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 There are many things on the internet that really disgust me, not just internet websites but on social media sites like facebook and twitter and now flickr a website that was once just about uploading pictures that you have actually taken has become something i do not recognize. On flickr there are groups that perv after young girls groups that sexualise women groups like arab women slut for white cocks, some groups are title which slut would you have sex with there are many like that, there are many groups on flickr that are for peadophiles they post pictures of young girls perv after them say sexual comments its very sick i am disgusted that flickr allows these sick groups. Flickr has several groups that glorify the cannibalization of women there are pictures of naked women portrayed as meat, a spit pole up their body ready for the spit roaster , women getting slaughtered for meat its very disgusting and disturbing. The other group glorifies the execution of women in many gruesome ways hanging , beheading, torture and many disgusting things. 

 FaceBook is a social media site that allows vile disgusting groups, pages like flickr but worse some pages are like sign posts and promote vile disgusting web sites some of these vile disgusting groups on FB range from glorifying the cannibalization of women women as meat for slaughter to be cooked in many ways like BBQ , oven, spit roast and so on you get the idea many members of these groups post sick pictures and pictures of other people always women and they say what the would like to do to them then others join in too expressing their sick fantasies saying how they would like to prepare , cook and slaughter them. Many of the pictures are manipulations and cgi creations of women in cannibal situations it very sick some of these people have been into this kind of thing for years , just imagine their state of mind, many of these people on these groups express a desire to be slaughtered and cooked for real some say they would like to obtain a female slaughter, cook and eat her. These people have become so detached from reality that they are willing to make their fantasy a reality regardless, how do i know this i infiltrated those groups and i have made a record of whats on them , its not easy investigating these groups but i hope to show my findings to someone who will get something done. Many of these sick groups feature pictures of women in execution situations, torture vile things pictures of women about to get their throat slashed this should not be on facebook i have reported many of these groups and facebook says we have not removed them as they have not broke community standards, really face book these groups incite murder cruelty and violence to women promotes vile violent lifestyles, some of these people have vile fantasies of and would think its ok for girls from age of 14 to be caught prepared, slaughtered and cooked . In the uk there was this young girl called april jones who was abducted and abused sexually but from what i read when the criminal was arrested in his house one of april jonses body parts was found in an oven so was this sicko about to cook her makes you wonder what happened to the rest of her.

 Continuing on from the vile disgusting groups pages on facebook there are groups that glorify the choking and strangulation of women FB pages groups about belly punching women and teenage girls getting punched in the belly very violent people viewing these groups and websites will think its acceptable it encourages violence to women, glorifies bullying. Take a look at these Face Book pages what is shocking is that people like whats on that page , next this page glorifies kidnapping of women

When i see what is wrong with society i look at these websites social media groups and think this is partly why, many such disgusting violent websites have been going for over 10 years and many new members joining every day as i write this i have discovered more and more sick disgusting websites it must stop how can anyone think its ok these people on these websites will do a manip use a picture of a female for a sick created image there are many of these manips on deviant art if anyone has heard of that website there are many such sick disgusting created images on deviant art. Deviant Art has many profiles of people that create sick imagery beheadings, hangings, cannibalization, torture, executions and much more sick things what is sickening is that people love it even get off viewing such images, there are some that create sick images of severed female heads in jars oh and this sick artist will do a request be it your head manipulated that way or someone else this person does manipulation images of celebrity female heads in jars female celebrities executed do they even know their images are used in this way , i will soon be making a record of these sick things on deviant art but as there are too much i cant make a record of everything same goes for these sick web sites , these websites have been in the dark for too long time to bring them to the light of day .

This sickness of vile imagery is even on tumblr who knows how much more popular social media sites are infected by this vile disgusting lifestyle oh what i have discovered is that some people who are into these sick disgusting things are also into satanic worship are in satanic groups on some social media sites like face book . I feel that these sick and disgusting web sites are a means to degrade society , those people that are members of these groups and web sites need psychiatric help and those that create such images should be arrested as goes for creators of vile disgusting web sites such imagery and creation of it needs to be made a criminal offence should be made illegal , these web sites groups are far more dangerous than a gun they put murderous ideas into peoples heads, twist minds. I recall years ago there was a kidnap murder plot of actress/singer Joss Stone then when i see some of the twisted fantasy stories on websites like fantasies involving kidnap murder of female celebrities i wonder did such people who wanted to kidnap and murder Joss Stone were members of that sick website and many others, darkfetishnet has been active for more than 10 years so it is possible that Joss Stone kidnap murder plot was influenced by sick fantasies on that website. While the media goes on about things that do not matter they should bring these sick websites to the attention of the wider public.

I once had a petition to ban and make illegal such websites and the creation of such imagery but after a year i only got between 60 and 70 supporters not much for a petition of great importance what disgusts me is that a petition to have a second eu referendum gained many supporters in less than a week if i had that many support for my petition then i would have been heard and something would have been done. As it is i find myself resorting to investigating these websites and social media groups going deeper in i just hope that something good will eventually come of it and will be worth it in the end but i just can not do this on my own its too much for 1 person i need your help will you help me in my mission to get these sick disgusting websites disgusting imagery banned made illegal. What i have said is just the tip of a very large iceberg.

Thanks for reading this

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