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Voting With Dollars. 12 trends that has the system Scared.

voting with dollars

Voting With Dollars Sends A Louder Message to the System then the Ballot Box. Many People are not Supporting the System that Enslaves and Poisons Them.

Voting with dollars does set trends and tells the market what is good and what is not. We are voting with dollars is also sending a message to the corrupt corporations and the government power structure. It sends a message that the people are not buying the company line. It says the lies are no longer believable. We voting with dollars says actions speak louder than words.

Here are ways the we are voting with dollars.

1. People are paying cash and not using credit cards. People are paying off their credit balances. The bankers cannot make money unless there is debt.

2. People are moving their money to credit unions or smaller banks. People are closing their accounts with the too big to fail banks who are robbing their customers blind with charges and bogus overdraft fees. We are voting with dollars. Why keep our money in the bank so it can be used in the fractional reserve banking to create money out of nothing based on money in deposit. Also, these majors banks now can take people’s money out of their segregated accounts for whatever reason. Our money is not safe in the banks anymore.

3.  The concern of genetic modified foods not being labeled on the groc... People are growing their own food in backyard gardens. People are asking grocery store chains to sell organic foods. WE voting with dollars has Monsanto really scared. If Monsanto wants the people’s business. Stop selling GMO foods.

4.  Consumers are now asking for raw milk. Pasteurized milk and the Bov... We are voting with dollars buying raw milk. Monsanto does not like this either. The mega agriculture corporation still sells poison using the force of government to stop the sale of raw milk. That does not stop us from sending a message voting with dollars. It is not stopping people from buying raw milk.

5.  Even since Nov. 2008.  When Sen Barack Obama was announced being the President elect and his reelection to four more years recently. Guns and ammunition sales have skyrocketed into the stratosphere. P.... The gun control propaganda does not work anymore. We are voting with dollars telling the government we want freedom more than tyranny.

6. People are getting the message supporting locally owned merchants who have crafts and skills keeping the money local. We are voting with dollars by not shopping at big box store chains....

7. People are voting with dollars taking money out of their 401k or IR.... We are taking our money out of the Stock Markets. We are voting with dollars investing in tangible resources so we can weather the economic storm on the horizon.

8. Major TV New Networks, Newspapers and Magazines are losing viewers,... The people will no longer support the lies of the establishment media. This has given rise to the alternative media that is more mainstream everyday.

9. People are voting with dollars seeking alternative medicine. The people are looking from natural remedies. They are refusing to take the flu shot. They are not seeking the help of doctors for terminal illness.People are seeing proper nutritional and vitamin supplements  does ... Voting with dollars does have the big Pharmaceutical industry frightened.

10. People are refusing to fly. People do not want to be groped or put through a full body scanner. The TSA has hurt the tourist industry. I bet the we will see the rise of charter flight making an end run around the TSA. I bet the states that pass laws that throw out the TSA altogether will see a surge in business. People will come to that state and visit that state as a tourist based on not having to deal with the TSA therefore hassle free travel plans. Voting with dollars does make a powerful statement.

11. People are going back to purchasing glass food dishes than the plastic dishes  Consumers discovered the chemical Bisphenal A has long-term health hazards. People going back to glass food dishes then the plastic containers ... People voting with dollars on where they spend their money and what they purchase does speak very loud.

12. People are looking at alternative sources of electricity and gettin... They are buying Solar Panels and Wind turbines. Some have built magnetic generators than pay for high electric bills. With the President shutting down coal power plants. We can see rolling blackouts by artificial scarcity. This is a trend where people are voting with dollars getting off the power grid completely being independent from the system.

These are trends that should have the system scared because people are more and more not supporting the system that enslaves them. We are seeing general strike in Europe. I do not think the power structure understands that magnitude and depth of public discontent.

We moving toward a trend people will no longer support the Private central bankers. They can take their SDR debit cards after the dollar is destroyed and shove it. People are discovering they do not need them anymore. They can live just fine without the government and their worthless paper money.

These trends are an undercurrent that will collapse the system. It is just a matter of time. I think the powers that be miscalculated. These trends mean the people cannot be controlled anymore. I think we are on the verge of a breakthrough. We can see humanity get a reprieve from the private central bankers and the global corporatist.

Something big is getting ready to happen that is not good for the bankers. I just wonder, do they know or do they care? These trends can make the mighty fall and fall hard. All scams come to an end.  I think the scam of the bankers and the globalist are coming to an end. When people think for themselves and vote with dollars. Good things happen. These 12 trends mean the game is over. The people do not buy the illusion anymore.

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Comment by Parsifal Rain on November 18, 2012 at 1:08pm
Yeah Henriette, we have the power - the corporations and their governments fear a thinking consumer, having the bags.

But have not we - ourself degraded as 'consumer (sheeple) ?

Shopping Cart pushers ?

Dependent and tus addicted to 'chains' - what a fitting word for 'super markets' who ruin the local farmers and companies, the regional providers of whole food and other stuff.

The moaning about devaluation of 'money' also could decline:

As the purchasing power remains in your country and region.

Thank you Henriette for an other great solution - post

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