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Holes Form in Alex Jones Assassin Story!

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Alex Jones appears to have been caught lying about the assassin trying to kill him.  It was researched by one of his former special guests, Kurt Haskell, the lawyer who caught the government sneaking the underwear bomber on the plane!  Kurt Haskell has investigated the story and concludes it's likely a fabrication!

Alex Jones story about Assassin Trying to Kill Him, a Lie?

Here's the InfoWars video where Alex tells his story.  Where is the name of the police officer who died?  This should have been a HUGE story all over the mainstream if it was true!

Kurt Haskell has researched this story and is finding holes in it!  

Here's the article:


The lack of details with this event raised red flags with me, so I decided to look into this a bit.
In the last five years, there have been 42 deaths of California officers in the line of duty. None of them match up to the minimal details Jones provided in this video.
I am left with a startling conclusion from this video. The story about the killing of the police officer and assassin of Alex Jones was likely a complete fabrication. That is why the details are scant at best. The purpose of the video was to inform the listeners of Jones by subliminal means that the NSA is an organization that saved Alex Jones from an assassin. Not only that, the NSA did so using legal means. There IS a war on for your minds.

The entire assassin story doesn't even seem logical.  Is Alex Jones desperate to create drama because of all the people waking up about his controlled opposition tactics of shielding the crimes of the Zionists?  All I know is that I can prove Alex Jones is a liar and I have done so in many articles now.    In the video at the Austin Gun Rally, Alex Jones really messed up and it woke up millions who have seen it.  In the video, Alex Jones lies and calls his former fans "Democratic operatives".  What a joke!   If you can't see Alex is lying in the video below at the Austin Gun Rally then you're the reason we're losing the fight because you don't hold liars accountable!  You can't follow liars and those that censor!  Alex Jones promotes Zionist stooge, Drudge who has NEVER posted even one article critical of Israel (where the Bible tells us the Antichrist will rule from!) and you think he's going to stave us?  I told Drudge about Chemtrails in 1997!   He's never reported on the crimes of the Zionists, chemtrails, or the Federal Reserve and some of you reading this article actually think Alex Jones and Matt Drudge (Fake Name) are going to save us!  

Christians cannot tell a known lie and not repent of it and Alex never repented for this HUGE lie!  People only lie when they are under the control of demons   So I don't trust liars because they all serve satan.  Only fools trust liars.  The Illuminati put Alex ones where is as the ultimate shield to hide the crimes of the Zionists named by many others in the real alternative media such as David Duke and Stew Webb.  Alex Jones also went back on his word to have a "rematch" with David Duke after he was forced by his masters to take down his interview because it woke up millions to the crimes of the Zionists Jones protects by never naming or exposing.  Have you ever noticed it's always the same people posting nothing but Alex Jones stories?  These same people never post stories from Jim Fetzer who just proved Sandy Hook was a hoax with smoking gun photographs.  One of Alex Jones writers posted the story on Fetzer getting banned on Amazon for the smoking gun photographs for about an hour before Jones had the story removed and taken out of the Google Cache!  Alex Jones is not your friend.  He's a very advanced enemy operative put there to make sure we lose while pretending he'll save you!  Kurt Haskell knows he's a liar, do you?  Email me at if you still haven't woken up about Alex Jones and I'll give you enough evidence to choke a Hippo!  We can't win if we follow liars and people who censor Zionist crimes!

Jones never talks about these Fake Jews owning Hollywood, Fox News and all the rest of the fake news, the Federal Reserve or all the Dual  Israeli citizen traitors in the US government who are working from within to destroy us!  It was illegal to have dual citizens in the US government until traitors change the laws in the 1960s.  Israel allows no dual citizens in their government of course!  Why is it always these dual citizens behind almost all of the evil such as Michael Chertoff, Paul Wolfowitz, John Bolton, Henry Kissinger, Barbara Boxer, Russ Feingold, Al Franken, Dianne Feinstein, Joe Lieberman, Bernie Sanders, Charles Schemer, Barney Frank, Alan Grayson, Henry Waxman, Henry Waxman, Anthony Weiner and so many more!    

Here are just a few of the videos that should wake up most people about Alex Jones and how he must always control the opposition.  Enjoy the fake crying and acting like FBI cointelpro in the Austin Gun Rally footage where Alex lies and says he was confronted by "democratic operatives" when they were his fans!   You really have to be stupid not to wake up after seeing Alex lie repeatedly in that one.  Anybody that trust somebody they know has lied is certainly a fool.  I knew when I saw Alex lie in this video I would never trust him again.

Alex Jones Showing Cointel Colors in Austin - the video that woke me up!   You really have to me a moron not to see the evil being done here at the gun rally by Alex Jones!  He lies and call the activists "democratic operatives".  Only a person with demons in them will tell lies like this.

The video that made Alex Jones' head hurt!  Watch Alex Jones bring in his Jewish boss at the end with ridiculous apologies for the Zionists!  This woke up tens of thousands of his fans on who he works for and they left!   It was so damaging and woke up so many, Alex deleted it from his youtube channels!

Alex Jones fake crying

Alex Jones is an Actor

Alex Jones Says He is Jewish - Alex Jones has lied and said his wife wasn't Jewish and of course he said he

wasn't Jewish but when you tell lies and say you were the only one that predicted 9/11 when Bill Cooper and

Stew Webb were months ahead of you then how can you believe anything he says?  Nothing wrong with being Jewish unless you cover up the crimes of the fake Jew Zionists which he has done.

Illuminati Card showing Alex Jones as "Agent in Place".  They MUST tell you what they are are going to do!

Alex Jones using hypnosis, subliminals, and NLP on audience

Alex Jones’ Jewish handler at Emmis promotes Hicks meme

COINTELPRO caught setting up strawman attacks against Alex Jones

The growing complexity of Alex Jones’ Israeli Connections

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