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The Picture That Will Bring Down the System!

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Jim Fetzer's research on Sandy Hook is simply the best in the world!  Jim has been leaked top secret photographs proving Sandy Hook was a staged event!  These photographs were apparently leaked by some good people inside the government and finally shatter the Sandy Hook hoax completely!  These photographs show men drilling holes in the windows at Sandy Hook elementary before the event happened!  These pictures show people setting up for the Sandy Hook hoax in the days before it went live for the world!  We have pictures of the moving trucks moving in the props!  We have pictures of the school with a flurry of activity by people who set up the hoax!  We see the fake coroner at the school before the "shooting" happened!  We can prove it's him!   We see the windows before the were broken out and drilled by government personnel!  We see the police tape at the front door BEFORE the front door was shattered!  We have caught them red handed people!  It's now up to all patriots person reading this article to share the truth so everybody wakes up the criminal government trying to take our guns!  We have the picture that will bring down the system! 

Unbelievably, this huge story has been spiked by the biggest player in alternative media, Alex Jones!  Why would he censor the story that would wake up the world to the crimes of the Zionists wanting our guns?  Why would anybody stop the story that literally would bring down the entire system and put people in prison?  We finally have the photographs proving Sandy Hook was an elaborate drill and yet this story has been suppressed, spiked and ignored by the chief gatekeeper in alternative media, Alex Jones, and I can prove this too!   Patriots caught this censorship as it happened over at Infowars!  If this story doesn't wake you up to controlled opposition in alternative media then nothing will!  

Jim Fetzer destroys Sandy Hook at the 1 hour mark in this video.  They have caught the fake medical examiner Wayne Carver and his cane getting ready for the event at the school before it happened!  This is a MUST see and share video!  One of the men on this interview was locked up in a psych ward for 4 days over his research!   He took one for the team for all of us!  We all owe it to him to get the word out about these shocking photos!

Listen for Sandy Hook Information at 1 hour mark!   Link:


Jim Fetzer just proved Sandy Hook was a total hoax with smoking gun photos revealed by somebody who got the FEMA drill photos showing them setting it all up!  This is HUGE information!   Please share this article and videos everywhere!    Amazon must have got the call from Obama because they immediately took down Jim Fetzer's book from their store as soon as these new photos came out!   Jim Fetzer has single handedly destroyed the Sandy Hook fairy tale so badly with these new photos, Amazon was forced to take the drastic action of exposing themselves by censoring it!   Jim Fetzer can be heard on the hardcore  Stew Webb Radio Network broadcasting 24 hours a day!  You can listen to Jim and all the other hardcore whistleblowers at 712-775-8269 24 hours a day.  Nobody puts out more truth and it's why they've tried to shut down this network many times now! 


For those of you who don't know Professor Jim Fetzer, he's the patriot who exposed the Fake Boston Bombing, the Sandy Hook Hoax, the JFK assassination by our government and so much more!  This great researcher is who first interviewed and promoted Wolfgang Halbig who is now kicking the Illuminati's teeth down their throat over Sandy Hook with legal actions!  Jim Fetzer is relentless in exposing the hoaxes and lies of the new world order!  If you've never heard of him, you're listening to Illuminati gatekeeper broadcasts!

The Smoking Gun Proof on Sandy Hook That Freaked out Amazon!


There are so many smoking guns in Jim Fetzer's new book. "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" everybody just needs to download and share this book with everybody.  I'll show you a few of the best pictures that show them staging the event before it happened!  You'll see the FEMA vans and police tape up before the event!  You'll see the windows being drilled and prepped before the event!  It's crazy how much proof Jim Fetzer now has on this event but you won't hear him on Alex Jones - that's for  sure!  


Since Amazon has censored the book, Jim has made it free for everybody through the website of Jeff Rense below!


Download Jim Fetzer's book free and tell everybody Sandy Hook was a HOAX!  It was a drill and we can prove it!


Amazon used their surrogate, Create Space to say that the book contains content in violation of their content guidelines!  They censored the book even though they had already approved it and were selling it!  in other words it was all true and too damaging so they are going to suppress it!   There goes free speech!  Here's the lies they sent Jim.


