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US Marine Returns From Hell With Incredible Story!

US Marine Goes to Hell and Returns with an Incredible Story!  Please recommend and share!

Shawn Weed is a Marine vet who has the most incredible testimony about hell I have ever heard!   Shawn was in the Marines and was clowning around with a bunch of friends when tragedy struck.  One of Shawn's friends in the Marines had convinced Shawn to pretend he was hanging by a noose for a picture.  What Shawn didn't realize was that another friend had snuck up from behind and suddenly tightened the noose as a joke!  The noose was so tight they couldn't get it off! Shawn quickly passed out and found himself outside of his body while his friends thought he was only pretending to be dead!   For over 8 minutes Shawn's body was clinically dead and that's when his incredible journey to hell took place.  

Shawn is a good ole southern boy from Louisiana and his story will make you laugh and cry too because he's a great storyteller with an amazing level of detail I really enjoyed.  He's the kind of guy you would like to get to know!  In fact, I went to college in Louisiana with a guy very much like Shawn.  

Shawn put out this amazing video because he doesn't care if anybody ridicules him.  He knows his trip to hell and back were absolutely true and it changed his life forever.  This world we live on is really just a test to see where you go when you die.  Just because you say you're a Christian or even if you believe in Jesus Christ does not get you to heaven.  Average people who live in the world will not go to heaven.  As Shawn states, there are a lot of good people in hell that rejected living a truly Christian life for God.  We all can do better!   

I hope that it will impact you as it did me.  If so, please share it with as many others as possible so others may know the truth!  Start a chain reaction for God and allow the Holy Spirit to save more souls!  

Glenn Canady (Friend me!) 

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Comment by Landon Andrews on May 5, 2013 at 3:32pm
This is an incredible testimony from a sincere individual. I absolutely love what he has to say about this being a test to determine your trajectory in a journey that is an evolution for the animating presence within. Great post Mr. Canady! In the Sci/Fi trilogy, that I spent six years of research and study to write, this is a them that is touched upon and expanded through the choices that my characters make by acting on one of two voices in their minds. Check it might give anyone who is exploring the nature of our existence here on this planet a view in on what really matter!

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