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Lorien Fenton recently had an excellent interview with Mufon Director Joe Jordan last week and it's one everybody must listen to and share with others!  It's the first video at the bottom of the article.  Joe Jordan used to be an atheist UFO researcher who believed aliens were from other planets and some were even here to help us!    But one case led him to many others and before he knew it Joe Jordan had discovered the biggest secret in the UFO world!  God revealed the ultimate truth about the aliens to Joe Jordan!  Joe's own research literally brought him back to God when to his complete surprise he found out all aliens were demonic!  He doesn't know if the aliens are demons or fallen angels or creations of the fallen angels but this doesn't matter because they are demonic and are stopped dead in the name of Jesus!  Joe Jordan became a different man the day he learned the truth about the aliens he had studied for decades!  

Joe Jordan now  has hundreds of documented cases where alien abductions are stopped only in the name of Jesus Christ!  You can't use the name Buddha, Mohammad, or anything else for that matter!  Only the name of Jesus Christ has stopped alien abductions over and over again!  It's the only thing which has been repeatedly shown to work every time.  

Once Joe Jordan began to accumulate evidence proving Christians have the power and authority over aliens and the name of Jesus stopped them cold, he wanted to show his evidence at the UFO conferences but was DENIED!   The UFO community who said they were open minded would not let Joe Jordan speak!  He now has to hold his own conferences if he wants to get the microphone!  What a joke!  It shows the entire UFO community is controlled by demonic forces too!

I was into the UFO field for almost 40 years myself and was fooled big time!  Yes, I was a big fool about aliens!  I thought they were from other planets but now I know the truth!  The UFO agenda is to make you doubt God.  They fool millions of people into doubting God's word and thinking the "aliens" made us or are here to help us!  Some people like David Wilcock have been fooled themselves by these aliens into thinking they are going to help save humanity!   I pray he wakes up someday and comes to Jesus Christ who is our only hope!  

If these alien demons get you to doubt God created you then they literally have your soul.  Joe Jordan discovered these demons only use the appearance of being an alien to fool us.  In the past, they would come to us as Fairies or other creatures but adapted over time as we became more sophisticated.  Now that we've reached a more advanced state they go with the alien disguise. They make you feel special because you were chosen to talk with them!  

Sometimes they might come to you as a beautiful man or woman depending on your sex.  In the interview, Lorien recalls how one woman she knows loves to have sex with her alien friend because he's so good looking!  They use whatever they have to use to get into your life.  With Billy Meier, they came to him as the beautiful blonde you see below.  Billy actually fell in love with her!  

Their entire alien game is to get you to doubt God so you go to hell with them when you die and not heaven.  Satan will use every trick in his arsenal to take your soul.  The alien agenda is a big part of satan's plan.   It's very seductive to go down the UFO / alien path and it fooled me for a long time.  I'm thankful God allowed me to see the truth and pray many of you who are on the fence or even on the side of the aliens will see the other side and realize if you choose the aliens you are choosing hell because you're calling God a liar.  God said he created you in his word and all these aliens say they made you!  Who are you going to believe?  Are you going to believe the Aliens who have lied about everything since the beginning and have never done one good thing for humanity?  Or are you going to believe  God's word that is the most accurate book ever written with over 2,000 fulfilled prophecies with over 300 about Jesus! 

I learned the hard way!   You simply can't be a Christian and believe aliens are anything but demonic.  Yes, people do see aliens and I'm sure David Wilcock is in contact with the what he thinks are the "Blue Avians" as shown in the picture above.  But at the end of the day, these "Blue Avians" serve satan with their lies.  They always say they created us and tweaked our DNA!  I publicly dare a Blue Avian to show up in my house tonight and let me pray against them in the name of Jesus Christ!  If they are real and Jesus isn't then they can take me to their ship tonight and won't care if I pray against them in the name of Jesus one bit!  But they won't show up because they're coward demons and Jesus is Lord!  I'll take Jesus over the Blue Avians and their thousands of moon sized ships anytime!   Be sure to tell David Wilcock and Corey Goode I've calling out the Blue Avians to show up at my house if they are real and not demonic!  Tell them to pray against those Blue Avian scum in the name of Jesus and report back to me!  I'll let you know if I see a blue Avian tonight!  It will be a real short meeting that's for sure!

I believe these fallen angels / demons used to walk freely on the Earth especially in ancient Egypt but can't be seen in public anymore as long as Christians are on the planet!   Just one Christian can pray away thousands of them in an instant!  This is why the ultimate plan of the new world order is to kill all the Christians!  They must kill all the Christians before their fallen angel buddies can walk freely in the world again.

Once I learned the deadly truth about aliens I threw out every book and video I had on the subject because it all opens demonic doorways to you.  I pray these two videos will reach some people that were fascinated with UFOs and Aliens as I once was and you now learn the biggest secret of all - aliens are demonic!  If you say there are "good" aliens then satan has you right where he wants you and you're being controlled by them!   Anytime you see one of these "aliens", whether they come at you as an ugly grey alien or a beautiful blonde named Semajase pray against them in the name of Jesus!  God gave you the power and authority over these demons in the name of his Son, the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ!  You have nothing to fear!  Please send this information around the world to save souls!

Joe Jordan, Lorien Fenton - The SHOCKING truth God revealed about Aliens!

Unholy Communion - The deadly truth about the aliens.


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