The Illuminati and their surrogate gatekeepers in alternative media are trying their best to make sure you don't learn about Jim Fetzer's work on Sandy Hook!  Here's an article that shows Inside Edition did a Hit Piece on Jim Fetzer appearing to be coordinated by the CIA or other intelligence agency!  Jim Fetzer is very dangerous to the Illuminati! 


Debunking the Sandy Hook Debunkers: Inside Edition Does a Hit Piece!


Jim has many pictures in the book showing that Nancy Lanza's home was completely staged as a prop for the hoax!


I'm going to show some of the pictures proving this event was staged by how the windows were not damaged yet!  This cannot be denied.  


Apparently Jim has recently been helped by somebody who got access to actual photos taken by the FEMA drill people setting up this Sandy Hook hoax!  Jim has caught these FEMA personnel in the act of drilling and prepping the windows to simulate bullet damage.  He has proof the scene was setup and staged before 9:35 on that day!   He has proof of cars showing bullet holes that would have been impossible with the laws of physics !  He has proven Obama, Eric Holder and many others should be put in prison over this hoax!  Why is Alex Jones making sure nobody knows about this? 


United Mover Trucks seen in parking lot moving in props and material for the FEMA Drill at Sandy Hook

Jim has other pictures showing the moving trucks empty after their work is done!  United Trucks from Bridgeport Connecticut has failed to answer any questions he has put to them about the presence of their trucks at Sandy Hook!  Evil deeds are done in the dark! 


Here's you see FEMA personnel and police tape up before the event!  The windows are not damaged at this time but the police tape is already up and people on the scene prepping the scene!  This photo alone proves HOAX!  Get the word out!  We caught them!  

Close up showing scene being setup before the event.  


Here's a picture of the classroom before FEMA personal drill bullet holes and smash glass!  This alone proves it was done at the time of the rehearsal for the event which was the day before the hoax.


Here's the FEMA personnel drilling the holes and prepping the windows to simulate bullet holes.  This is BEFORE the event because not all the damage is there yet!  This photo alone proves it was a drill because the windows are not in their final state of hoaxing bullet damage you'll see below.



Picture from INSIDE the classroom showing the "bullet" hole was drilled from the outside in the aluminum frame!  You can see the material pushed out on the inside as only happens if it was drilled from outside!   We caught them!


Here's the money shot of the classroom windows after it was prepped to simulate bullet damage!  Notice how this damage was NOT there in photo with the FEMA drill personnel beginning their work on the windows!  HOAX HOAX HOAX!



There is so much more in the book it will blow your mind!  Now ask yourself why Alex Jones isn't having Jim Fetzer on his program to show the world the smoking gun proof!  This could bring down all the Fake News and the people who hoaxed this event forever!  Why wouldn't Alex Jones have on the best researcher of Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing who just got censored by Amazon unless he was on somebody's payroll?  You're smart, you'll figure it out!   It gets even worse for Alex Jones though.  He can no longer claim ignorance of the story because one of his reporters, who must have thought he was free and independent,  wrote about this very story, Alex Jones deleted it from his website, twitter and called his buddies at Google and had it taken out of the Google cache!  We have the documentation to prove this treason!

I believe there's a good reason Alex Jones is on the Illuminati Card Deck as "Agent in Place!"  Notice the same people posting almost exclusively Alex Jones material but never anybody else!  Does that make sense unless they are on payroll to pump him up?  Trust nobody that censors any topic or refuses to cover all topics!   Who they won't criticize is WHO they work for!  Alex Jones pushes Drudge, the Mossad puppet who never put up one story criticizing Israel and never exposed Chemtrails or the Federal Reserve!  You think Drudge (fake name) is going to save you!  Israel did 9/11 but Jones lies and says Saudi did it!  All part of the plant to twist the truth movement whenever necessary and let everybody relax because they think Alex will save them!  Alex isn't going to save you!  I've proven he's working for THEM!





InfoWars Removes Article About Amazon Censoring Jim Fetzer's Book proving Sandy Hook a DRILL!

This is Jim Fetzer explaining the incredible action by Amazon!  Why has Alex Jones ripped down an article by one of his supposedly "independent" writers?   

Jim Fetzer Blows Away Sandy Hook Hoax Now Being Protected by Alex Jones!

