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How Anybody Can Spread 1,000 Times More Truth!

Glenn Canady

I urge everybody to LIKE  "Veterans Today Truth Warriors" on Facebook so we can reach you with the HUGE stories is breaking every week now.  We're organizing truth warriors there and training them to be more effective in spreading the truth to others.  You'll be blown away by the Gordon Duff interview that is the first post on the page!  Also, please share this article and repost it anywhere you can too!

Most of you already know that we're in a spiritual battle between good and evil.  There are evil people poisoning our food, water and air, dumbing us down, tearing down God and Jesus Christ and much more!  It's important that those of us on the GOOD side do as much as we can to destroy the lies of the evil ones.  It's not enough that YOU know what's going on, we all must tell as many others as possible and wake them up!  And that just doesn't mean waking up a few friends and family members and calling it a day.  We must reach out to total strangers with the truth.  These are people that we might never meet but just one post by you will wake them up.  It could even literally save their soul!

There are a lot more evil or neutral people in the world that will never share any truth and that's why the good people of the world must increase our efforts and work smarter instead of harder.  Many of you reading this article are awake and are trying to share the truth with others.  Maybe some of you haven't done much because you got discouraged because your family and friends rejected you!   Well don't worry about that anymore because I'm going to show you that most of the time it's easier to wake up people you don't know!  To help in this regard, I've created a free ebook that will teach anybody how they can go out there and spread at least 10 times more truth following simple strategies that don't take much time or effort.  Some of you can easily spread 100 or 1,000 times more TRUTH if you really do some of the strategies!  

Here's some of what you'll learn in this ebook you can download right now for free when you join this site in just seconds.

  • I'll show you the simple techniques I used to reach over 30,000 people with truth in just 3 days and it only took me 10 minutes!
  • You'll learn about a website and radio shows putting out ALL the truth that is run by patriots and our veterans that have the guns and badges behind the scenes to make arrests!  This information is literally kryptonite to the evil people running the planet.  If you're not aware of this website you're listening to an Illuminati gatekeeper!
  • Learn how to use Facebook Tips to Reach Over 1,000 People Daily in very little time!
  • Simple tricks on how to increase your friends on Facebook each week so that you can reach more people besides just some of your older friends that may or may not ever wake up!  
  • You'll also get a special spreadsheet of some of the biggest Facebook groups and pages to share truth with to wake up new people!  This spreadsheet contains over 1,000 high traffic groups to join and pages to like that reach over 290 million people!
  • You'll get step by step instructions on how to get the email addresses of Governors, State Congressmen, City Councilmen, Sheriffs and much more in your area and there is even a spreadsheet of them ready to go!
  • You'll also learn about the huge news in free energy, natural cures and amazing medical devices like something out of Star Trek that have cured people of hundreds of diseases.

I'm not selling this information, I want all of you to learn these strategies and begin using them right away so we can take the fight against evil to a new level!   It doesn't matter if you want to spread the truth about God, free energy, natural cures or what the new world order is doing right now, this ebook will help you reach many more people!  No matter how good you are currently doing, this ebook will give you tips to do even more!  

Just imagine if we can get millions of truth warriors spreading 10, 20, 100 or even 1,000 times more truth than they are right now with just some simple things I show you how to do.  It's very easy to do and I've proven it myself and reached millions.  

How To Get the Free ebook, "How to Spread 1,000 Times More Truth!"

Just go to and join the site using the easy Facebook Join option or by email.

Login to the site and you'll see an "Ebooks" menu option (you must be logged in to see this menu option).

The ebook, "How to Spread More Truth" is there near the top of the page along with the spreadsheet of great pages and groups on Facebook to reach more people.  You'll also be able to download some great ebooks about natural cures, free energy and some other goodies I've put on this page.  You'll find out how an Area 51 scientist runs his Corvette on a safe form of hydrogen that he gets from solar energy.  He doesn't pay a penny for fuel!  You'll also learn about a man powering his entire home on hydrogen!  I've also included something interesting - a device created in Russia and now being manufactured in Germany that cures hundreds of diseases.  It's described as something like the medical tricorder that Dr. McCoy used in Star Trek!

Please share this article with everybody that you know is spreading truth and friend me on Facebook!  If we teach more people how to spread more truth then it's OVER for the new world order!  Help me do that by posting this article everywhere you can.  The more people that learn this stuff, the better.  We are running out of time.  It's time we all work smarter rather than harder!  Please get my ebook today and begin using the strategies.  

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