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How to find free food and medicine all around you, no matter where you live

(NaturalNews) The most powerful food and medicine on the planet is free, and it's growing right outside your door and around your neighborhood.
Did you know that wild local plants and foods are far better for you than organic produce from a supermarket? They're naturally loaded with plant-based medicines -- phytonutrients -- and you'd be surprised how many are growing near your home right this very minute. In fact, no matter where you live, there are an astounding number of wild plants in your region that have been used for thousands of years as FREE food and medicine.
ALL plants have a purpose
You've probably been driving right past them every day without even knowing it... wild weeds and plants that can be used as liver cleansers, menstrual health support, prostate health enhancers and even for digestive remedies. Some wild plants are even powerful cancer fighters. It's just a matter of learning how to identify and harvest these amazing gifts from Mother Nature.
Unfortunately the average person today has virtually no knowledge of wild plants. They think food comes in a plastic container from the grocery store and medicine comes from the pharmacy -- it's a disturbing sign of total detachment from the natural world. We've all become so dependent on the commercial food system that we're not even aware of the edible plants that commonly grow in our own yards. This is truly astonishing considering how much expense and suffering we could all be spared if we just made use of the natural resources the earth has given us for food and medicine.
That's what this course is about: "Free Food and Medicine" teaches you how to find an astounding array of health-enhancing foods and medicines literally right in your own back yard!
You'll not only be surprised at how many edible wild plants are growing within walking distance of where you live right now, but also how many of these plants have incredible healing properties -- WAY more than the so-called "organic" produce at your local grocery store.
Yep, it's better than organic. It's better than non-GMO. It's 100% local, wildcrafted, and FREE for the harvesting!
Get instant access to this entire course right now through NaturalNews.TV:
You'll get instant access to 21 videos totalling over 350 minutes of instructional (and inspirational) wisdom.
Organic versus wild
"Organic" means the food hasn't been sprayed with pesticides. While it's a step above conventional produce, it's not nearly as nutrient dense as wild foods.
Wild foods are naturally more potent because they grow in harsh conditions where they're forced to fend for themselves. In doing so, these plants synthesize their own biochemical medicines to fight off bacteria, fungi and viruses. That's why wild edible plants contain the most potent phytochemicals known to modern science.
Remember: Stress acts as a trigger that switches on full-scale phytochemical production in a plant. When plants aren't challenged with environmental stressors (such as a fungi attack, for example), they simply don't have the same nutritional potency as wild plants. That's why conventional produce -- grown in the presence of chemical fungicides and insecticides -- contains very little natural medicine and is little more than a pale shadow of real food.
Even worse, modern agricultural breeding tends to select plant varieties that taste sweeter by removing the bitters normally found in wild plants. But it is those bitters that contain the most potent medicine! So while a commercial variety of cabbage or carrots may taste sweet and delicious, they are really "imposters" that don't represent the true nature of high-potency wild foods.
People have relied on wild edibles for thousands of years as both food and medicine.
Now you can learn their most valuable secrets in this online video series.
Click here for instant access from NaturalNews.TV.
Plus -- where will you go when the grocery stores are closed?
Another hugely important benefit delivered with this course concerns the next big disruption that strikes modern society. You've seen it in every natural disaster or social breakdown everywhere around the world: grocery stores looted, gutted, then closed.
When the grocery stores are no longer operational, where will you get food for yourself and your family?
Some will sit at home and starve. But others who know how to identify and consume the wild foods all around them will have a huge survival advantage. Merely knowing how to identify wild edibles in your local environment could literally prove itself as lifesaving knowledge one day!
Here's some of what you'll learn in this amazing video series
"Free Food and Medicine" will teach you priceless secrets about which wild plants you can readily find in your area and how to use them to maximize your health and healing. This is extremely valuable information that surprisingly few people really know. It's the knowledge that modern "scientific" medicine has desperately attempted to eradicate in order to leave the people ignorant of plant-based medicine.
The program was created by Markus Rothkranz, an inspiring (and a bit wild) individual who has helped thousands of people discover the natural medicine growing right in their own neighborhoods and communities! You'll learn an extraordinary amount of information from Markus in this video series:
Click here to get this video program now.
Equivalent to a 5 DVD set (but offered as online streamable videos that stay in your "library" with NaturalNews), Free Food and Medicine explains exactly why and how local plants growing right outside your door are not only a "backup" source of food and medicine, but can even be your primary source for delivering revolutionary nutrition to your body.
You'll be amazed and inspired by this video series -- over 350 minutes of instructional wisdom! The idea that wild "weeds" and edibles can protect your health and your pocketbook at the same time is truly amazing to many people -- and it's quickly becoming one of the most fascinating subjects in the natural health world today. (I hope to interview Markus soon on NaturalNews. Watch for that in the coming weeks...)
Also included in this video series are many delicious recipes made from wild-harvested or homegrown foods. This way, you'll learn how to use these wild foods after you've found them!
Free Food and Medicine is available right now on NaturalNews.TV. Watch the trailer now at:
Enjoy this program! It's one of the most eye-opening video programs we've ever offered, and you will value this information for a lifetime, for sure.

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