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Secret Space Program (SSP) Goes Public! Boom! Get Everywhere!

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The Secret Space Program just did two flybys of the Space X Dragon cargo spacecraft going to the ISS!   This was captured on December 8th but just found by a sharp eyed enthusiast in Scotland.  When this flyby happened, they cut the feed and went to another camera but not before we have the most high resolution and close up footage EVER of an antigravity ship in our secret space program!   But it gets better!  This craft flew by the Dragon spacecraft twice!  It was no accident!  They wanted it to be seen.  There's no question about it!  Our secret space program just photobombed the Dragon spacecraft!   The ancient and ridiculous rocket based hoax next to the REAL Tesla powered antigravity ship with technology that should have been public in the 70s instead of pretending we didn't have it and risking astronaut lives!    It just doesn't get better than this footage in the video above.  I got an idea here.  Everybody tweet @elonmusk and tell him to explain just what blew the doors off his Dragon spacecraft!  Was it Venus or ice crystals?  Can't wait to see his reply!

This was done on purpose!   They would never flyby the Dragon X spacecraft twice knowing there are cameras watching it! This ship appears to be something big and triangular in shape.  It looks similar to the TR3B but not exactly.  If you notice this ship has a lot of contour on it while photos of the TR3B seem to be fairly flat from what I've seen.  Nikola Tesla had a patent on a flying saucer type craft that levitated and was propelled using electrogravitic forces.   All this information was confiscated by the US government when he died in 1943.  They then threw trillions of dollars and the best minds on the planet at making it all work!  Insiders have stated we've had a secret space fleet since the 50s and used it to colonize bases on the moon, mars and even in other galaxies!   The head of Lockheed Skunkworks said If it was on Star Trek or Star Wars we've already done it!  

None of this was told to us because they had to keep us ignorant so they could keep selling us gasoline which we haven't actually needed in 100 years!  It's been about milking us monthly for as much as possible while keeping the toys away from us that would give us free power and transportation.  

Share the truth about our secret space program through all social networks and email lists.  And to my good friend who never believed in the secret space program - you owe me $100 buddy!  There is no denying it anymore.  This is no fuzzy footage or image.  This is clear and close up high resolution video of our secret space program now being given the name "Space Force" by President Trump!  Keep spreading the truth patriots and never give up!  We're not dumb slaves who can be kept in the dark by the liars at Fox and the rest of the fake news anymore!  We are woke and we want our Free Energy!  We would already be living a Star Trek reality if not for the evil scum running the joint!  

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