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Incredible Footage of Antigravity Craft In Utah! 3.5 Miles Per Second!


Corey Goode explaining the technology hidden in the secret space program. 

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On January 9, 2019 Sam Chortek and Jimmy Chappie released incredible high resolution footage of a UFO taken from a drone at 60 frames per second.  They were out in Utah taking landscape shots for a movie and didn't even notice what they had captured until the footage was gone through later.  The drone operator was shocked at what you'll see in this video!   The craft was traveling approximately 3.5 miles per second!   At this speed you could get to the Moon in about 18 hours but I'm sure this craft can go much faster than it was going so close to the Earth!  You could have been looking right at it and missed it!  It was really a miracle this drone just happened to be pointing in the right direction to capture this craft at high resolution and 60 frames per second so it could be slowed down.


I believe this small craft probably was developed in the secret space program.  This could be the private space space vehicle of some cabal person for all I know.  The second video has a good slideshow with Corey Goode going over what technology has been hidden from us in the secret space program.  I could do without the new age jargon of ascending, meditation and all that garbage but the beginning of the video is very good at explaining what has been done without our knowledge.  Only calling for help in the name of Jesus stops all alien abductions as you'll see in this video!   You should never fear aliens as long as you believe in Jesus!  You have authority over all of them through your faith in Christ.

Clearly the cabal is working with aliens who are all demonic beings.  They always push the lie that they modified our DNA or created us because if they can get you to doubt the Bible, they have your soul.  Trust in Jesus only but beware of the lies we've been told.   I believe the only thing stopping the demonic aliens from landing openly on Earth is the Christians who would pray them away!   Have you noticed that all the people in the secret space program never talk about Jesus?  Why is this?  I think it's because they mind control them or only get people who they can make sure will not use their power and authority through Christ on the demonic aliens.  Aliens can do whatever they want to an atheist or a "new ager" or a Muslim but they have no power at all on a Christian!   Jesus is the key and it's why the cabal of filth always want to kill Christians.  The aliens will never freely walk the planet until the Christians are all dead or in jail!


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