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The Martian - Psyop To Cover Up Real Mars Bases!

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We've Been on Mars for Decades!   Tesla built a flying saucer 100 Years Ago!  


The latest Hollywood movie, "The Martian" starring Matt Damon as an astronaut stranded on Mars looks very entertaining and I’m sure it’s a great action movie but in reality it’s a government psyop to prepare the masses for the hoax announcement we are going to Mars someday.  

The reality is we have had colonies on Mars since at least the 70s!  Preston James whose interviews can be found on Youtube had many people with top security clearances confide to him we’ve had bases on the Moon and Mars for many years.  John Lear, one of America’s greatest pilots, was told we’ve been on the Moon and Mars for decades and have fleets of starships!  Stew Webb, who has many friends in the Intelligence agencies was told the same thing.

Andrew Basiago has both come forward saying we have bases on Mars. He was recruited as a young kid into a time travel experiment called Project Pegasus.  Later he was recruited to go to Mars.  He went using a Telsa created teleportation device that could get to Mars in just minutes!  He reports you can breathe on Mars without a space suit and there is already colonies of humans there as well as some very strange and dangerous animal life. 

Andrew’s description of a portal to Mars is backed up by whistleblower Henry Deacon in his interviews with Project Camelot.  He called the teleportation device a Jump Room.  

Ben Rich, CEO of Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works Division said, “We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects, and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity.  ANYTHING you can imagine, we already know how to do!  We have the technology to take E.T. Home!

NASA told us for decades there was no water and no life on Mars.  Just before this movie came out NASA announced there was water on Mars!  The people that worked on the movie said they knew many months before which proves NASA timed the release of information to the “slaves” to coincide with the movie they consulted on.  

While it looks entertaining, this movie is to prepare the masses for the announcement we put people on Mars in 2030 or whatever date they pull out of a hat.  They have to let this big lie out slowly.  NASA has lied about everything concerning Mars - our entire rocket based space program is a lie.  Why do you think we no longer have a Space Shuttle?  Have you ever known the government to give up something unless they had something much better?  We haven’t needed rockets or even jets for over 100 years.  I think they just got tired of the charade for the masses.  We use Tesla antigravity systems in our secret space program and that’s how we built bases on the Moon and Mars.  The “slaves” aren’t allowed to know this because if they knew we were on Mars they wouldn’t be happy being ripped off at the gas pumps every day when Tesla was driving for free 100 years ago!

Nikola Tesla created antigravity levitation over 100 years ago!  He was granted a patent for a flying saucer type craft that used his wireless free energy system for it’s power.  Tesla never patented anything he didn’t already build so antigravity craft have been around for 100 years!  

After his death, the US Government confiscated all of Tesla’s papers and patents and put the best minds in the world on developing all his inventions in secret projects.  Do you really think that Tesla could build a flying saucer over 100 years ago and the US government couldn’t do it after pouring in trillions of dollars and the best minds in the world on the project?  Does it make sense that we never went back to the moon after the 70s?  No, of course not!  Do you actually believe they threw away all of Tesla’s technology or couldn’t make it work for the last 100 years with all the advances in science especially computers and super conductivity?  Of course not!

We now know JP Morgan destroyed Tesla’s wireless power system and withdrew all funding so he could continue to charge the world through his power meters.  All of this information has been scrubbed from the controlled mass media of course.  I studied Mechanical Engineering in college and was never taught anything about the greatest inventor of all time - Nikola Telsa!  They want you just smart enough to run their machines and work in their jobs but not smart enough to know humanity has been sold down the river by keeping free energy and antigravity technology from the masses.

Besides just whistleblower testimony we also have a smoking gun Youtube video named “Bio Station Alpha” that is absolutely incredible.  It actually shows a man made structure on Mars.  It is about 700 feet long and you can clearly see it has a cylindrical shape and is in different colored sections!  This video went so viral on the Internet the elites sent in their big shill, Machio Kaku to debunk it.  I’ve included in the video above his absolute ridiculous attempt to explain away this structure as a gamma ray hitting a camera!  This is shilling at it’s finest.  This man has absolutely no credibility and never met a nuclear power plant he didn’t like even though out entire Pacific ocean is now dead because of Fukushima!  People are eating radioactive Sushi every day and Machio Kaku says it’s no big deal!  

Tell everybody to turn OFF the Fake News and start getting educated about Nikola Tesla and how we’re being milked like cows on this planet for power that can be free just as Tesla wanted it to be!  They’ve lied about Mars to us and now are giving us a movie so we can feel good about ourselves again.      Meanwhile there are people up on mars right now probably have a good chuckle at the movie and the dumb people of Earth who still believe their lying governments and press!      It’s okay to be fooled because we’ve all been fooled about something using the greatest brainwashing device ever created - TV, but it’s not okay to keep being a sucker once you learn the truth!  You are truly a fool if you believe known liars about anything in the future.  Our only hope is to fully discredit the media and our own government and hope someday good people inside the government realize how evil it has been to destroy our planet using nuclear power and other sources of power we haven’t needed for 100 years.  So go see the movie if you want to live in fantasy for a couple of hours but realize everything you’re seeing is to cover up a HUGE LIE!  We’ve been on Mars for DECADES!  It’s time to wake up now!



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