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Russian Doomsday Weapons from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

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I used to work for General Dynamics back when it was making F-16s ad the F-22 fighters so I really appreciate advanced weapons.  I don't want them to be used but I appreciate the technical specifications of them.   You've got to see the doomsday weapons Russia now has.   Frankly it makes our stuff look like complete junk!   They have a nuclear powered cruise missile and torpedo that can basically run forever because it's powered by a small nuclear reactor.  These are doomsday weapons.  I pray they are never used because it won't be pretty and it will be the end of life here.  They even have one nuclear bomb we call the satan 2 missile that can carry a 40 Megaton warhead able  to flatten houses out past 60 miles away!  That's totally insane!  

I respect Russia.  I've used some Russian programmers in the past and they are exceptional!   Russia doesn't have to worry about criminals like Bush and Clinton stealing trillions from the US Treasury.   They don't have to worry about companies ripping off the Russian government on no bid contracts!  I remember when the American astronauts began cooperating with the Russian Cosmonauts and they visited the Russian launch center right before a rocket was going to be launched.  The Americans asked what would happen if the launch was delayed?  The cosmonauts just looked at them like they were crazy and said, "they are never delayed".   Sure enough the launch happened exactly on time while the US shuttle program almost always had delays sometimes for months.   The Russians don't go for flash and fancy, they just make stuff that works!  I respect that.  By the way I guarantee you Russia has a way to see every stealth weapon the US has.  I look at stealth technology like the fairy tale "The Emperor's Clothes".   All the Generals were sold a bunch of garbage that worked really well for 3rd world countries.  But when you go up against Russia they have the best radars and missiles in the world.  

I would bet money the B-2 and our US Navy fleet would be wiped out it about 30 minutes with the weapons you'll see in the video.   I don't like saying this because I have family in the Navy!   I never underestimate Russia and I know they have better stuff than us right now if we look logically at the facts.    Our only hope if things went hot with Russia in my opinion is if we really do have a secret space program and USS Enterprise is up there somewhere along with 100s of other starships!  I really hope we do have a secret space program up there going to other galaxies as some have said.  If not, we're the dumbest country in history since Nikola Tesla had patents on antigravity flying saucers 100 years ago and we got all his stuff and threw trillions of dollars down the dark projects and had the best minds at getting it working!

I admire Russia and if I was them I would have made these weapons too because we've had insane Bushes, Clintons and Obamas who were nothing but liars who kept put missiles close and closer to their country!  How would we like it if Russia deployed missiles in Mexico and Canada!   We would freak out!   Russia is our only hope for keeping Godless China contained.  I'm not worried at all about China as long as we get along with fellow Christian nation Russia.  Russia and the USA should be great friends and colonize the galaxy together!   We better all pray Trump is able to mend fences with Russia which is exactly what the deep state doesn't want!

At the beginning of the video I show what I think could very well be  a secret Russian weapon that blew up an asteroid!  You won't see this one on the fake news but I truly believe they used a top secret interceptor on it.  You'll see it catch up to the asteroid and punch through it right before it explodes!   I want to be friends with Russia.  I want them on my team that's for sure!

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