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Has The Miracle Healing Power of Lourdes, France Water Been Discovered?

Glenn Canady (Friend me!)

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David Hinkson believes he has figured out the mysterious healing powers of water from Lourdes France that attracts millions of visitors each year!    He talks about his amazing discovery during the following interview on Veterans Today Radio.  Ultimately, God controls all healing so we must pray to God first always and do his will.  I believe God allowed David Hinkson, who is a devout Christian, to learn many amazing ways to help others using ionic minerals that are very unique!  

David Hinkson Believes He Has Recreated the Healing Aspects of Water From Lourdes France.

Unfortunately, as soon as David Hinkson began healing thousands of people, he was targeted by the US government and framed for a murder plot he did not do!   It's clear that one of the reasons he was targeted was to steal his company WaterOz.   In fact, one of the people that set him up said that if he didn't give him the company he would put him in jail for life!   And that's exactly what happened to him!  David Hinkson was put into prison for life on a totally bogus murder plot.  I've seen people who commit ACTUAL murder that don't do as much time as David's done already!

None of the testimony or evidence that proved David Hinkson was innocent was allowed at David's kangaroo court trial including his passport that showed he was out of the country at the time of the "alleged" murder plot!  Many people have tried to duplicate what David's company is still doing but so far nobody has been able to do it!  David still runs his company from prison.  I hope and pray that someday he will be released.  He could accomplish so much more for humanity if he was free right now!

If you can, please support David by learning more about his products through his interview.  

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