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The SES Serco Kill Grid! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

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I got beat to the story today by super patriot N. Morgan who is using her expertise to spread massive truth about Serco, SES and their kill grid in another story on BeforeItsNews.  Great job N. Morgan - you are my hero!   Since I got beat to the main story, I decided to dig a little and see if I could come up with another angle to the story.

So if you haven't seen the information yet please watch both videos.  The second video is excellent too.  It's Chris Kitze of BeforeItsNews in the video below. He blew out more truth in this video than I've heard in a LONG time!  Forward both videos to your friends and family!  They will love them and learn a ton of very important information!  

Chris Kitze Blasts Truth! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

When you watch the video on Serco, most of you will realize just how important it is to learn and share the truth about SES (Senior Executive Services)  and Serco!   So now it's time to ask the important question on who is helping Serco and the SES them by making sure we don't get learn about them and take action against them?

Well of course we know the Fake News is never going to tell us about the evil reptile Queen's SERCO company and how they are going to try to kill 95% of us!  They're not going to tell us about how 5G can easily kill us with cancer in just a few years.  We know they sold their soul to satan long ago for a paycheck!   So it's a given the fake news is never going to report on Serco except in passing such as to mention they just got another big government contract!   No surprise here!

But what about the big boys in alternative media!  Who is covering the evils of Serco's plan and the SES?   Well we know the patriots at American Intelligence Media are covering it big time because they are the ones who woke me up about it!  

We also know many writers who post at are covering it such as super patriot N. Morgan, myself and many others.  But what about the big boys who have millions of dollars and millions of followers.  Let's do some research using Google to see who is censoring the information possibly for the evil Queen herself!  You can use a simple Google search command to see all the pages on a site that contain a word.  Here's an example.  Let's check the big fake Rush Limbaugh the neocon scumbag by using this command typed into Google. serco

Here's what you get


No big surprise here since Rush Limbaugh, Drudge, and Michael Savage are fake too and a goggle search shows nothing on Serco!   They covered up the Bush deep state and destroyed the country from their lies and censorship of the real issues.  You'll get very little hardcore truth from these puppet traitors who censored 5G, Chemtrails, the Federal Reserve and anything important.

What about Jeff Rense, he covers more truth than most, surely he's all over Serco!

This surprised me a bit.  I believe Rense covers far more truth than Alex Jones but he foolishly attacks God's chosen Donald Trump and promotes satanic new age garbage such as psychics so he's not as smart as he thinks he is.  Anybody who dabbles in the occult is truly a fool since it's directly against God.

Okay now what about the tip of the spear in the fight, Alex Jones!  He's the number one guy out there, has a 30 million man army and says he's in this fight win it!  Well when I did the search I only found a few articles that even contained the word Serco in the last 10 years!  The last one was a brief mention of the Serco company in 2013!  If you do the search on Google and restrict using Tools to the Past year you get what you see below.  Nothing!  So the "tip of the spear" has not even mentioned Serco the hottest topic of all in the last year!  Oh and if you check his buddy's site which is Roger's Stone's site you get a big fat ZERO too!   Members of the tribe seem to be hiding Serco a lot I've noticed.  I'm sure this is just an oversight though right?   I'm sure if you bring it to their attention they'll start exposing it right away!

I invite all truth warriors to do your own research on your favorite alternative media personality.  

Check my site on google using this command and see if I practice what I preach! serco

Check BeforeItsNews which I know censors nothing and you'll see a ton! serco

What can we do about this censorship?   Well some of you might be saying that maybe Alex Jones and Roger Stone and Matt Drudge and Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh are really great people and they're going to beat the big bad new world order!   Okay then I have a challenge for all of you.

Email anybody in alternative media who you find is not screaming about Serco and the Senior Executive Services in the last year when the story broke BIG TIME!   I want you to email me at on what happens when you email the host or their staff!  Did they ignore you or did they take action?  You can reach Alex Jones' staff at    I'm sure they'll be very responsive especially if you bought product from him!

If they ignore you at first then I propose your next email says that you're going to BOYCOTT all the fakes who either don't respond to your email or refuse to cover the Queen's evil SERCO company and their deep state SES immediately and ongoing so we can expose the scum!  Tell those hosts you will stop buying anything from them unless you get answer from them about this important subject!  

One thing I know about Alex Jones is the best way to get his attention is hit him in the wallet!   Maybe you'll get a response if you threaten his wallet.  Maybe he'll come to the good side of the force at the end like Darth Vader for the big win!  Email me at either way.   I will respond to you.  Keep up the GREAT work truth warriors.  Every one of you who spreads truth was chosen by God to do so at this time.  It's an honor to work with you!

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