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Red Haired Giant Brought Down in Afghanistan!

Linda Molton Howe tells the story story of how US soldiers in Afghanistan were attacked by a 12 to 15 foot red haired giant who killed them one of them with a spear.  One of the soldiers killed it by shooting it in the face for 30 seconds on full auto!   A helicopter was brought in and immediately airlifted the body out of there to an airbase where it was put on a pallet and taken to Wright Patterson Air Force Base.   The body weighed over 1,000 pounds!  

Linda also talks about how there are some aliens out there who do rip spines out of humans like in the movie Predator!    Crazy stuff indeed in this video.

Linda is a great investigator of truth and I respect most of her information except when she talks about aliens making us or modifying us.  Linda correctly states that these giants were the Nephilim of the Bible.  Just remember one thing.  You can't believe parts of the Bible and not others.  It's either 100% truth for Christians or it has even one lie in it for Non Christians.  I know the Bible is God's word and thus 100% truth.  Christians know that God made us and not these demonic "aliens". 

Linda knows a lot of information about these demonic aliens.  I believe these stories she tells in this video are very likely accurate.  Always remember though, the Illuminati demon spawn have always been obsessed with these "aliens" and have worked with them to gain technology and power.   The aliens are not your friends and they're not your "space brothers".  They are in fact demonic trash - every one of them!  I don't care what David Wilcock or Corey Goode or anybody else says.  They're demon trash.

That's why Joe Jordan found out that every alien abduction is only stopped in the name of Jesus Christ!   How could this be if Jesus was a fairy tale and the Bible isn't truth?

Here's that information from former atheist Joe Jordan who found out the truth about the demonic aliens!   I know that I'll upset all the new agers with my statements about aliens being demonic but but that's okay!  I still love you new ager guys and gals and God does too!

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