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How Can There Will Be Air Bubbles in Space?

Glenn Canady (Friend me!)

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I feel like such a fool today writing this article!   I should have dug into this stuff long ago but it's strange how I stumble on things sometimes.  I saw some supposed footage from the International Space Station yesterday when I walked by a Tel-Lie-Vision.  Something about the whole thing just looked fake!  I knew of course that we already have moon and mars bases from the whistleblowers at but I had never even considered the possibility the entire International Space Station (ISS) is 100% FAKE!

If you discover one lie, then it's all a lie!  In these videos you are going to see things that cannot be debunked!  You'll see air bubbles in space!  I've seen a few of these before such as with the Chinese space walk but never considered that the ISS was a total lie.  I apologize for being so naive here to think that we would be told the truth about anything!  :)  

Of course when you see "air bubbles" in space then you know they can't be in space, they are in a swimming pool painted black!  There is no way to debunk the following footage.  The footage below shows without a doubt we've been lied to about the ISS!  And just like on 9/11 when you find out ONE lie, then you know the ENTIRE story is a lie!

In these videos, you're going to  realize the hair on the women astronauts is permed to stick straight up!  What a joke!  It's not sticking up because of Zero G because as you'll see in the videos, when they move around, the air springs back to the permed position!   That wouldn't happen in zero G, the hair would flow all around and not go back to one position.  Just more movie tricks to fool the masses.   I got hoaxed too and again I'm sorry I didn't blow the lid on this earlier!  I always thought that the ISS and our space program was a hoax in one form because I knew we had FAR more advanced technology and this NASA stuff was just to fool the masses into thinking that rockets were the only way to space!  But now I believe the entire ISS is one big HOAX!  Everything they show us on TV is a big fat lie!  I want ALL of you to spread the word about these air bubbles rising in space!

Why are we being hoaxed?    Is it to save money?  We know from VeteransToday and Gordon Duff and Preston James and others that we have antigravity craft and a secret space program and bases on Mars and the Moon.  We know we have REAL space stations light years more advanced than the International Space Station shown to us, so why do they fake this?   Bear in mind here that I'm not saying we didn't go to the moon.  I believe we did go to the moon using advanced antigravity technology because of the interview with Ed Slade, the man that designed the lunar lander engine.  Ed found out they used antigravity to get off the moon though and says they didn't even use his rocket engine!  Gordon Duff has also put out articles proving they did use antigravity technology to go to the moon and back.   When Ed Slade started asking NASA managers why there was no dust on the lunar lander gold covered legs, they told him to shut up and take his award for his rocket motor.  Ed knew something wasn't right since his rocket should have kicked up a tremendous amount of dust that would have covered those landing legs but they were pristine!  

Why are they hoaxing us using simulated zero G in aircraft flying parabolic courses and in huge black swimming pools?  Is it to keep the slaves asleep so they don't get upset at having to pay for fuel for their vehicles when  we've had free energy and antigravity from Tesla for 100 years!  From what I've been able to figure out from many sources, we have faster than light space craft, moon bases, mars bases and much much more!  This is believable and logical if you know that we had working antigravity craft and free energy in 1945!   In fact, if we didn't have bases on the moon and mars by now when we had antigravity in 1945 we'd be very very stupid!   Think about it, we go to the moon in 1969 and in over 40 years with far more advanced technology we do NOTHING!  The liars will tell you it was because "we been there and done that" and we don't have the money to spend on it anymore.  But notice how we have TRILLIONS to pay for any war they want!   

Check out these shocking videos and spread this article everywhere to wake up the world!  And please can somebody tell me how there can be air bubbles in space!

International Space Station a Hoax!  Watch Air Bubbles Rise in Space!

Astronaut Chris Cassidy Slips and Admits They are Filming in the USA!

Top 5 ISS Screw Ups - We are being HOAXED!

Notice how the female astronauts always have their hair permed straight up!  Notice how when they move around the hair goes back perfectly in the permed position!  This is NOT Zero G, this is a perm!

Here's video of the China Space Walk - FAKE FAKE FAKE!  Look at the bubbles!   What a joke!

Finally I think this is the BEST video of them all but embedding is disabled so you will have to watch it on Youtube but it's worth it!   Watch this one, it's the best of all and shows many of the hoaxes and evil masonic gestures done by the ISS actors playing astronauts!  Remember, all Masons serve Lucifer.

ISS Hoax

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Comment by Pon on February 18, 2015 at 7:47am

Hey Glen, I was not taking the "P" when I suggested flat earth. God created the earth, so that would be the centre of all things and all things revolve around the earth. A false sun god would make us believe the sun was the centre?  Thus making earth and us less significant than the sun (god)?

"The heliocentric theory, by putting the sun at the center of the universe ... made man appear to be just one of a possible host of wanderers drifting through a cold sky. It seemed less likely that he was born to live gloriously and to attain paradise upon his death. Less likely, too, was it that he was the object of God’s ministrations." -Morris Kline

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