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Trump Says Our News is Fake! Best Speech Ever!

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This is one of the best Trump's speeches I've seen from Anderson South Carolina!  It's a must watch!    We've got to get this man elected!  In this speech Trump talks about Obama trying to take our guns by executive order about 1 minute in but my favorite part comes as he talks about the Fake News at the 6:00 mark!  He basically says our News is Fake!

"Media is so Dishonest"

"They Don't Report the Facts!"

"They report the opposite!"

Trump Calls Out Fake News at 6:00 Mark!   

We must get everybody to vote for Trump regardless of their party!  Let's unite America and vote against ALL the lying politicians who sold us out!  Get rid of all of them!   I love what he says about the Zionist scumbag Lyndsey Graham in this speech!  

We've got to close out borders and destroy all these fake Illuminati scumbags running for President!   We have a real chance to do something special here as a nation!   Trump can make us great again!  They system can't control Trump.  He's a loose cannon and I love that about him!   I'm asking everybody on BIN to help him!   The Fake News hates Trump!  The Illuminati scum politicians like Bush hate Trump!   Strike up conversations with people and tell them Trump is our ONLY hope!   The only one telling the truth!  Tell them our news is FAKE and and our government is a bunch of LIARS!   Trump is the only one calling them out!   


And if you want to REALLY destroy the fake news, then start exposing this video that proves the reporter shooting in Virginia was 100% proven a HOAX!   This is the information that controlled opposition in alternative media such as Alex Jones has hidden from his fans!   This has the ability to totally destroy the fake news but Alex Jones is telling his fans the Virginia reporter shooting is REAL!   It's unbelievable!  These two videos PROVES the shooting was fake! Alex Jones apparently has been given orders by his Zionist masters to keep protecting their Zionist news!   Luckily Alex Jones was exposed as being a Zionist shill by David Duke and his fans are now waking up!  We can never win until all controlled opposition shielding the crimes of the Zionists or ANY other group are destroyed!  If you support controlled opposition without calling them out then you're part of the problem we are losing!  I challenge all Alex Jones fans to TRY to reach Alex about this video and watch how he runs from you!   :)  

The Two Videos Proving Virginia Reporter Shooting was Fake!  Our News is Fake and this can bring them down forever but all controlled opposition in Alternative Media are hiding it!  

Gun used in Virginia Reporter Shooting proven fake!

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