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NYC Buzzes About Subway Superman ... or ... A Guardian Angel

(MAY 27) -- "Who was that man?"

All of New York is asking this question, three days after an unidentified hero jumped onto the subway tracks saving the life of a young woman. Looking for a guardian angel may be harder than you think. They appear just in the nick of time and then disappear just as quickly. The reassurung thing is to know that they are real and are here to watch over us. There are numerous accounts of missionaries about to be attacked by angry villagers only to turn and run. When asked why, they said because of the large glowing men standing all around their hut. Evangelist John Westly reported in his journal several instances of guardian angels walking on either side of him while moving through an angry mob. I fell out of the back of a truck going 65 mph down the highway only to find myself landing perfectly in an innertube that had fallen out with me. I slid down the road 50 or 60 yards before the innertube went flat and I walked away without a scratch. I felt my guardian angels hands guiding me safely until we stopped. The driver and other passengers were completely amazed. Hebrews 13:2 "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."

Photographer Jessica Oshita, 26, was on her way home to Brooklyn on Monday night when she cut her foot entering Union Square station. She walked to the platform, then fainted, falling onto the tracks. A man witnesses describe only as a black male jumped down and attempted to lift Oshita, but the approaching L train thwarted his efforts.

One witness told the New York Times that the station was in a panic, with people screaming and crying. The mystery man placed Oshita into the trough between the train rails, then jumped back up to the platform.
Five cars passed over Oshita before the train stopped. Police and firefighters rushed in while Oshita’s unknown savior left. Media outlets and blogs around the Big Apple are buzzing, wondering who the Good Samaritan is and whether they can entice him to come forward. The New York Daily News asks readers "Are you the hero? We want to hear your story," while Manhattan news service wonders "Subway Superman, Where Are You?" Oshita, who was taken to Bellevue Hospital, remembers nothing of the incident, though according to media reports would like to thank the man her mother calls a "guardian angel."

She sustained minor injuries and may be released as soon as today. Meanwhile, her rescuer travels the New York streets unrecognized, but very much a wanted man.

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Comment by Michelle Durham on June 1, 2010 at 6:33pm
I hope a guardian angel follows my children!

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