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New Videos Blow Vegas Shooting Wide Open!

Proof the FBI Lied about Everything in Las Vegas! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Here are three video clips being scrubbed from Youtube frantically!  I don't dare post them to my backup Youtube account as I want to keep using Youtube to smash the enemy as long as I can!

In the first clip you'll see a green targeting laser paint the side of a black SUV and then two bullet holes get put into the vehicle!  This is on the opposite side of the road from Mandalay Bay hotel thus proving the official story of Stephen Paddock being the lone shooter is 100% garbage.  There was a shooter on the other side of the road from Mandalay Bay and now we have the proof!

In the second clip you'll see one of the windows of the Mandalay Bay be shot out with what appears to be a shotgun blast!  This window is shot out far above Stephen Paddock's room.  In fact its up in the Four Seasons area of the hotel!  

Finally you'll see the most shocking clip of all.  Three men dressed in black from head to toe get into shooting position on top of an RV parked right next to the concert area in Las Vegas.  In the enhanced version you can clearly see the gun and it's bipod mount!   These clips are not being shown on the Fake News or even on the Illuminati gatekeepers of alternative media!  Get them out everywhere!  Don't get put on a plantation out there.  Get information from all sources so the truth movement can't be hijacked!

Send this video and article everywhere so the demons can't stop the truth!  Tweet to Trump @potus and @realdonaldtrump and tell him we're tired of all the lies!  Tell him to go on national TV and bring out the truth about everything.  Stop worrying about basketball players and things that don't matter!  Tell us about the criminal Federal Reserve that is illegal.  Tell us about the vaccines that cause autism.  Tell us about the 9/11 False Flag.  Tell us about JFK and that Oswald did not do it so we don't have to watch the lies every year on our TVs!  It's time for Trump to tell the world what the Fake News has been hiding for their masters!  We're big boys and girls now - we know the news is fake now.  We can handle it!

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Comment by Glenn Canady on November 29, 2017 at 8:52pm

I don't trust Jones at all - he has lied about so many things and done his best to kill Stew Webb and Leo Wanta by lying and censoring their info.  I don't believe any of the videos were tampered with just because Jones says so.  Remember Jones also put out the lies for the FBI early on and said Paddock was Antifa because there was Antifa literature in his room.  Jones is only saying doctored because he's getting heat for not showing the evidence.  He lies a lot.  Remember when he said Leo Wanta wasn't real and that Bill Cooper was a drunk!  Total lies.  I clearly see a green laser and bullet holes.  I have an excellent monitor an apple big screen, maybe it doesn't show up on smaller or lower res ones but it's there.  The FBI and Gov would not want doctored videos out there to further destroy the lies, they want you to believe the fairy tale they gave you.  But thank you for your feedback.  I do the best I can and only present the very interesting ones.  God bless!

Comment by Celdar Otook on November 29, 2017 at 4:19pm

Hey I am a real fan and member

Your laser shot video on black SUV -- no laser visible that I can see not one frame.   The circle shows a large pixel a gray pixel.   Quite honestly there is almost no way this scene can be verified being that night as the sound track can easily be added to any other night in this SHORT clip.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               You have done an excellent job of finding video's no one else seems to have found. 

But you must also recognize that shortly after this event hundreds of people started tampering with footage, adding in elements.  And this is a huge problem.  The greatest single video was the one ground level where you can actually count single and double shots  Seeing the stage and crowd. and the movement after numerous shots  and these people running BEFORE the machine guns first burst.      What never made sense it the outside sidewalk shots showing people running before the first burst.   So this is golden.   The second shot is yours with one person on that room in the venue. That was undeniable.  The video's since , showing now three men on this former scene  is way too suspicious in that it is too likely these are doctored,    Jones has mentioned many times that videos were being doctored and could no longer be verified.  Then you have the airport tower feed of men armed men on the tarmac and then saying there were intercepted,  This was early on,  No one has explored this. no one has any corroborating  evidence  of this,   the video on all the ambulances, in front of hooters  and two videos on inside the casino foyer shot up,  another on the guy and his girl fleeing and hiding during it all -- together these make a undeniable powerful video NO ONE has assembled.  To hunt for more is unnecessary you have all the goods in these that are NOT disputed and can not be said to have been doctored.   Consider this my friend   Richard           

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