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Johnson Ordered USS Amberjack to Torpedo USS Liberty!

One of my readers made me aware of some shocking new information that has recently been revealed on the USS Liberty.  I know most of of my readers are not aware of it either so please share this key information on all social networks, websites and email lists so the truth is known.  President Johnson ordered the submarine USS Amberjack to shoot a torpedo and sink USS Liberty!  It's all coming out now!

Youtuber, "108Morris108" did a brilliant interview with USS Liberty survivor Larry Weaver who has brought out amazing new information.  Be sure to watch the full interview.  Two witnesses have come forward from the USS Amberjack submarine and provided testimony they were ordered by President Johnson to load and fire a torpedo into USS Liberty!  Now we know why USS Amberjack never surfaced and rendered aid to USS Liberty!  It's a matter of public record that the submarine USS Amberjack was guarding USS Liberty and was only about a mile and half away when Israel began their attack on USS Liberty!  Many have said USS Amberjack was filming the attack from their periscope! 

According to the two witnesses, President Johnson gave a direct order to load and fire a torpedo on USS Liberty!  It was only because of a miracle USS Liberty didn't go to the bottom.  The torpedo hit right in front of a major beam which deflected the blast so it did not go all the way through the Liberty.  Larry Weaver tried to get people to take notice of this new evidence from the government but the people on the investigative team were threatened!  

Israel and the US have lied to everybody all these years and said the Israeli attack on USS Liberty was a tragic mistake but it was NOT!  Israeli pilots knew it was USS Liberty and said so on the radio!  Israel shot multiple torpedoes at USS Liberty but they all missed due to defects in the French torpedoes they were using.  This is a miracle in itself and since Israel couldn't get the job done, President Johnson ordered USS Amberjack to finish USS Liberty off!  

It's now up to all the readers of this article to share this information far and wide!  Only you can get the truth out now.  They can censor me and they do in so many ways but they can't censor the thousands who will read this article and take action through social networks, websites, youtube channels and email lists.  The real history of USS Liberty must be known and all involved must be made to answer for it.  This is the biggest scandal in US Navy history!

Also new information in this great special on the USS Liberty by Al Jazeera.

The survivors of the USS Liberty are now raising money to come out with a new movie to tell their story.  Here's the trailer for it so far.

Please donate to get this movie made here:

and you can be kept informed through their Face book Group.

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