Alex Jones has now been caught red handed censoring his reporters and controlling what they write about Sandy Hook!  As most of you know I have exposed Alex Jones as being a Zionist gatekeeper who has always censored Jim Fetzer's great information on Sandy Hook now proven a government drill!   In my article on BIN, "New Photos Prove Sandy Hook Staged - Amazon Freaks Out" I show the smoking gun photos that prove the government staged Sandy Hook!  Jim Fetzer was leaked photos that prove this was staged!  We even have people caught in the act of drilling holes in the window and bashing them out to simulate bullets!   Now Alex Jones has proven once again he's  a gatekeeper serving the Zionist who want your guns and staged Sandy Hook to get them!

Thanks to a sharp eyed fan who has been monitoring Alex's treasonous activities I can prove Alex Jones is dirty.  Alex Jones has now been caught red handed censoring his own reporters over Sandy Hook and somebody even called Zionist Google and had them remove the story from the Google Cache!

Adan Salazar, one of Jones' writers must have seen the BIN article I wrote on Jim Fetzer's photos that prove 100% Sandy Hook was staged!  So he wrote a very fair article about it on November 24th.   This article was seen and documented by a patriot who monitors Jones' gatekeeping.  Here's a picture of the article that proves Alex Jones did do evil and censor the truth on Sandy Hook! 

Here's the article written by obvious patriot Adan Salazar who didn't know Jones would SPIKE the story!!!  Jones has censored Jm Fetzer's work entirely and never interviewed him even though nobody has done more on Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing hoax and 9/11!   But as Stew Webb has reported, Alex Jones has CIA handlers as this censorship proves!   His handlers DID NOT want you learning the truth from Fetzer!   His handlers do not want to bring Obama down for fraud over Sandy Hook!

To draw attention to the article, Infowars tweeted a link!


But within hours, Alex dropped the hammer down on his writer Salazar and his article was suddenly removed!  Salazar must be an innocent patriot and was most likely not aware that Alex Jones censors all information his Zionist masters do not fully approve.  This is why Alex erased his David Duke interview from Youtube because it exposed him as a Zionist shill when he tried to bring a knife to a gun fight with David Duke!  It was so damaging Alex Jones had to remove it!   

The article Salazar wrote was yanked down without any explanation!   

Fortunately some web services maintained a copy of it to prove Jones' censorship of the smoking gun Sandy Hook evidence!  We can prove PROVE Alex Jones is a gatekeeper serving the interests of Obama and his effort to take our guns by his censorship all the Dual Israeli citizens in our government all of which want our guns!

As folks began to react to this censorship by InfoWars, the Google Cache copy of the InfoWars article was suddenly deleted as well replaced with this 404 message.

So either InfoWars or some other party went to the trouble of contacting Google and having this article completely WIPED!  Is it because this information is so damaging, it could bring down Obama and the entire system?  Who would censor the smoking gun photos Jim Fetter has that prove Sandy Hook was a hoax but an Illuminati agent?

Was InfoWars ordered to delete their article because it includes this picture credited to Connecticut State Police - showing police preparations at Sandy Hook School BEFORE the alleged event happened?  

Why has Alex Jones created a blackout on Jim Fetzer's amazing book, "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook?" which has just clobbered the official fairy tale?  You're a fool if you don't hold Alex Jones' feet to the fire for this treason!  You should be calling up his show and screaming at Alex Jones for censoring his reporter who did the right thing and wrote the story!

There are many questions that Alex Jones must now be forced to answer about this treasonous censorship allowing the Illuminati to push their gun control!  Please refer to "Throwing the Game Against the Illuminati" for my $500 challenge to all Alex Jones fans and why I know this man is in fact a Zionist agent.  I put up my own money for this challenge because I know Alex Jones will not take it.  He will not have a 52 week flyer contest to wake up this country even though it would make him $100 million.  His Zionist masters will not allow it because we would WIN just as the InfoWar was won with flyers in 1776!  If you want to WIN, expose all those who censor information and never support the gatekeepers!  Keep the heat on Alex Jones because we can't win until somebody real takes his place!  Somebody that will do everything necessary to organize the infowarriors to put 100 million flyers on doorsteps with the truth about everything!


Info Wars Article on Sandy Hook Book Ban - Even From Google Cache!


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