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Jews Tell Truth on Camps - Swimming Pools, Saunas, Movie Theaters and More!

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Everything we were told about the Holocaust has been a lie!  Let's think back about all the things we've been told in our history books and films.  They basically told us 6 million Jews were shipped by the trainload to the concentration camps and were promptly gassed or burned in ovens!  First, the number 6 million is a complete lie and we know this from the very accurate numbers of the Red Cross.  More Catholics died in the camps than Jews and they weren't burned in ovens.  Most died when the allies bombed the trains and they couldn't get food to the camps anymore.  I don't know all the details about these camps but listen to the stories from these Jews in the video below!  This testimony does not match up with what we are told of the facilities at the camps!   I know we were lied to and this is the point of the article.  Share it everywhere.  We have the word directly from Jews that they were soccer teams and theaters staging productions of Snow White!  There were swimming pools, movie theaters, symphonies and saunas!  This is AMAZING and proves the Holocaust has been one of the biggest lies of all times.  

If I wrote this article in Germany I would be in jail for doubting the official fairy tale!  Think about this for a minute!  Isn't it weird that just having an opinion different than the "official" story can put you in jail?  Why are they so scared of honest discussion?

Sealed and guarded since the end of WWII at Arolsen, Germany, the Official IRC records reveal the actual Concentration Camp total death toll was 271,301 and this comes from the Red Cross!

You'll see this information from the Red Cross here.

So the number is a lie.  Bolshevik Jews killed over 66 million in Russia but you NEVER hear a peep about this fact!  But it gets even crazier!  Check out this video where Jews talk about their time in the work camps!  It's going to blow your mind!   

Jews tell truth about Nazi "death camps" - They had swimming pools, Movie Theaters, Bars, Brothels, Libraries, Symphonies, Soccer Teams, Maternity Wards, Marriages, Church and they were paid for their work with some type of money and could use this money for the movie theater, bar, and brothel!  This is AMAZING information that is being covered up by all Zionist agents in alternative media such as Alex Jones who will not name the Zionist dual citizen agents in our government!  Why would Alex Jones hide these Zionist agents and their crimes?


Auschwitz Lies - this was a work camp!  They were paid!  Listen to the video above as they talk about the great little theater production they did with "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".  

Here's a picture of the camp nurses

Picture of the hospital at Aushwitz.  If this camp was an assembly line to kill Jews why have nurses and hospitals?  Everything we were told were lies.  Just like 9/11, if one thing turns out to be a lie, the whole story is a lie!

Up to 16 camp orchestras with every conceivable instrument available!

Here's the camp theater where they performed Snow White!

Here's the camp brothel!

Here's the library!  Why were they allowed to read books?  I thought they went from the train to the ovens?

Auschwitz had a swimming pool!  Steven Spielberg never told you about the swimming pool did he?  :)

Here's the soccer field.  You'll hear in the video about the soccer teams!

The Sauna!


The Holocaust Myth and Reality with Jim Fetter and Nick Kollerstrom.  During the video, they prove that gas chambers were not used to kill Jews at the camps but for delousing to prevent disease.  

Bishop Richard Williamson - Not one Jew killed in a  gas chamber

Ursula Haversack went to jail over this video!  She said the Holocaust was the biggest lie in history!


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