Criminal in Irish Parliament!  (9,000 Reads)

Police Shot and Killed Man Tied to Illuminati Satanic Sacrifice Kid...  (1,900 Reads) 

Amber Alert: Illuminati Solstice Sacrifice Tonight - Denver Colorado! (3,000 Reads)

Illuminati Council of 13 Human Sacrifice in Denver Colorado!  (8,400 Reads)

Shia Labeouf Warned of Government Recording Phone Calls in 2008! (150 Reads) 

Proof That Syria Was Nuked by Israel - Gordon Duff (60 Reads)

Steven Greer in Bed with the Fallen Angels (Aliens)?  (100 Reads)

Proof That Jesus Stops Alien Abductions!  (10,200 Reads)

Why Christians Should Never Give Up Their Guns! (50 Reads)

Marine Vet Goes to Hell and Returns to Warn Others! (100 Reads) 

Young Woman Returns From Death With Message From God!  (2,300 Reads)

Why Is Alex Jones Making Satanic Hand Signs? (1,700 Reads) 

Most Important Radio Interview of 2013! (50 Reads)

Angel Saving Man - Caught on Cam! (27,400 Reads)

Marine Goes to Hell and Returns to Warn Others!  (6,600 Reads) 

Alex Jones Admits CIA Ties - Trust Only God!  (24,300 Reads)

New Audio Evidence of Object Approaching Texas Fertilizer Plant Bef...(3,000 Reads)

Breaking: Did an Object Hit the Waco Fertilizer Plant Causing It to... (2,000 Reads)

Jesus Stops Alien Abductions!  (2,000 Reads)

Ever Seen Commercial Jets Hover Motionless in the Sky?  (400 Reads)

The New Phoenix Program - Electronic Harassment of US Citizens (70 Reads)

Grandma in Georgia Schools Senator Chambliss on Guns and More! (100 Reads)

Is This Man an Alien or Just Normal Bald Guy?(4,700 Reads)

Unplug the Iron During Nuclear War!  (30 Reads)  

Scientology, the CIA, and the Milviludes: Cults of Abuse  (100 Reads)

How Your Cell Phone Can Kill  (100 Reads)

John Todd Warned Us About the Illuminati Long Ago! (2,000 Reads)

Mysterious Deaths of 9/11 Witnesses (200 Reads)

What is HAARP and What Is It Used For?  (40 Reads)

US Government Stopping 75 mpg Cars From Being Sold in USA! (800 Reads)

Norman Dodd Exposes Tax Exempt Foundations (30 Reads) 

450 MPG Carburetors Suppressed by US Government!(11,900 Reads)

Most Important Video of 2013 - Banned on Youtube!  (500 Reads)

Gordon Duff, Stew Webb & Jim Fetzer - Latest Intel(200 Reads)

Healing on the Street in the name of Jesus! (30 Reads)

Russian Meteor Hit by Demon Controlled Ufo?  (100 Reads)

Roger Morneau - Exposing the Truth About Spirit Worshippers!  (200 Reads)

Jonathan Cahn Decodes Ancient Harbinger Prophecy for America (180 Reads)

Are Chemtrails Killing the Plants Around the World Now?  (500 Reads)

Why Has Alex Jones Lied About the Very Real, Lee Wanta? (3000 Reads)

Massive Body Storage and Transport Work Order for BC Canada! (200 Reads)

Anti God Obama Killing 40 Year Christian Business! (100 Reads)

The Fluoride Deception (200 Reads) 

Usury and Why Christians Must Avoid It!  (200 Reads)

Demonic Kundalini Spirits Caught on Tape! (1,000 Reads)

Were Public Faces at Sandy Hook Extras From the X-Files?  (400 Reads)

Ed Slade: Area 51 Scientist - The Truth About Aliens, Ufos, Tesla a...  (2,300 Reads)

John Lear, Stew Webb: The Truth About UFOs the Secret Space Program...(1,000 Reads)

Ed Slade - Area 51 Secrets Exposed! (700 Reads)

Blood of Jesus Found on the Ark of the Covenant! (5,300 Reads) 

Top 12 Illuminati Banksters Meet for Satanic Child Sacrifice in Denver(17,000 Reads)

Gordon Duff Tells All - Death Ray, Secret Space Program, Who Runs t...  (200 Reads)

Sherrie (Lea) Laird Exposing Alex Jones' CIA / STATFOR Ties (400 Reads)

Gordon Duff Proves Alex Jones Lied About Leo Wanta!  (1200 Reads)

US Government Now Asking the Illegal Question - Do You Have a Gun i... (200 Reads)

John Lear Shocking Evidence - No Planes Hit the Towers on 9/11!  (900 Reads)

Will Jesse Ventura Call Out Alex Jones for his Cointel Activities? (900 Reads)

Obama's Disaster of a Presidency Summed Up Nicely!  (300 Reads)

Confirmed Highest HAARP Readings Ever Seen Exactly Where Sandy is M...(1500 Reads)

George Noory - Latest Stooge to Censor Stew Webb's Lawsuit for $30 ... (800 Reads)

Donald Trump's $5 Million Dollar Challenge to President Obama! (200 Reads)  

Has Alex Jones Killed Thousand by Censoring Cancer Cures? (1200 Reads)

Strange Secret Mormon Ceremonies Exposed on Hidden Camera for First...  (700 Reads)

Man Shot and Killed in Botched Hit on Stew Webb's Lawyer! (300 Reads)

Hollywood Pushes Chemtrails as Normal in New Movie, "Flight"!  (900 Reads)

Alex Jones Admits His Family Works for the FBI in Rage After He Los...! (900 Reads)

A Free Energy Device You Can Buy Now!  Solar Spin Cells Produce 20 ...(300 Reads)

Cointel Stooges Exposed - Alex Jones, Drake, Benjamin Fulford, Ted ... (3,000 Reads)

British Intel and DHS Stop Free Speech of Radio Show Hosts (300 Reads)

FBI Stooge and Satanist Ted Gunderson Exposed by Roland Hinkson!  (300 Reads)

Satanists Meeting Tonight - June 20th - Downtown Denver! (1,700 Reads)

US Intel Sources Report Bushes to Meet for Satanic Sacrifice on Jun... (700 Reads)

Ted Gunderson: Satanic FBI Stooge That Sold Stinger Missiles to Osama! (800 Reads)

FBI Stooge - Ted Gunderson - How He Covered Up Crimes and Arrested ...  (600 Reads)

Facebook Censors Story on Satanic Baby Sacrifice in Colorado on Jun...  (1,900 Reads)

Heaven is Real! (100 Reads)

First Armed Drone Filmed Over America! (100 Reads)

Are the Alaskan Airlines Flight Attendants Getting Sick From Fukush...  (23,800)

Who Framed Johnny Bangerter for the Oklahoma City Bombing?  (180 Views)

Massive Plant Mutations in United States by Fukushima Radiation (1600 Views)

Watch These Videos and You'll Never Believe Your TV News Again!  (24,000 Views)

CIA Operative, Susan Lindauer Blows Whistle on Feds Over Traitorous...(400 Reads)

Richard Hoagland's Dark Mission: Coverup, Lies, and Calling for a N...(65,700 Reads)

Does This Video Show Teleportation Technology of Project Pegasus?  (400 Reads)

Dr. Coldwell is Using Hundreds of Cures for Cancer Right Now!(30 Reads)

Japan Finds Massive Radiation in Rice But Says It's Ok! (5 Reads)

New World Order Evil Plans Exposed by Insider in 1969!  (8,140 Reads)

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